Unlimited Elements Changelog

Plugin Change Log. Refer to both, free and pro versions.

version 1.5.83: 2023-09-20

* Feature: added twig function csv to json
* Feature: changed the admin view to new design (added designed header and menu)
* Feature: added option to enable animation on swipe to owl carousel js
* Feature: added woo mini cart functionality
* Feature: added option: "current query as a base" to post selection -> include by

* Fix: added support for webp in the manager
* Fix: allow fetching images from media library post type for the galleries 

version 1.5.83: 2023-08-22

* Fix: don't show first item in filter when no terms available
* Change: updated calculators javascript code base

version 1.5.82: 2023-08-16

* Feature: added option for group filtering widgets
* Feature: solved the video play in gallery type from attachment video
* Change: turned off the video icon for background attribute
* Fix: fixed dynamic template with avoid duplicates
* Fix: fixed gallery widget acf video item error
* Fix: fixed some sort filter bugs with the default selected

version 1.5.81:  2023-08-10

* Fix: fixed some missing css in the dynamic loop widgets
* Fix: fixed some child filters related bug
* Fix: fixed order by price in current query
* Fix: fixed some php 8.16+ version notices 
* Feature: added option to print the term meta

version 1.5.80:  2023-08-07

* Feature: added option to get "all taxonomy terms" from a post 
* Feature: added html preperations for the woocommerce minicart
* Feature: added "this week" to the date selection query
* Feature: added "grouping" mode in the "related posts"
* Fix: the pagination now works on top of the grid
* Fix: fixed some init ajax filters multiple issues
* Fix: fixed the error with the assets path set

version 1.5.79:  2023-07-24

* Fix: changed name for area-label to aria-label
* Fix: in filters - refresh single filter if "all" selected and there are hidden items
* Fix: changed protection against inifnite loop to 200
* Fix: show child filters at start if there are selected items
* Fix: date time attribute processor - if no date given - don't take current time
* Fix: refresh child filter if main filter selected on init
* Fix: dynamic popup was not worked with multisource in some cases

version 1.5.78: 2023-07-16

* Fix: fixed show filters load more
* Fix: fixed multisource repeater empty

version 1.5.77: 2023-07-13

* Fix: fixed dropzone collision in widget editor view
* Fix: fixed sort filter price filtering
* Fix: fixed max number in addons db table. from "int" to "bigint"
* Fix: replaced some deprecated by elementor codes

version 1.5.76: 2023-07-12

* Feature: added "rem" unit in slider attribute
* Fix: fixed some small bug with remote sync debug
* Fix: fixed the truncate in multisource
* Fix: fixed some small bugs related to remote controls
* Fix: fixed dropzon third party conflict in manager

version 1.5.75: 2023-07-05

* Feature: added some suggestion text to add some memory in the troubleshooting section in case that needed
* Fix: the wrong author was displayed in loop post meta data
* Fix: do_shortcode to html items inside the grid and dynamic loop
* Update: Updated Freemius SDK to the latest version

version 1.5.74: 2023-07-04

* Fix: show search widgets at plugin install.
* Fix: menu picker depts in multisource
* Fix: set the author data to be retrievable in dynamic grid template
* Fix: show meta fields switcher didn't worked in multisource menu items

version 1.5.73: 2023-06-26

* Feature: added options for revisions in widget editor
* Fix: added support for wordpress proxy in api calling
* Fix: fixed empty post in query result
* Fix: fixed "wrong template ID" elementor error in post accordion

version 1.5.72: 2023-06-21

* Fix: added the swf extension in the allowed files in assets
* Feature: prepared the plugin for sort filter
* Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.5.9

version 1.5.71: 2023-06-20

* Change: removed js includes of the forms and filters from backend editor
* Change: changed colors of the free version notification in dark mode
* Fix: fix the "link" type in wpml integration automatic translation
* Feature: add support for the conditions in ue forms

version 1.5.70 2023-06-19:

* Change: added some "birthday sale" banner
* Feature: added "truncate text" modifier to multisource fields
* Feature: dynamic tags now works inside posts and products related widgets
* Feature: added twig highlighting in codemirror editor
* Fix: fixed sequence animation sliders bug (fields didn't loaded in elementor)
* Fix: change the comment from // to /* */ in filters js output to allow proper page compression.
* Fix: the "time ago" string is now translatable 
* Fix: fixed the wpml elementor template id output
* Fix: fixed backgrounds bug with containers in editor
* Fix: fixed some small bugs with the checkbox filter

version 1.5.69: 2023-06-08:

* Fix: allow to install webp images in widgets

version 1.5.68: 2023-06-06:

* Change: added functionality for sort filter 
* Feature: added field: "form conditions" for the upcoming form
* Feature: added link translation to wpml integration
* Feature: added link_attributes field to post list fields in twig
* Fix: fixed slider control min max values in case of multiple units
* Fix: add do shortcode from ajax items response
* Fix: fixed posts grid output with "product" taxonomy without woocommerce
* Fix: fixed getting cross sell products query in product list

version 1.5.67 - 2023-05-29:

* Fix: fixed some more securaty issues related to assets manager

version 1.5.66 - 2023-05-28:

* Fix:  fixed some securaty issues related to non editor users operations and not allowed to upload php files in assets manager

version 1.5.65 - 2023-05-26:

* Fix: fixed instagram api related bugs 

version 1.5.64 2023-05-23:

* Change: update freemius to latest version 2.5.8
* Fix: fixed a small php bug

version 1.5.63 2023-05-23:

* Change: expand in widget editor is now connected to the screen height
* Fix: fixed the dynamic popup with multiple fields code 
* Fix: fixed some sync if the clicked item is link
* Feature: added support for sort post filter
* Feature: hide "show only insalled" checkbox in widgets manager if no widget installed.

version 1.5.62 2023-05-14:

* Feature: added "edit template" link in template selector
* Feature: added hidden template edit button to top bar
* Feature: added option for dynamic popup link to connect to many links in the widget
* Fix: solved some php error with parse dynamic settings in php 8.1
* Fix: getMetaValue error in products
* Fix: fixed doubly css includes in some cases

version 1.5.61 - 2023-05-07:

* Feature: added support for woocommerce jet wishlist
* Feature: did option to disable third party hooks in ajax
* Fix: click on link on sync didn't worked
* Fix: added some protections to nonce and to file manager zip exctract (securaty issues fix) 
* Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.5.7 version.

version 1.5.60 - 2023-04-30:

* Feature: added functionality to get cart number of products 
* Fix: fixed link field settings for multisoure
* Fix: fixed some bugs with regular price in woocommerce widgets
* Fix: filters js file loaded in editor as well
* Fix: fixed some small php bug regarding "pathBase"
* Fix: fixed conditions in multiple select control
* Change: updated unite gallery version
* Change: disabled autoload in update_option for the catalog variable

version 1.5.59: 2023-04-09

* Feature: added multiple select to condition attributes in widget editor
* Change: updated freemius sdk to the latest version
* Fix: fixed empty post meta fields in case that acf plugin is on
* Fix: fixed some bug with avoid duplicates option and filters in single grid
* Fix: made some corrections in case that post query show wrong init selected terms values
* Fix: the post carousel goes to random item after ajax refresh
* Fix: fixed jet engine custom fields integration

version 1.5.58: 2023-03-26

* Feature: added dynamic popup functionality to multisource widgets
* Fix: fixed missing arguments in the_post action
* Fix: fixed some php multisource error
* Fix: fixed some product ajax search related issues
* Fix: fixed some small but with ajax refresh and sync

version 1.5.57: 2023-03-20

* Feature: improved the multisource selectors
* Feature: added option to get image from post meta in post fields - widget editor
* Fix: added "skins" folder to unite gallery
* Fix: added more compatability to woo commerce grids with discounts plugins
* Fix: fixed same uc_id in dynamic templates

version 1.5.56: 2023-03-13:

