How to import and export page templates with images in Elementor?
18 February 2020
https://youtu.be/zUTWDL5VjDsNow you can export an import Elementor templates with their images. As you...
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February Freebies! 🎈Button Widgets
09 February 2020
If you are here you probablly love Elementor as much as we do. Today we are giving away some cool Elementor...
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Version Update 1.4.21
23 January 2020
- Feature: Woocommerce fields support in post list- Feature: Added users attribute- Feature: Multiple...
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January Freebies! 🎈Elementor Typography Widgets
07 January 2020
If you are here you probablly love Elementor as much as we do. Today we are introducing a new project...
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Version Update 1.4.18
31 December 2019
Feature: Added all image sizes to posts (Widget Creator)Feature: Added “putPostTerms” function to postsFeature:...
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New and Improved Post Widgets for Elementor
17 December 2019
Introducing Post Widgets for Elementor We have listened to all of our users feedback in the past...
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Pricing table widgets for Elementor
05 September 2019
We all know that selling products online is an art, because in the online world customers have more options...
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🚀 Mobile Icon Menu to Boost Conversions
27 August 2019
A visitor lands on one of your landing pages, gets interested in an item, and scrolls down to learn more...
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Top 5 Trending Elementor Widgets - August 2019
12 August 2019
https://youtu.be/bAfS3C7I9zI Welcome to Augusts trending top 5 widgets for Elementor page builder....
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Increase Conversions on Mobile Devices by 50%
22 July 2019
This tiny little button helped me increase conversions on mobile devices by 50%. Grow your mobile ​web...
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