Top US scientist on melting glaciers

Diana Six’s love of the outdoors began before she could form words, run, or collect the bugs and fungi that were precious to her as a child. A tough home life eventually led her to drop out of school and live on the streets. But biology classes in community college helped Six discover her calling […]

Pineapple Cake Is Perfect for Summer

Once summertime rolls around, I fully embrace infusing my baking adventures with a healthy dose of seasonal produce and tropical flair. But sometimes it’s either too hot to spend all day in the kitchen or I want a sweet treat to contribute to a gathering. Enter this 2-ingredient pineapple cake. I always enjoy anything with […]

Three Women Go on Girls’ Roadtrip

Three women found out they were dating the same guy and instead of revenging his bad behaviour, they went on a road trip They are now documenting their journey and inspiring other women who may find themselves in a similar situation According to the three ladies, they have now created a stronger bond that no […]

Why Mother Nature Doesn’t Love You

Buckminster fuller often used the example of the behavior of chrome steel to demonstrate that complex systems are far more than the mere sum of their parts. Its constituents are chrome, nickel, and steel. No one of these metals is very strong and if one was to make half-inch rods of each and bundle them […]

Forest Service Removes Sun Valley Trees

Bald Mountain is the economic driver for the Wood River Valley, drawing more than 400,000 skiers each year to Sun Valley. But forest managers say the health of the mountain’s trees is at risk. Last year, the U.S. Forest Service finalized a plan to treat more than 6,000 diseased and insect-infested acres on the mountain […]

What To Shop From Tanya Compas

A portion of the sales will go to Exist Loudly, Compas’ non-profit that advocates for Black LGBTQ+ youth. ASOS x Collusion x Exist Loudly ASOS’s Collusion brand has teamed up with youth worker and content creator Tanya Compas on a seriously cool Pride line that gives back to Exist Loudly, the non-profit run by Compas. […]

Designer Sami Miro Is Challenging Fashion

In the past few years, the fashion industry has been confronted with a challenging question: how can it continue to produce at its current rate without harming the planet? From Gucci to Burberry, heritage fashion houses have made a conscious effort to get rid of harmful practices – from the use of furs to unsustainable […]

Big Light On Ocean Nutrients

As the world warms, sweeping changes in marine nutrients seem like an expected consequence of increased ocean temperatures. However, the reality is more complicated. New research suggests that processes below the ocean surface may be controlling what is happening above. Plankton are some of the most numerous and important organisms in the ocean. The balance […]

Redefining Female Ambition

With a mission to expand to an additional 100 campus chapters, The Women’s Network (TWN) recently launched a chapter at American University slated to begin in the fall. Along with creating a network to connect women to industry professionals, TWN also works to redefine ambition. The network sees a negative connotation around the word “ambition,” […]

Council Orders Two 70ft Trees

Residents in Bristol have expressed their concern after the local council announced two cypress trees measuring 20 metres tall are to be felled following a complaint that they blocked light to a nearby property. Bristol City Council classed the pair of mature trees as a “nuisance” and declared they should be cut down. Council officers […]