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Content Tabs Widget for Elementor

The Content Tabs widget lets users easily switch between different content types on a website using interactive tabs. Organize headings in one area, clicking on each activates related content. Tabs help structure content, making the page cleaner and user-friendly. 

Choose Template
Content Tabs with Pricing Plans
Content Tabs with Pricing...
Content Tabs with Details of a Product
Content Tabs with Details...
Content Tabs with Templates as Content
Content Tabs with Templates...
Content Tabs as Horizontal Tabs
Content Tabs as Horizontal...
Content Tabs with Collapsed Content
Content Tabs with Collapsed...
Content Tabs with Remote Control
Content Tabs with Remote...
Content Tabs with a Connected Carousel
Content Tabs with a Connected...
Content Tabs with Insurance Types
Content Tabs with Insurance...
Content Tabs as Vertical Tabs
Content Tabs as Vertical...
Content Tabs with Makeup Essentials
Content Tabs with Makeup...
Content Tabs with Yoga Poses
Content Tabs with Yoga Poses
Card Carousel with Content Tabs
Card Carousel with Content...
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Hourly weather
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Content Tabs Settings

Enhance Your Elementor Tabs

Easily customize your Elementor website’s tabs with essential settings for unique designs. Adjust tab layout, alignment, collapse behavior, URL hashes, and tab size equality to create visually appealing and user-friendly navigation elements.

Content Tabs Styles

Content Tabs Customization with Colors, Text, Icons

Refine your tab aesthetics by adjusting colors to seamlessly blend with your site’s design. Personalize text, icons, fonts, and layout to ensure your tabs not only look perfect but also function exactly as desired.

Dynamic Content

The Power of Multiple Dynamic Source Types

Effortlessly incorporate dynamic data into tab items, supporting various types such as WordPress posts, Woo products, CSV and JSON files, ACF repeater fields, API integrations, and more. Our solution is designed to flexibly adapt to your specific dynamic content needs.

Sync Widgets Together

Craft Customized Flexible Layouts

Elevate your web designs by seamlessly synchronizing two or more item-based widgets. This enables you to effortlessly create sophisticated and personalized layouts, taking your design capabilities to the next level. 

Remote Controls

Total Design Freedom with Connected Widgets

Easily design unique layouts with Remote Control Widgets. Take full control of your design, making your website stand out with precision.

Responsive Settings

Optimal Viewing Across Devices

Ensure seamless content display across all devices with responsive settings. Specify collapsible accordion tabs for optimal viewing on various screen sizes, ensuring your content looks polished regardless of device.

Set URL Hash

Direct Navigation to Tab Items

Enable navigation to a specific tab item using external links by assigning a unique ID to each tab. Upon clicking the item, the URL of the page changes accordingly. This ensures seamless integration and efficient access to desired content.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Content Tabs Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.