Coverflow Carousel Widget for Elementor

3D transform-based Elementor widget built to replicate the familiar ‘cover flow’ effect.


A coverflow carousel is a special kind of widget, that shows slides next to each other with a 3D effect and a reflection. This widgets supports 4 diffrent styles:

Highlighted Features


From desktop to mobile, the carousel automatically centers and scales to fit the area provided.


We created a carousel that loads in faster time than all the others with super fast optimized loading time.


Swipe on touch devices, scroll via trackpad or mousewheel, and use your arrow keys to fly through items!


Four built in styles (coverflow, carousel, wheel and flat) with plenty of options to configure exactly the way you want.

Coverflow Style

Flat Style

Wheel Style

Carousel With Content Under

Choose the layout that best suits your needs to create awesome carousel on your Elementor Website

Coverflow with Overlay

Autoplay with navigation menu

Flat Carousel

With SVG icon and content area

Override Colors for Slides

Choose any slide as a start index.

Load Template in Content Area

Choose any template to create advanced carousel layouts.