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Checkboxes Filter Widget for Elementor

Use the Checkboxes Filter widgets with any of our Post widgets to help users filter the content on your Elementor page.

Choose Template
Team Member Post List
Team Member Post List
Post Blocks Cocktails
Post Blocks Cocktails
Post Grid for Products with Multiple Search Filters
Post Grid for Products with...
Frame 192 (1)
Snow Accessories Products...
Post Grid for Desserts and Cocktails with Infinite Scroll and Search Filter
Post Grid for Desserts and...
Post Carousel with Woo Products and Filters
Post Carousel with Woo Products...
Bike Shop With Search Filter
Bike Shop With Search Filter
Post List Cocktails
Post List Cocktails
Post Carousel with Movies and Filters
Post Carousel with Movies...
Unlimited Carousel with Search Filters for Tennis Racket Products
Unlimited Carousel with Search...
Post Tabs with a Search Filter and a Checkboxes Filter
Post Tabs with a Search Filter...
Post Carousel Lite with Movies and Filters
Post Carousel Lite with Movies...
Movies Post Blocks
Movies Post Blocks
Frame 192 (3)
Extreme Sports Products List
Woo Shop Multi Level Filters
Woo Shop Multi Level Filters
Image Accordion Showing Woo...
E-commerce Post Blocks
E-commerce Post Blocks
Tennis Shop Post List
Tennis Shop Post List
Testimonials with Checkboxes Filter
Testimonials with Checkboxes...
Post Carousel with Wine Collection and Filters
Post Carousel with Wine Collection...
Post Carousel Lite with Wearable Woo Products
Post Carousel Lite with Wearable...
Post List Woo Shop
Post List Woo Shop
Post Grid for Movies with Checkboxes Filter
Post Grid for Movies with...
Content Carousel with a Search Filter
Content Carousel with a Search...
Unlimited Timeline with a Post Pagination
Unlimited Timeline with a...
Post Tabs with a Checkboxes Filter
Post Tabs with a Checkboxes...
Frame 192
Tennis Rackets Product List
Frame 192 (16)
Woo Swipe Carousel
Post Tabs with Sorting Filters
Post Tabs with Sorting Filters
Content Carousel with Checkboxes Filter
Content Carousel with Checkboxes...
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Why Should You Use the Checkboxes Filter Widget?

Let Site Visitors Filter Through Content Easily

Empower your website visitors to find the exact content they are looking for with the intuitive Checkboxes Filter Widget. The widget enables visitors to refine their search by applying multiple filters, streamlining their search process.

Robust Synchronization With Post Widgets Data

Enjoy seamless integration between the Checkboxes Filter Widget and Post Widgets, ensuring that your website's content remains organized and easily accessible. With synchronized settings, you can maintain consistency throughout your site.

Create Visually Appealing Filters On Content Sections

Build visually appealing and helpful content sections using the Checkboxes Filter Widget. Utilize its extensive range of customization options to create the functionality of filters you want and style them in a way that grabs attention and elevates the user experience.

Widget Settings


Sync to Post Widget

Will detect which taxonomies are used in the post widget and list them in the filter accordingly.


Override Query Terms

Each time you click on a tab it will change the query in the post widget.


Filter Logic

Set the filter logic (and/or) to change the behaviour.


Filter Role

Used to setup advanced multi-level filters for multiple use cases.

Terms Query

Advanced query options to select the taxonomies you want to show. Include and exclude taxonomies by specific terms or set up advanced rules such as children of, current post terms, term meta, and much more. Supports any post type or taxonomy including custom ones.

Filter Anything

The Checkbox Filter widget works with any post widget and any post type.

Post Widgets

Use to filter any post widget: Post Grid, Post List, Post Carousel, Post Tabs, Post Accordion, Post Timeline and more...

Dynamic Loops

With the Checkbox Filter, you can filter any of our dynamic loop widgets including Dynamic Grid, Dynamic Carousel and more...


Add filters to your WooCommerce products using the Checkbox Filter widget on your Elementor Shop pages.


All our multi-source galleries support the Checkbox Filter widget and you can use them together seamlessly. 

What Makes The Checkboxes Filter Special?

Create Multi-Level Filter Roles

With the Checkboxes Filter Widget, you can easily create multi-level filter roles. Build advanced filter rules to allow users to narrow down content through multiple filters. Take complete control of the filter behavior by designating them as Single, Main, or Child, each covering a different use case.

