The GL AUTO is a versatile and well-equipped car that combines comfort, convenience, and modern features. As part of the GL trim level, this variant offers a balance between affordability and premium amenities. With its automatic transmission, the GL AUTO ensures smooth and effortless gear shifts, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer […]


The GL MANUAL is a driver-centric car that offers the thrill and engagement of manual transmission combined with the practicality and features of the GL model. This variant is designed for driving enthusiasts who enjoy the hands-on control and precise gear shifts that a manual gearbox provides. With the GL MANUAL, drivers have the freedom […]


The RS AUTO is a performance-oriented car that combines the exhilaration of speed and sportiness with the convenience of automatic transmission. This variant, belonging to the RS trim level, is designed to deliver an adrenaline-pumping driving experience. With its automatic transmission system, gear shifts are seamlessly executed, allowing the driver to focus on the thrilling […]


The RS TWO TONE is a visually captivating and stylish car that combines the high-performance attributes of the RS model with a unique two-tone exterior design. This variant stands out from the crowd with its contrasting colors on the body panels, creating an eye-catching and personalized appearance. The two-tone design adds a touch of individuality […]