* Feature: added option authors by dynamic field in post query
* Feature: done some integration with flycart discounts
* Feature: added option to show post type and post type title in posts fields
* Feature: added option to add multiple values in multisource
* Fix: fixed get posts by terms meta field - add taxonomy
* Fix: fixed responsive css in dynamic loop
* Fix: fixed dynamic loop with jet engine acf fields
* Fix: fixed slider control units for vh, vx and % 
* Fix: added "before today" for past year in date qury
* Change: the uc_id will not change now when page refresh

version 1.5.55: 2023-02-23:

* Fix: fixed wpml integrate fields
* Fix: fixed some write file error, will not crash if happend
* Fix: fixed entrance animation js on popup
* Fix: fixed strip tags in intro from content
* Fix: fixed some php 8.1 issues
* Fix: fixed some post intro with html tags issues
* Change: do_action function is working now in free version

version 1.5.54: 2023-02-15

* Change: added some define variable that indicate the under ajax search
* Change: added "collect", and "output" to schema types in content accordion widget for example
* Feature: added wpml auto translate integration
* Feature: added option to select "all taxonomies" in exclude terms in terms selection
* Feature: added option - only direct children to terms select include by
* Feature: added option to post select to get posts by terms from curent meta field
* Fix: preserve tags when truncate
* Fix: fixed load more with second meta add in post query

version 1.5.53: 2023-02-07

* Fix: keep exclude terms in grid when filtering with "override terms" mode
* Fix: fixed get_terms() not found php error from 1.5.52 version

version 1.5.52: 2023-02-06

* Change: done some protection agains infinite loops in templates
* Fix: fixed popup button type conditions
* Fix: fixed term meta fields in multisource
* Fix: fixed exclude term not found in post select

version 1.5.51: 2023-01-31

* Feature: added version to js comment output
* Feature: connected the galleies to remote play / stop like the carousels
* Feature: added some error message when image size attribute is missing in multisource
* Feature: added dynamic popup special attribute type
* Fix: fixed title source and description source in multisource gallery for products.
* Fix: added supress filtres to ajax search query

version 1.5.50: 2023-01-24

* Feature: added "media" to post types select in advanced post query
* Feature: improved the date time attribute

version 1.5.49: 2023-01-23

* Fix: fixed some js optimization issues 
* Fix: fixed filters related small js bug

version 1.5.48: 2023-01-19

* Feature: added gallery to multisource
* Feature: added post type override selectin current post query options
* Fix: fixed remote play with carousel
* Fix: fixed some multisource and ajax related bugs
* Fix: fixed popular posts plugin integration multiple post types
* Fix: fixed background widgets some problematic attribute names
* Fix: fixed include terms by current post terms in some cases.
* Fix: fixed default url_assets value in multisoure
* Fix: fixed dark mode svg icons

version 1.5.47: 2023-01-10

* Feature: added more units to slider attribute
* Feature: added "any" post type to post types select
* Feature: added include and exclude current post terms in terms selection
* Feature: added option to carousel - scroll to head - force
* Feature: allow import widgets with theme activate
* Fix: fixed dynamic template render css for dynamic popup
* Fix: fixed users list select by manual

version 1.5.46: 2023-01-08

* Feature: set the items image size chooser work for certain image
* Feature: made option to put js script in saparate tags with id's for optimization plugins like wprocket
* Feature: enriched the uc_lang variable. now it's always showing the current language
* Feature: added user_login variable to the users list output
* Feature: has put the preview link always as a help link in widget edit panel.
* Change: updated the multisource that it works better with items images
* Change: allow html tags in post intro (excerpt) in widgets
* Fix: fixed filters with sync multiple grid issues
* Fix: fixed the exclude users list with similar names

version 1.5.45: 2022-12-26

* Feature: added json decode filter to twig
* Feature: added catalog images from shortpixel for speed loading
* Feature: done multisource group setting
* Fix: fixed entrance animation on ajax refresh
* Fix: done sync pause / play between carousels

version 1.5.44: 2022-12-19

* Change: updated freemius to the latest version
* Fix: fixed remote play / pause button
* Fix: fixed search filter unicode phrase
* Fix: fixed entrance animation appear on scroll
* Feature: added video gallery responsive options
* Fix: fixed some owl carousel size on init bug
* Fix: fixed js widgets under the dynamic grid template like flipbox

version 1.5.43: 2022-12-04

* Feature: add settings output to dynamic grid fields debug
* Fix: fixed pods multiple image data
* Fix: fixed url terms in filter with dynamic grid
* Fix: fixed users and menu not found bug in front	
* Change: updated twig engine to the latest version

version 1.5.42: 2022-11-29

* Feature: added functionality for time ago in posts widgets
* Feature: added woo variables to woo fields - woo_price_withtax, woo_price_notax
* Feature: added option for term child filter role
-optimization: reduced number of queries in post related widgets

version 1.5.41: 2022-11-24

-bug fix: fixed post select in post query

version 1.5.40: 2022-11-23

* Feature: added integration to woocommerce multicourancy plugins
* Feature: made some integration with translate press plugin
* Feature: added select post and select term attribute
* Fix: fixed dynamic loop css backgrounds with containers
* Fix: fixed mousewheel event in the carousel
* Fix: fixed some rare php error with filters

version 1.5.39: 2022-11-16

* Fix: fixed small bug with zip extract
* Update: updated black friday sale banners

version 1.5.38: 2022-11-10

* Fix: fixed galleries default sizes with post filters
* Fix: fixed hidden option in select filter in safari browser
* Fix: fixed non ssl assets url
* Feature: added "schema" special attribute
* Fix: fixed false autoplay in carousel

version 1.5.37: 2022-11-09

* Fix: fixed 1px glitch bug in the carousel, on 1 item (slide mode)
* Feature: prepared the filters to work with ajax search

version 1.5.36: 2022-11-6

* Feature: added function that outputs items schema
* Feature: improved include by meta in posts selection, added option for multiple values
* Feature: added option to get current user with meta in twig
* Addition: validate number of post list attributes, allow only one when creating widget
* Fix: fixed count posts in post query summary
* Fix: fixed entrance animation blur type
* Fix: fixed avoid duplicates with random order while posts load more
* Fix: the timeout now reset after slide change in owl carousel
* Fix: fixed terms selection taxonomies with idetical post type title
* Fix: added protection against inifinite loop in putElementorTemplate twig function
* Fix: fixed acf field unaccessable in some cases with elementor pro 3.8

version 1.5.35: 2022-10-24

-Fix: fixed include by id's from dynamic field, and terms from dynamic field in post selection

version 1.5.34: 2022-10-19

* Feature: added items image size attribute (special type)
* Fix: fixed show backgrounds in elementor editor

version 1.5.33: 2022-10-15 

* Fix: fixed avoid duplicates with filters
* Fix: fixed select dropdown filter js
* Feature: added avoid duplicates option to manual posts selection

version 1.5.32: 2022-10-11

* Fix: fixed some ajax pagination issues
* Fix: fixed pagination widget appearance on archive ajax pages with filters
* Fix: added twig functionality to put product attributes text
* Fix: fixed export with images not worked in some cases
* Fix: made some protection with ezcache plugin integration and filtering
* Fix: fixed some small php bug with this month post selection
* Fix: fixed some visible and hidden filters collision
* Fix: fixed terms select in terms filter on history back click in filters
* Fix: set child filter always first unselected
* Fix: set option for the tabs filter to be unselected
* Fix: fixed the pagination numbers if exclude offset chosen

