The JX MANUAL is a dynamic and engaging vehicle that offers the thrill of manual transmission combined with the versatility of the JX model. This variant caters to drivers who appreciate the hands-on control and immersive driving experience that manual transmission provides. With its manual gearbox, gear shifts can be executed with precision, allowing the […]


The SIERRA MANUAL is a rugged and capable truck that combines the reliability and versatility of the Sierra model with the engaging experience of a manual transmission. Designed for drivers who prefer a hands-on approach to their driving, the SIERRA MANUAL offers precise control and an immersive connection to the vehicle. With its manual gearbox, […]


The SIERRA MANUAL TWO TONE is a visually striking and stylish truck that combines the ruggedness of the Sierra model with the unique aesthetic of a two-tone exterior. This variant offers a distinct and eye-catching appearance, featuring contrasting colors on the truck’s body panels, creating a visually appealing and personalized look. The two-tone design adds […]


The SIERRA AUTO is a versatile and dependable truck that offers the convenience and ease of an automatic transmission. Built upon the Sierra model, this variant caters to drivers who prefer a seamless and effortless driving experience. With its automatic transmission, gear shifts are smooth and efficient, allowing for a comfortable ride in various driving […]