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Animated Gradient Background Widget for Elementor

The Animated Gradient Background for Elementor allows you to design beautiful gradient backgrounds for your sections. 

Magical Gradient Backgrounds

Spice up your website or user interface with a lively animated gradient background! Not only does this design element add movement and depth to your page, but brings an extra layer of fun as well. Immerse your users in an interactive and dynamic experience by incorporating a captivating animated gradient background.

Easy to Use and Configure

Select Background
Select the Animated Background from the section settings.
Configure Colors
Select the colors you want to show in your gradient animation.
Your Done
It's that easy there are no other steps you can go take a break.
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Widgets used in the section above: Blob Shapes

Explore Your Creativity

Add depth to your page
Explore your creativity
Customize the colors
Widgets used in the section above: Lordicon: Animated Icons

Animated Gradient

Create unique effects by changing the gradient angle and applying a variety of color choices!  

Amazing Gradient Backgrounds

This animate background effect can be used in your hero section or any other section on your Elementor website to your liking.

Let's Create Your Own Creative Gradient Hero

You can customize the colors and play around with different speeds to create something truly unique. Adding an animated gradient background can really bump up the visual appeal of your website or user interface, creating a more engaging atmosphere for your users.