Filters Support All Post Types

From blog posts to WooCommerce products and custom post types, the Checkboxes Filter Widget supports all post types along with their categories. With such versatility, you have limitless possibilities to create advanced content filters that can be easily integrated with various Post type widgets.

Two Different Layouts

Choose from two visually appealing layout options: Accordions and Checkboxes. With Accordions, display your filters in expandable sections for a neat and organized browsing experience. Checkboxes allow users to select multiple options for a straightforward filtering process quickly.

AJAX Powered: Loads Instantly

Leveraging the power of AJAX, the Checkboxes Filter Widget ensures fast load speed of filtered content on your website. Whether you have a simple filter or a complex multi-layered one, your filtered content will populate instantaneously, providing a smooth browsing experience to your website visitors.

More Styling Options

Customize the appearance of your Checkbox Filter Elements with a wide range of styling options. From layout display and spacing to customizable checkbox label colors, you get complete control of the customization. If needed, you can also add convenient buttons like 'See More' or 'Clear' for improved user interaction.

Power to Control the Behavior

With the Checkboxes Filter Widget, you have the power to control the behavior of your filters. One key feature is the ability to sync filters with Post widgets, ensuring that only relevant filters with items are visible to the user. Empty filters will remain hidden until populated with posts or items, providing a streamlined experience.

Layout Settings

The Checkbox Filter widget is packed with many layout settings to help you achieve the best user experience for your website visitors. 

Checkbox Buttons


Show More Button

Expands the list of available checkboxes, ensuring that users can access a comprehensive set of filter options to narrow down their choices effectively.


Clear Filter Button

Quickly reset the checkbox selection, restoring the search results to the original state.

Styling Options

Set the style of the Checkbox Filter widget to fit your website’s look and feel. You can customize each and every element inside the widget’s appearance to create a unique design. The Checkbox filter comes with an option to style each state of the tab separately giving you maximum flexibility. 

Responsive Behaviour

Determine the Checkbox Filter responsive behavior on mobile devices to make the best user experience for your website visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Checkboxes Filter Widget?

The Checkboxes Filter Widget is a powerful widget to add filtering options on Post widgets available with the Unlimited Elements plugin.

How can I install and use the Checkboxes Filter Widget?

To use the Checkboxes Filter Widget, make sure you have the Unlimited Elements plugin installed and activated on your WordPress website. Once the plugin is active, go to Unlimited Elements > Widget in your WordPress dashboard. Locate the "Checkboxes Filter" widget and activate it. You can then edit a page or post with Elementor and easily add the Checkboxes Filter Widget to any Post widget provided by Unlimited Elements.

Which Post Widgets does the Checkboxes Filter Widget work with?

The Checkboxes Filter Widget seamlessly integrates with various Post Widgets like Post Blocks, Post Lists, Post Timelines, Post Carousel, and Post Grid. Simply drag and drop the Checkboxes Filter Widget onto the desired Post Widget to start using it.

Can I use the Checkboxes Filter Widget with any post type?

Yes, the Checkboxes Filter Widget allows you to utilize any post type, tags, and categories as a source to build effective filters. Whether you're working with default post types or custom post types, you can easily create filters using the Checkboxes Filter Widget.

Are there any limitations on the number of filters I can add using the Checkboxes Filter Widget?

No, you have the freedom to add as many filters as you need with the Checkboxes Filter Widget. There are no limitations on the number of filters you can incorporate, allowing you to create highly customized and comprehensive filtering options for your content.

How do I sync the Checkboxes Filter Widget with other post widgets?

To sync the Checkboxes Filter Widget with other post widgets, simply drag and drop the widget onto the desired Post Widget and enable the “Enable Post Filtering” option within the Post widget. The Checkboxes Filter Widget will seamlessly synchronize with that Post Widget, allowing users to filter content based on their selections.

Does using the Checkboxes Filter Widget impact website performance?

No, the Checkboxes Filter Widget is optimized for performance. It uses AJAX technology to deliver real-time results efficiently, minimizing any impact on your website's overall performance. This ensures smooth and responsive filtering without compromising the speed or performance of your website.

Is the Checkboxes Filter Widget compatible with WooCommerce Products?

Yes, the Checkboxes Filter Widget is fully compatible with WooCommerce products. It allows you to create custom filters tailored explicitly to your WooCommerce store's needs. By applying the Checkboxes Filter Widget on the WooCommerce Product Grid widget, you can easily filter products based on attributes such as product type, category, shipping options, and more.