* Feature: added multiple taxonomy terms in term selection
* Feature: added query id in terms selection
* Feature: added functionality for next / prev post

version 1.5.31: 2022-09-20

* Fix: fixed thumbs gallery

version 1.5.30: 2022-09-18

* Fix: fixed multiple post filters and grid connection
* Fix: fixed various small php errors
* Fix: fixed wordpress popular posts integration small bug
* Feature: added terms from dynamic post selection option
* Feature: added option for limiting terms show in post list
* Change: updated once more unitegallery graphics, changed assets to svg
* Fix: fixed thumbnail gallery arrows

version 1.5.29: 2022-09-08

* Fix: fixed a small issue with search page and load more
* Fix: fix vimeo videos stoppped playing bug

version 1.5.28: 2022-09-06

* Feature: added support for the select filter
* Fix: fixed some small js bug with filters
* Fix: fixed some post filters related popup error
* Change: changed the way that galleries srolls by mouseover

version 1.5.27: 2022-09-02

* Fix: fixed popular posts plugin integration
* Fix: removed some console logs in filter.js file
* Fix: fixed ajax pagination jump
* Fix: fixed unitegallery strict standards bugs
* Change: renamed field - "use dynamic fields" to "use current post data" in widget editor
* Change: updated freemius sdk to: 2.4.5

version 1.5.26: 2022-08-17

* Feature: added debug to remote elements
* Fix: made some protection against wrong animation names in carousel
* Fix: added some small fixes to carousel and remote sync js libraries
* Fix: done a better find closest section in remote
* Fix: fixed not showing values in elementor editor post selectors

version 1.5.25: 2022-08-11

* Feature: added option to set title field in items
* Fix: fixed some more lazy load related protections in galleries
* Fix: Fixed some Elementor 3.7 deprecation issues

version 1.5.24:  2022-08-09

* Fix: fixed some Elementor 3.7 related js bug in editor

version 1.5.23:  2022-08-05

* Feature: added date format to date meta field post selection
* Feature: added more units to padding and margin attribute
* Feature: added option to set selected tab number in tabs filter widget
* Fix: fixed some unitegallery strict related scripts
* Fix: fixed sequance entrance animation attribute
* Fix: fixed some text with pagination edit mode in elementor editor
* Fix: fixed ajax pagination didn't get back to first page
* Fix: fixed tabs filter and taxonomy terms in one page
* Change: prepare the right way dates should work in post list

version 1.5.22:  2022-07-24:

* Feature: added option to connect to another parent in remote arrows
* Feature: added change url and back button in ajax filers behaviour
* Fix: fixed doubly plugin integration import bg widgets
* Fix: fixed remote next/prev directions in carousels
* Fix: added some more protection against infinite loops from post content processing

version 1.5.21 2022-07-17:

* Feature: added docstart and docend template in widget js
* Change: end of birthday sale message update
* Change: added warning message in case of twig collision with other plugins

version 1.5.20 2022-07-13:

* Feature: added more widget debug type - current post fields
* Feature: updated admin title on edit widget view
* Feature: added option to carousel: scroll to head
* Feature: added query data attributes into filtering grid
* Fix: fixed ajax pagination in some cases
* Fix: fixed small php bug with hover animations control
* Fix: fixed lity lightbox with vimeo autoplay
* Fix: fixed item index after shuffle
* Fix: fixed some seleted tab filters related issues
* Fix: fixed load more filter doubly ajax request in some cases
* Fix: fixed woo scedualed sale price output
* Fix: in filters replace url with pagination as well
* Fix: changed gallery arrows to svg

version 1.5.19 2022-06-27:

* Feature: added max posts to current query
* Fix: fixed controls conditions for elementor template control
* Feature: added more fields to dynamic grid loop (was only title)
* Change: added birthday sale banner and text

version 1.5.17 2022-06-21:

* Change: updated fancybox version
* Fix: Fixed bug with ajax load more and ajax pagination

version 1.5.17 2022-06-09:

* Feature: fixed entrance animation attribute
* Fix: fixed uc_inside_editor variable inside background widget
* Fix: fixed empty default value of radio boolean control
* Fix: fixed double filtering issues in archive pages

version 1.5.16: 2022-05-31

* Fix: fixed double plugin versions in pro version
* Fix: fixed 1 size gap in one item owl carousel
* Fix: fixed the dissapearing options bug in mobile

version 1.5.15: 2022-05-30

* Change: set cache folder inside wp-uploads
* Feature: added option to get terms last level only - for post list / grid
* Feature: added twig function - get_current_user
* Feature: disabled right click on html5 galleries (unite gallery)
* Fix: the image and video repeater was missing default items
* Fix: fixed load more and filters on a search page
* Fix: fixed carousel stage padding issues
* Fix: fixed carousel 1 item one pixel issues
* Fix: fixed default values in responsive selectors

version 1.5.14: 2022-05-24

* Fix: fixed responsive default values with selectors in number and dropdown and slider controls
* Fix: fixed a bug in run_code_once functionality

version 1.5.13: 2022-05-23

* Feature: added integration with "sticky posts switch" plugin
* Feature: added special attribute type - entrance animation

* Fix: fixed sync bug between two similar elements
* Fix: fixed filters loading with wp-rocket lazy load scripts
* Fix: fixed put_hide_ids_css function small bug
* Fix: fixed fetch 2 and more widgets within one section for filtering
* Fix: fixed slider control js empty output bug
* Fix: fixed gallery title as number js bug
* Fix: fixed gallery images from meta fields source as array 

version 1.5.12: 2022-05-08

* Feature: added integration for wpml media change
* Feature: bug fix: fixed hover animations setting don't work on front in some cases
* Feature: in post selection by date added options for "future from today", and "future from tomorrow".
* Feature: added new function: "put_hide_ids_css" to hide some css comma saparated id's from css tab.
* Feature: added support for ajax refresh for multiple synced grids together
* Feature: added option to test instagram data
* Feature: added phpinfo view in settings - troubleshooting 

