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Create Unique Elementor Web Designs Using the Blob Shapes Widget

Blob shapes can bring a much-needed spark to your website since they’re unique and easy on the eyes. Blob-shaped pictures can also break up the text effortlessly while bringing something special to the web design. You can see the visual examples of how to personalize your blob shapes here.

Blob shapes can be a great way to show off your team members, highlight product features or just crop interesting images in a new and unique way. We also have a Blob Animation Background widget if you want to incorporate this fun shape into other parts of your website. 

Now let’s go over all the features you can use to personalize the Elementor Blob widget to match our own style and website.

Diffrent Blob Styles to Personalise Your Pages

Our Blob widget comes with various presets for the blob shapes. After you drop your Blob widget into the Elementor you will have 20 different blob shapes to choose from. Having so many options means that you won’t have to compromise on the image composition for the sake of the shape. No matter what picture you are trying to put in the blob shape, we will have the right blob for you. 

Choosing the right shape for your website also comes down to personal preference – you have complete creative freedom to choose whichever shape you like the best.  Whichever preset you may choose, they all crop your image in a perfect way and make a great addition to any page!

Change the Blob Height for the Perfect Look

With this Free Elementor Blob widget, you can easily adjust the height of the blob, using our height scale. Blobs don’t have to take up more space than necessary on your page. Depending on your picture and the website set up you can customize the height of the blob down to perfection. By using this feature you can utilize various pictures without having to compromise on the quality or the content of the picture. For example, if you want to post a photo of your team and one of your team members is especially tall, you can easily adjust the height of the blob to make sure everyone is in the picture! Just drag the scale up or down depending on what you’re looking for to get the perfect look with the help of the Elementor Blob widget. 

Adjust the Elementor Gradient Feature to Fit Your Web Design

The Elementor Blob Widget also comes with a Gradient feature. You can easily make the gradient more prominent or minimize it completely, depending on what kind of look you’re going for. This feature can help you highlight certain parts of the picture and shift the focus to what you actually want to show off.  Just like with the Height feature, all you need to do is drag the scale up or down depending on your desired look – as simple as that! You can also click the Style button to choose 2 colors to create a beautiful gradient and personalize your blob. You can choose your signature brand colors or go off the books and pick something unique each time – It’s up to you! You can also the style menu to personalize the gradient angle and the gradient offset.

Control The Blob Opacity

With the Elementor Blob feature, you can also adjust the opacity of the image using the scale. Not all images have to be super sharp. Maybe the overly saturated pictures take away too much from the other aspects of the webpage, or maybe your brand colors are already so prominent that adding super opaque picture can be a bit of an overkill. You can adjust the Blob to show either more of the image or more of the gradient. What’s unique about this feature is that you can completely discard the picture and just use the gradient colors. Just pick from the options offered in the menu to bring some pop of color to your page without choosing a picture. This is a great way to liven up the page without committing to a certain picture. If you decide halfway through the process that you don’t want to use the image at all, you can go to the content button and deselect the image – you will be left with the beautiful gradient blob shape that you selected for yourself. And remember – the gradient colors are up to you too!

Add A Link to Your Blob

Unlimited Elements Blob feature makes it possible for you to add links to your blobs. This is especially helpful if you are trying to showcase your product or a feature with the blob. To add the link to your blob shape, you can go the the Link section in the menu and add any link with just one simple click – And just like that, the whole blob shape turns into a link. When the visitors click anywhere on the blob, it will take them to the link – as simple as that!

Add Text Inside of The Blob Widget

With our Blob feature, you can also put any text inside of the Blob. Use it as a way to elevate your title and headings or bring additional attention to certain parts of the text – it’s up to you.

Use Elementor Blob Blend Mode for a Seamless Look

When you use our Free Elementor Blob feature, you can also take advantage of our Blend Mode. If you’re not a fan of the Gradient feature, you can also choose to have the image as is, without any bells and whistles. If that’s more your style you can just choose “normal” in our Blend Mode menu. This widget gives you the options for normal, multiplay, darken, lighten, color dodge, and luminosity blend modes.  Feel free to play around with all the options to see which one fits your specific picture the best. 

Animate Your Blob to Liven Up Your Page

With Unlimited Elements, you can also animate your blob to bring something extra special to your page. Having a dynamic blob on your page can help you stand out against hundreds of websites with similar styles and can also help you grab your visitor’s attention quicker. Experiment with our animation feature to find the best fit for your page. 

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to use our Free Blob Widget in as many creative ways as possible, since this widget really allows you to personalize your page and make it memorable for your visitors. If you have any questions regarding any of the Unlimited Elements widgets you can always contact us directly.  

Watch a Video Overview of the Blob Shape Widget

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