Content Carousel

Content Carousel Widget for Elementor

Content carousel allows you to create an interactive carousel where the content for each slide can be anything you want: images, text, HTML, and even Elementor templates.

Content Carousel Demo

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Widget Settings

Control is at your fingertips. Change all the setting to make your Content Carousel look stunning.  The Content Carousel widget includes many customization options:

Different Kitchen Styles

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Carousel Layout

Control every aspect of the Content Carousel by turning on or off certain elements to achieve the exact layout you are looking for.

Offset Carousel

Perfectly blend with your website design.

Remote Controls

Connect remote control widgets to your Content Carousel to achieve advanced layouts.

Ground Beefs , fried potatoes , worcestershire sauce with spices.
Italian meatballs, creamy spaghetti in tomato sauce with oregano and garlic.
Creamy risotto with roasted zucchini, carrot, cream and freshly grated cheese.
Andouille sausage, white risotto, roasted red peppers, chips & eggs.
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Sync Widgets

Sync between two or more item based widgets to achieve advanced interactive layouts like never seen before inside of Elementor.

Reveal from Bottom

Modify the styles to match your site’s look and feel.

BB Cream
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Full Width Offset Carousel

Limitless Styling Options

Template Content Source

Load Elementor Templates in your items to create advanced layouts. Now you can put any type of layout inside your carousel using templates.

Highlighted Features

Remote Controls & Sync
Offset Carousel Effect
Template Content
Arrows and Dots Navigation
Fully Responsive
Autoplay & Loop

Full Width Overlay Carousel

Carousel with center mode on.

Carousel Synced to Slider

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Carousel Style

Modify the colors and fonts to match your site’s look and feel  through the Elementor live page builder interface.

Customize every single detail to perfectly blend with your website design.