* Fix: fixed blank window opened by a link
* Fix: fixed acf boolean value present
* Fix: fixed another gallery related lazy load issues

version 1.5.11: 2022-04-13

* Feature: made option to put elementor post_content inside post widget if the post made by elementor
* Feature: added additional fields to getPostAuthor function like avatar url and author meta
* Feature: show the "no posts" message with filters in post list / grid
* Feature: add background location (back/front) to background widgets
* Feature: done option to get post parent with the posts in posts selection
* Fix: set prices display in woocommerce widgets including tax
* Fix: fixed editor js files didn't loaded bug
* Fix: fixed css output with dynamic template and inline css mode
* Fix: fixed the ajax pagination that now works with post based gallery widget
* Fix: fixed filters scripts loading before jquery in js
* Fix: allow to select empty terms in term selection control
* Change: set default values of responsive number / slider / dropdown controls to desktop default values

version 1.5.10: 2022-04-04

* Fix: fixed title and description source in gallery source selection
* Fix: fixed the dropdown attribute php filter for elementor
* Feature: added "menu_id" for various uses as menu attribute output
* Feature: added option for side offset in owl carousel
* Feature: added option for second items html refresh in ajax filters

version 1.5.9: 2022-03-27

* Fix: fixed simple meta output for post list
* Feature: made dynamic grid work with filters
* Feature: the background widgets works for the new container objects as well
* Feature: added include by another meta field in post query

version 1.5.8: 2022-03-23

* Feature: set special behaviour for more then one filters on the page
* Feature: added option to load video item from posts in a gallery
* Change: set up galleries common default items
* Fix: fixed unclosable gallery lightbox with youtube videos
* Fix: fixed elementor 3.6.0 compatability

version 1.5.7: 2022-03-17

* Feature: added option to modify dropdown items in php
Fix: fixed gallery default items preview and init
Fix: fixed remote counter js error

version 1.5.6 =  2022-03-15:

Fix: fixed dissapearing items in remote related widgets

version 1.5.5 =  2022-03-15:

* Feature: added woocommerce sorting options in posts selection by number of sales and rating
* Feature: added option to get related products on checkout page
* Feature: done manual posts and terms selections sort by drag and drop
* Feature: done option to custom refresh filters html (for carousels, galleries etc)
* Feature: made the attributes dialog support multi controls
* Feature: prepared the galleries and dynamic loops to use filters and load more
Fix: fixed query debug in manual posts selection
Fix: fix: fixed posts_per_page in manual posts selection
Fix: fix: fixed jquery include for remote widgets

version 1.5.4 =  2022-03-06:

* Feature: added roles to post filter: single, main and child
* Feature: added option "placeholder" and "disable dynamic" for text field control
* Feature: added option for debug meta fields in post list, post grid
* Fix: fixed some pagination widget buttons related issues
* Fix: fixed non clickable items in some widgets
* Fix: fixed put_items(0) - first item output in twig

version 1.5.3 =  2022-02-23:

* Feature: added functionality to put image inside taxonomy terms widget
* Fix: fixed load more on archive page with orderby=xxx filter in url
* Fix: made support for woocommerce special order by in load more
* Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.4.3 version (Security fix)

version 1.5.2 =  2022-02-23:

* Feature: set up remote and sync functionality for the galleries
* Fix: fixed load more for current query posts
* Fix: fixed background js based widgets with elementor popups
* Fix: fixed unitegallery unclosed tag issue
* Fix: fixed replace mode in tabs filters

version 1.5.1 =	2022-02-21:

* Feature: improved post pagination debug and added force options
* Feature: added code for the button filters
* Feature: added option to shuffle owl carousel
* Feature: added option for general "shuffle" in items
* Feature: made option for text modify, and get the current page url and current page title
* Feature: get feature image of a product from a first gallery image if featured image not exists
* Feature: added function "one_random" and "first" to get_items twig function
* Feature: added support for jet listing item
* Change: changed the "choose template" setting text to attirbute title
* Fix: fixed load more if offset turned on in the grid
* Fix: fixed link control attributes parsing
* Fix: fixed sync general api related bugs in elementor editor

version 1.5.0 =  2022-02-02:

* Feature: added tabs in items controls
* Feature: added functionality for ajax taxonomies terms filter
* Feature: added some accessability to owl carousel buttons

version 1.4.99:  2022-01-27:

* Feature: added option for disable content filtering in general settings->troubleshooting
* Feature: added taxonomies in widget debug output
* Fix: fixed some gallery lazy load related js bugs

version 1.4.98:	 2022-01-14:

* Feature: modified remote general js api to fit more types of widgets
* Feature: added support for put meta field in post list
* Fix: fixed some small php notices output in post query

version 1.4.97 = 2022-01-06:

* Feature: add code base for the taxonomy filter
* Feature: added option to highlight all carousel items
* Feature: added active class to new owl carousel
* Feature: added scroll on click functionality to new owl carousel
* Fix: added support for acf fields styles in dynamic grid
* Fix: fixed some wp-rocket and filters related bug

version 1.4.96 = 2021-12-29:

* Feature: use yoast main category feature to determine post main category
* Feature: added get woocommerce product gallery functionality to twig
* Feature: added support for multiple attribute conditoins values
* Feature: added menu order in advanced widget debug type
* Feature: added WooCommerce endpoints links code to twig
* Feature: added option to disable font awesome in general settings
* Fix: fixed some filters related issue
* Fix: added custom attributes to link attributes output

version 1.4.95 = 2021-12-16:

*Fix: fixed db table not found php bug in some cases

version 1.4.94 = 2021-12-14:

* Feature: made posible multiple includes condition values per assets
* Feature: added meta value2 and meta value3 in include by meta value post selection
* Feature: added error notice if no api connectivity
* Feature: added attributes section conditions
* Feature: prepared code base for the new galleries
* Fix: fixed some small pagination related bug
* Fix: fixed remote connection parent detection in some cases
* Fix: added content filtering by filter widget_text_content for all the embed and other content modifications
* Fix: fixed edit defaulsin widget settings
* Fix: fixed some polylang issues with the template in dynamic template widgets
* Fix: [security] remove the "duplicate layout" functionality (not used in the plugin) that had some security issues 

version 1.4.93 = 2021-12-03:

* Fix: fixed some connected widgets bugs when there is many of them in the page
* Change: removed the black friday sale banner
* Feature: added general remote API for various widgets connections
* Feature: add some code base for the new gallery output

version 1.4.92 = 2021-11-24:

* Fix: fixed similar post content in post list
* Change: saparated remote and sync options in connected widgets settings

version 1.4.91 = 2021-11-23:

* Fix: fixed the wrong post intro in editor mode

version 1.4.90 = 2021-11-22:

* Addition: added black friday banner discount banner and link
* Change: improved "sync widgets" editor experience
* Fix: fixed depricated "post" attribute bug
* Fix: modified zip extracting error messages

version 1.4.89 = 2021-11-17:

* Feature: done the functionality for sync widgets
* Feature: done the functionality remote widgets
* Fix:  fixed error message on remote widgets
* Fix:  fixed css in post content in editor
* Fix:  use better strip tags for post intro

version 1.4.88 = 2021-11-08:

* Fix: fixed gutenberg support in widgets
* Fix: fixed all the pagination issues in archive page

version 1.4.86 = 2021-11-01:

* Fix: fixed some load more last issues
* Feature: added code for taxonomy terms filter
* Feature: added code for checkbox filter

version 1.4.86 = 2021-10-29:

* Feature: improved current query debug - full type
* Feature: added dropdown responsive placeholders
* Feature: added radio boolean attribute responsive controls

* Fix: fixed controls tabs functionality
* Fix: fixed load more custom image bug
* Fix: fixed double load more in a page mishmash bug
* Fix: fixed all load more issues

version 1.4.85 = 2021-10-13:

-bug fix: small bug fix - headers sent bug

version 1.4.84 = 2021-10-13:

* Feature: added taxonomy terms full query debug option
* Feature: improved full debug type in posts query
* Feature: added items support in editor->background switcher
* Feature: added support for remote controls
* Feature: functionality to posts load more
* Feature: added second condition
* Feature: added tabs functionality to attributes
* Addition: added %,px to slider units
* Fix: fixed avoid duplicates related bug
* Fix: fixed conflicting wordpress codemirror script
* Fix: fixed post selection values init from editor
* Fix: fixed pagination on front page
* Fix: fixed some polylang related bugs

version 1.4.83 = 2021-09-22:

* Fix: fixed styles mishmash inside elementor editor navigator
* Fix: fixed dissapearing carousels after refresh bug
* Fix: fixed dynamic grid pagination not changed

version 1.4.82 = 2021-09-20:

* Feature: added troubleshooting setting - show php error message
* Feature: added px, vh, % options for slider attribute
* Feature: added dynamic group attributes for galleries, including image and video
* Feature: added option to convert one date string to another with ucdate filter
* Feature: added option to use items in background widgets
* Feature: added ucfunc("set") and ucfunc("get") functions in twig for remember and retrieve variables
* Feature: added include by option: "children of current term" to category selection options
* Feature: added option to pull woo product variations in twig
* Feature: added placeholder: link_withprefix, link_noprefix for link attribute
* Fix: fixed error when exists dynamic link in dynamic loop widgets
* Fix: enabled pagination in a single type in dynamic template grid
* Fix: the "not equal" attributes condition now works
* Fix: fixed not editable empty dropdown attribute in widget editor
* Fix: fixed mb_string absence php bug
* Fix: fixed heading attribute label
* Fix: fixed responsive elementor controls in widget items

version 1.4.81 = 2021-08-17:

* Feature: added json select (lottie) for image attribute type 
* Feature: made option for ajax in widgets with post list attribute
* Feature: made the ajax pagination work with pagination widget
* Feature: added dynamic options for number and slider attribute types
* Feature: added new owl carousel sources in assets chooser
* Feature: added heading attribute
* Change: added more types of debug for pagination widget
* Change: changed widget icons chooser for elementor icon instead of font awesome icon
* Fix: fixed import with template button dissapear in the new bar
* Fix: fixed widgets icons

version 1.4.80 = 2021-08-09:

* Feature: added option to change items section label
* Feature: added js snippet with code that works in elementor popup
* Feature: added option to add {current_user_id} keyword in post meta query
* Feature: added option for block label inside each attribute
* Feature: added heading text option for items section
* Feature: added extra fields to image base gallery options
* Feature: added php filter option for variable
* Feature: added twig functions "get_post_term" and "is_post_has_term". The examples visible when you click on item.posts.putPostTerm placeholder
* Fix: fixed some test widgets output relate bugs
* Fix: conditions settings was not affected typography controls
* Fix: fixed template dynamic background image didn't displayed bug in dynamic loops
* Change: added some instructions for api connectivity test in general settings - troubleshooting

version 1.4.79 = 2021-07-13

* Fix: fixed scripts output in preview widget page

version 1.4.78 = 2021-07-12

* Change:  added birthday sale promotions
* Feature: added woo commerce products to dynamic loop items source

version 1.4.77 = 2021-07-07

* Fix: fixd the is_ajax() error function from the admin area

version 1.4.76 = 2021-07-07

* Feature: added option to show post last modified date
* Feature: added function: get_from_sql in widget editor that allow to pull any custom records from DB
* Feature: added function: run_code_once in widget editor, that allow to run the code only once. Good for many similar widgets on the same page
* Feature: added option for load widget js as module
* Fix: fixed no key_thumb field in images inside widget
* Fix: fixed no condition in image sizes widget setting
* Fix: fixed javascript based backgrounds
* Fix: fixed brocken svg icon on catalog widget box in some of the cases
* Fix: fixed collision with rankmath in ajax actions
* Change: added some max length for a widget category, now it's 60

version 1.4.75 = 2021-06-21

* Feature: added category image to products list
* Feature: added option to include as module widget js include
* Feature: added option to write custom handle to widget js and css include
* Feature: added options - avoid duplicate posts to post query exclude
* Feature: added option to include or exclude posts by dynamic field to posts selection
* Feature: added option to include or exclude posts by logged in user, in posts selection
* Fix: fixed background widget condition functionality
* Fix: changed template picker to simple select2 list

version 1.4.74 = 2021-06-02

* Feature: added function put_date_range to twig functions. good for events widgets
* Feature: added integration with google map
* Feature: added function: "run_code_once" for twig
* Feature: added grouped options for the gallery
* Feature: added option to get posts by date from custom ACF field
* Feature: added gallery settings options for dynamic settings attribute
* Feature: added pagination to dynamic loop
* Change: improved dynamic settings attribute

version 1.4.73 = 2021-05-20

* Feature: added twig function: "put_attributes_json" that available in js tab in widget editor
* Feature: added constant - uc_inside_editor - for distinquish between editor and site front
* Feature: added multiple select attribute
* Feature: added listing attribute support
* Fix: fixed "request too long" message on a widget preview - shortened preview url
* Fix: fixed several bugs with condition field in widgets editor
* Fix: fixed hidden image size select on item attributes
* Fix: fixed acf group field output
* Fix: fixed elementor template in items, changed to specific function

version 1.4.72 = 2021-05-02

* Feature: added rating stars helper placeholder for woocommerce
* Feature: added option to include js file after elementor-frontend
* Fix: fixed new typography deprecation message

version 1.4.71 = 2021-04-22

* Feature: added option to take post id's from php function in post selection
* Feature: added option for get posts by meta field that located in current or different post
* Feature: added twig filter: wc_price for native price filtering
* Feature: added post terms titles to post data debug
* Change: added option for woocommerce categories in terms selection
* Fix: fixed price issues in woocommerce related grids
* Fix: fixed include and exclude terms mismatch with nested tax query
* Fix: fixed pagination on search pages

version 1.4.70 = 2021-04-14

* Feature: added show widget data debug options
* Feature: added option for filter post by post meta
* Feature: added option for simple condition for attributes
* Feature: added integration with wordpress popular post plugin for most viewed posts selection
* Feature: added post list variables for data debug
* Feature: added image sizes selector for post list
* Feature: get thumbnailID from content in case that it's missing in post
* Fix: when bulk moving attribute it now always goes to general category
* Fix: fixed filter posts by status
* Fix: fixed instagram media albom

version 1.4.69 = 2021-04-04

* Feature: added extra query debug options for custom post types selector
* Feature: added choose image size select option to image attribute
* Feature: added "image_attributes" placeholder for image output in widget editor
* Change: added default values select to hover animations attribute
* Change: changed button "add to cart" to "select options" for variable products in woocommerce list widgets
* Fix: fixed border radius attribute from width to radius
* Fix: added missing thumb sizes for image select

version 1.4.68 = 2021-03-22

* Feature: added include recently viewed products in woocommerce
* Feature: added option for default max posts in post selector
* Feature: added attribute type: Border Dimensions
* Feature: added attribute type: CSS Filters
* Feature: added attribute type: Hover Animations
* Fix: removed max posts from archive type post query selection, because has no control over pagination.
* Fix: fixed bug when instagram video images didn't show up

version 1.4.67 = 2021-03-12

* Feature: added api connectivity to troubleshooting section
* Feature: added options in terms selection fields
* Feature: added order by meta key for woo categories select

* Fix: fixed woo product price format for decimal prices
* Fix: fixed context menu cut from bottom inside the widgets manager
* Fix: fixed show item data in widgets items repeater
* Fix: fixed float to round in woocommerce discount percents

version 1.4.66 = 2021-02-18

* Feature: added "box shadow" attribute type
* Feature: added url_posts and num_posts to users output
* Feature: added option for selector 2 and selector 3 in several attributes
* Feature: added copy / paste attributes sections in widget editor
* Feature: added option for get default object to getListingItemData function
* Feature: added support for wpml site language inside a widget
* Feature: added acf image and thumbnails widths and heights to placeholders list
* Fix: load js include file in editor even if no js code
* Fix: fixed some php notice with exclude terms posts selection
* Fix: fixed small bug in getListingItemData function with no object returned
* Fix: fixed post selection manual select no posts shown at init
* Fix: fixed bug when private posts not fetched on manual posts selection
* Change: updated codemirror to latest version, added code search feature
* Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.4.2

version 1.4.65 = 2021-02-03

* Feature: added option to fetch custom meta fields in users list
* Feature: added function to twig: getByPHPFunction()
* Feature: added function to twig: getUserMeta()
* Feature: added function to twig: getListingItemData() - working inside any plugin listing
* Fix: fixed php sanitize array bug
* Fix: fixed post type in related posts post selection

version 1.4.64 = 2021-02-02

* Change: moved "edit widget html" button to advanced section in general tab
* Feature:  added option to exclude products on sale in products query section in widget settings
* Feature:  added option to exclude specific posts in post selection widget settings
* Feature:  added woocommerce related products select in post selection
* Feature:  added include/exclude posts by author in widget posts selection
* Feature:  added include/exclude posts by date in widget posts selection
* Feature:  added date/time picker to widget attributes types
* Feature:  added post status to widget posts selection
* Feature:  added offset setting to widget posts selection
* Feature:  added author url and author post count to users fields
* Feature:  added max number of users to user selection attribute
* Feature:  added "elementor template" attribute
* Fix:  fixed small php bug in post selection control
* Fix: fixed js bug in items repeater
* Fix: fixed exclude role not worked in user selection attribute
* Fix: fixed get products on sale selection with variations

version 1.4.63 = 2021-01-26

* Feature: added acf link array and attributes
* Feature: added ordering features to post selection related and manual
* Feature: added option for showing only sticky posts
* Feature: added exclude by term setting in widget post selection
* Change: moved debug data from advaned to general folder in elementor widget settings
* Fix: fixed woo commerce prices number format
* Fix: fixed refresh posts on "post query" section open in widget post settings
* Fix: fixed manual posts selection default order

version 1.4.62 = 2021-01-21

* Feature: added text shadow field
* Feature: added "manual selection" in posts query
* Feature: added compatability tag
* Fix: fixed image size thumb name with "-" sign inside
* Fix: fixed some php warning related to array to string conversion, happening in php 8
* Change: show woo commerce placeholders if selected "for woocommerce products" checkbox in post list attribute
* Change: improved woo category output placeholder help, added getTermCustomFields function

version 1.4.61 = 2021-01-14

* Feature: added max posts and order by options to current query posts selection
* Feature: added manual selection for woocommerce categories select
* Feature: added selector and responsive to drop down attribute in widget builder
* Change: changed buy pro version link from the catalog widgets to inside of the plugin
* Fix: fixed adding widgets to a db table that is not auto incriment
* Fix: fixed svg preview from widget builder interface
* Fix: fixed manual memory check when registering widgets

version 1.4.60 = 2020-12-30

* Feature: added option for third party integration for woocommerce grid
* Feature: added integration for "advanced labels for woocommerce" plugin
* Feature: added view file button in assets manager
* Feature: added svg icon option together with font icon for elementor panel widget box
* Feature: added preview image on mouseover inside elementor panel widget box
* Feature: added option for disabling "edit widget html" from widget settings

* Fix: fixed empty settings when there are gallery item setting only
* Fix: added "no settings" heading in case that no attributes in the widget
* Fix: fixed some php warnings for php 8.0

version 1.4.59 = 2020-12-17

* Fix: fixed import template redirect
* Feature: added option to include sticky posts for post query
* Feature: added post pagination for single page
* Feature: added number of items for instagram widget
* Feature: added background image to background attribute

version 1.4.58 - 2020-12-07

* Feature: make the plugin translatable for wordpress.org

version 1.4.57 - 2020-12-07

* Feature: done post pagination widget for archive posts
* Feature: added option to truncate the post list
* Fix: fixed show debug query on current post query

version 1.4.56 - 2020-11-30

* Update: relesed cyber monday deal admin notice

version 1.4.55 - 2020-11-26

* Feature: added option to sort by sale price
* Feature: added option to debug query
* Feature: added option debug widget data
* Feature: added option to filter posts with child categories
* Feature: added option to include only products on sale

* Fix: fixed no widget shown in some cases
* Fix: fixed woocommerce prices placeholders prefix

version 1.4.54 - 2020-11-13 =

* Update: updated freemius sdk to newest version
* Fix: fixed comma saparated selector

version 1.4.53 - 2020-11-09 =

* Feature: added background widgets and section backgrounds
* Change: removed global colors from template export
* Fix: fixed bug with regular and sale price in woocommerce

version 1.4.52 - 2020-11-06 =

Fix: fixed bug with regular and sale price in woocommerce

version 1.4.51 - 2020-11-04 =

* Feature: added svg output in icon library attribute
* Feature: added woocommerce checkbox to post list
* Feature: added product out of stock filter for product selection
* Feature: added discount_percent field in post list attribute woocommerce product type
* Feature: added woocommerce post list order by price option
* Fix: fixed woocommerce category in post list attribute

version 1.4.50 - 2020-10-21 =

* Fix: removed display errors setting

version 1.4.49 - 2020-10-12 =

* Fix: fixed small bug with non existing controls
* Fix: fixed general settings error when turning off plugin

version 1.4.48 - 2020-10-12 =

*Feature: added border attribute
*Fix: page break in some versions of elementor
*Fix: fixed bulk move attributes with categories
*Fix: fixed default items image field not match

version 1.4.47 - 2020-10-08 =

* Update: remove russian translation
* Feature: added function: get_items for twig
* Fix: fixed switch content and style tab
* Fix: fixed slider control tablet/mobile default value
* Fix: fixed non ordered widget categories

version 1.4.46 - 2020-10-04 =

* Feature: added function put_items_json for js items output
* Fix: returned widgets from uncategorized category

version 1.4.45 - 2020-10-04 =

* Fix: fixed template import with custom widgets

version 1.4.44 - 2020-10-03 =

* Feature: added flexible content type attribute
* Optimize: reduced the number of db queries, dramatically increased load speed

version 1.4.43 - 2020-09-22 =

* Feature: added option to group attributes into sections
* Feature: done instagram access token auto renew
* Feature: added "selector" to color picker attribute
* Fix: improved consolidate widgets option protection
* Fix: fixed select default widget images
* Fix: fixed default items in gallery item (image base fields)
* Fix: fixed image display in default item selector
* Fix: global colors was absent from color selection

version 1.4.42 - 2020-08-06 =

* Feature: added option to get grouped woocomerce products
* Feature: added instagram connect to official API
* Feature: added function: getUserData(), added into "twig code examples" panel
* Feature: added "printVar" and "showDebug" functions "twig code examples" panel
* Feature: done "login with instagram" in general settings, and get data from instgram API
* Fix: sorted "overwrite widgets" issue on import
* Fix: fixed dropdown attribute when work with html data

version 1.4.41 - 2020-06-18 =

* Feature: added additional controls to "number" attribute
* Feature: added "exclude uncategorized category" to woocommerce categories select 
* Feature: added responsive controls to slider attribute
* Fix: fixed template type variable issues in elementor integration
* Fix: show pagination only when "current query" is available
* Fix: fixed select2 field min width in posts query

version 1.4.40 - 2020-06-10 =

* Change: hided "consolidate widgets" general setting
* Feature: added "show/hide wrapping html comments" to general settings
* Fix: fixed export template filename

version 1.4.39 - 2020-06-02 =

* Fix: fixed save widgets from editor with large config limitation.
* Fix: fixed export template with page settings bug.
* Fix: removed extra fields from items editor, leaved only supported fields
* Change: updated freemius SDK to latest version

version 1.4.36 - 2020-05-21 =

* Feature: added support for pods panda repeater
* Fix: done some solution for max_execution_time issues when installing template
* Fix: fixed rtl on templates dialog popup
* Fix: corrected the naming near the "number" field
* Fix: cleared "twig" library from some not needed files.
* Change: removed "image view" file from framework.

version 1.4.35 - 2020-05-11 =

* Feature: added term custom fields support
* Feature: added term meta fields support
* Change: moved composer vendor folder to plugin root
* Change: fixed empty templates list bug when "show only installed widget" checkbox checked
* Fix: sorted out some of the templates import bugs

version 1.4.34 - 2020-05-06 =

* Fix: removed category ations from templates section
* Fix: show "putPostMeta" function even if no example post available
* Fix: fixed finally all the DB not installed issues on elementor and admin pages

version 1.4.33 - 2020-05-03 =

* Fix: fixed double twig collision by another plugin

version 1.4.32 - 2020-05-02 =

* Update: updated to newest twig 1.x version
* Fix: fixed no space between placeholders in php 7.4 bug

version 1.4.31 - 2020-04-26 =

*Fix: fixed dissapearing widget issue

version 1.4.30 - 2020-04-23 =

* Fix: fixed couple of bugs related to templates

version 1.4.29 - 2020-04-22 =

* Feature: released the templates catalog

version 1.4.28 - 2020-04-10 =

* Feature: added woocommerce categories field
* Fix: fixed export / import with images feature
* Fug: fixed error message on front on some cases when the db tables not installed yet.

version 1.4.27 - 2020-04-01 =

Fix: fixed widget default icon in manager
Feature: added "getPostMeta, putPostMeta, printPostMeta" functions
Feature: added "getPostData" function for acf related posts, that get's all the data from the related post including custom fields

version 1.4.26 - 2020-03-28 =

* Change: changed to new api address
* Fix: fixed links not included bug in theme builder posts
* Fix: fixed link to buy pro version
* Fix: fixed free version remain activated bug
* Fix: simpleXML validation made the site down

version 1.4.25 - 2020-03-09 =

* Feature: added "responsive controls" to margin and padding setting
* Feature: made "refresh catalog" button
* Feature: added "num_items" variable to the widget editor
* Change: removed the "default fonts" from widget defaults screen
* Fix: fixed some php bug in "implode" function
* Fix: fixed posts from sub categories in post list

version 1.4.24 - 2020-02-14 =

* Feature: made "export with images" option in templates
* Fix: fixed import category widgets
* Fix: fixed icon html output placeholder

version 1.4.23 - 2020-02-02 =

* Feature: improved the slider attribute
* Feature: added "menu" attribute

version 1.4.22 - 2020-01-28 =

* Feature: added woo currency symbol
* Feature: added woo add to cart button
* Feature: added slider attribute
* Widget: logo grid
* Widget: logo carousel
* Widget: logo marquee
* Widget: image tooltip
* Widget: content toggle
* Widget: circle number
* Widget: post list

version 1.4.21 - 2020-01-22 =

* Feature: added users attribute
* Feature: done multiple post type selector
* Feature: added background attribute
* Feature: added icon library html output
* Feature: added woo commerce support in posts list
* Bug fix: fixed icons not shown bug in widget settings

version 1.4.20 - 2020-01-15 =

* Bug fix: fixed font awesome icon output
* Bug fix: fixed instagram not loading bug
* Change: updated font awesome css version
* Change: changed the way that instagram was loaded on the page

version 1.4.19 - 2019-12-31 =

* Feature: added filter by slug to terms attribute
* Feature: changed repeater items titles to the ones from "title" field instead of "Item1", "Item2" etc.
* Feature: added automated styling for date field, added "ucdate" filter for that.
* Feature: done functionality for display post author
* Change: changed the font awesome attribute to fa5
* Change: added strip html tags from truncate function

version 1.4.18 - 2019-12-31 =

* Feature: added all image sizes to posts
* Feature: added "putPostTerms" function to posts
* Feature: added wpautop filter to twig
* Feature: added option for custom twig PHP functinoality for PRO version
* Feature: hide "edit widget html" button for user that don't have capability to see the plugin 
* Feature: added wpml compatablity
* Feature: added related posts in posts list
* Feature: added padding and margin controls (pro)
* Bug Fix: fixed pagination output

version 1.4.17 - 2019-12-12 =

* Change: changed to more flexible catalog api

version 1.4.16 - 2019-08-12 =

* Feature: added post query relation (and, or) chooser
* Change: update to freemius sdk 2.3.1
* Feature: added "trancate" filter
* Fix: fixed editor permissions PHP Error

version 1.4.15 - 2019-19-11 =

* Change: remove the old deprecated codecanyon activation
* Fix: fixed bug when both plugins are installed together
* Fix: fixed empty widget content when put a lot of content in the widget html/js
* Feature: added option for fonts for post list for intro and content
* Feature: added custom filter query ID in posts list query (pro)
* Feature: added labels to typography fields
* Feature: added description option for elementor controls
* Feature: added option to add help links to widgets from the widget editor

version 1.4.14 - 2019-24-10 =

* Fix: fixed js not included bug

version 1.4.13 - 2019-24-10 =

* Fix: fixed terms attribute selector bugs in elementor
* Fix: fixed post selection was not showing post types without taxonomies
* Fix: fixed rtl visibility issues in admin

version 1.4.12 - 2019-15-10 =

* Feature: added exclude posts by current post
* Feature: added post category addition custom taxonomy support
* Fix: fixed some bug in post list selector elementor

version 1.4.11 - 2019-07-10 =

*Feature: added link param html attributes placeholder
*Feature: added category link to post list params
*Fix: fixed post list category not displayed bug

version 1.4.10 - 2019-28-9 =

-bug fix: added some front end protection against db not installed bug
* Feature(pro): added do_action for custom wp actions run
* Feature(pro): added apply_filters for custom wp actions run
-bug fix: fixed export widget with assets path
-change: added instructions to download pro version.

= 1.4.7 - 2019-18-9 =

*Fix: fixed post category selection in post list

= 1.4.6 - 2019-18-9 =

*Fix: fixed dynamic items in repeater

= 1.4.6 - 2019-11-9 =

*Fix: fixed admin body class external
*Feature: make support for post categories list
*Feature(pro) - made taxonomies list attribute
*Fix: fixed current posts fetch in archive type

= 1.4.5 - 2019-19-8 =

*Change: improved widgets manager design

= 1.4.3 - 2019-25-7 =

*Change: updated the activation link from plugins
*Change: small UI improvements 

= 1.4.2 - 2019-24-7 =

*Feature: add post category to dynamic fields
*Feature: added toolset integration

= 1.4.1 - 2019-8-7 =

*Feature: added search widget
*Feature: the plugin is now fully translatable, added russian translation

= 1.4 - 2019-8-7 =

*Change: moved to new payment system (freemius), changed pricing plans

= 1.3.39 - 2019-2-7 =

*Feature: add alt tags to image attribute
*Feature: add automatic name from title on add attribute
*Feature: redesign categories

*Fix: removed autop filter change code from front end
*Fix: allow to import widget when stand on category from catalog
*Fix: fixed instagram widgets typography bug

= 1.3.38 - 2019-30-6 =

*Feature: added code examples / js snippets
*Feature: added widget preview

= 1.3.37 - 2019-23-6 =

*Feature: add support for archive pages
*Feature: added archive pages pagination
*Change: changed fonts design controls

= 1.3.36 - 2019-20-6 =

*Fix: fixed multiple similar js includes in one page

= 1.3.35 - 2019-20-6 =

*Feature: add support for acf gallery field

= 1.3.34 - 2019-13-6 =

* Feature: improved the post list filtering and ordering

= 1.3.33 - 2019-12-6 =

* Feature: added ordering posts by meta value
* Fix: fixed site crash by db error

= 1.3.32 - 2019-11-6 =

* Fix: fixed pods together with acf fileds
* Fix: added all categories to post list

= 1.3.31 - 2019-10-6 =

* Feature: added link attribute

= 1.3.30 - 2019-06-6 =

* Feature: made PODS integration

= 1.3.29 - 2019-06-5 =

* Feature: added set widget icon functionality, with presence in catalog
* Feature: added preview widget button from the catalog

= 1.3.28 - 2019-06-3 =

* Feature: made plugin translatable

= 1.3.27 - 2019-06-2 =

* Fix: fixed font override attribute bug

= 1.3.26 - 2019-05-30 =

* Feature: added typography attribute

= 1.3.25 - 2019-05-29 =

* Tweak: added support for dynamic params in image field

= 1.3.24 - 2019-05-29 =
* Fix: Fix dynamic field
* Tweak: Added message when adding an empty repeater from custom fields

= 1.3.23 - 2019-05-01 =
* Feature: Added dynamic fields to all text controls
* Feature: Added "edit html" button to all widgets
* Fix: Fixed consolidated addons render bugs

= 1.3.22 - 2019-04-25 =
* Feature: Made all acf fields integration including the pro like repeater and clone

= 1.3.21 - 2019-04-20 =
* Fix: Fixed current post bug

= 1.3.20 - 2019-04-15 =
* Fix: Fixed current post bug

= 1.3.19 - 2019-04-10 =
* Feature: Done all acf fields

= 1.3.18 - 2019-04-05 =
* Change: Update post child vars when change post

= 1.3.17 - 2019-04-01 =
* Change: Add dynamic fields to addon editor

= 1.3.16 - 2019-03-30 =
* Fix: Fixed the switchers 
* Fix: Fixed the upload file
* Fix: Fixed checkbox in assets tab

= 1.3.15 - 2019-03-25 =
* Fix: Fixed visual bugs
* Fix: Fixed radio boolean attribute (switcher)

= 1.3.14 - 2019-03-20 =
* Fix: Fixed addon assets tab bugs

= 1.3.13 - 2019-03-15 =
* Feature: Done export/import template with addons

= 1.3.12 - 2019-03-10 =
* Feature: Added fedback on deactivate

= 1.3.11 - 2019-03-05 =
* Fix: Fixed export import layout stuff

= 1.3.10 - 2019-03-01 =
* Fix: Fixed assets tab issues
* Fix: Fixed post to articles category rename on install

= 1.3.09 - 2019-02-28 =
* Fix: Fixed test addon jquery include
* Change: Added purchase link to license page

= 1.3.08 - 2019-02-25 =
* Fix: Fixed settings text output

= 1.3.07 - 2019-02-20 =
* Fix: Fixed font manager bug

= 1.3.06 - 2019-02-15 =
* Fix: Fixed taxonomy issues

= 1.3.05 - 2019-02-10 =
* Fix: Fixed add addon functionality

= 1.3.04 - 2019-02-05 =
* Improvment: Improved post types category selection

= 1.3.03 - 2019-02-01 =
* Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements

= 1.3.02 - 2019-01-30 =
* Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements

= 1.3.01 - 2019-01-25 =
* Improvment: Modifications to fulfil envato team requirements

= 1.2.01 - 2019-01-20 =
* Fix: Fixed js in editor when addins widget

= 1.2.00 - 2019-01-15 =
* Feature: Pro version with a catalog

= 1.0.11 - 2019-01-10 =
* Fix: Fixed some wordpress galleries related bug

= 1.0.10 - 2019-01-05 =
* Fix: Fixed export category

= 1.0.09 - 2019-01-01 =
* Change: Made global setting for consolidata addons or not
* Change: Updated some memory text in general settings

= 1.0.08 - 2018-12-30 =
* Fix: Fixed all notices related bugs

= 1.0.07 - 2018-12-30 =
* Fix: Fixed with default data types

= 1.0.06 - 2018-12-25 =
* Fix: Fixed js includes consolidated

= 1.0.05 - 2018-12-20 =
* Fix: Fixed js includes

= 1.0.04 - 2018-12-15 =
* Fix: Fixed js includes

= 1.0.03 - 2018-12-10 =
* Fix: Fixed empty category issues

= 1.0.02 - 2018-12-05 =
* Fix: Fixed bug with some unit values in render output

= 1.0.00 - 2018-12-01 =
* Release: First plugin release