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Creating a custom post carousel in Elementor

You may have stumbled into the question sometimes  “How to display my posts in a carousel in Elementor?”. We have good news for you. Now you can make a custom post carousel using the Dynamic Loop Builder which allows to use Elementor templates as widget loop items with unlimited design possibilities.

Before starting to create a custom post carousel you will need to make sure you have the PRO version of Unlimited Elements installed and activated on your WordPress website.


So what are you waiting for let’s start creating.

Step 1.

Go to Templates -> Theme Builder -> Single Post -> Click the “Add New” button on the top

Step 2.

Give your template a name and click the  “CREATE TEMPLATE” button

Step 3.

Close the templates library dialog to start you’r design from scratch.

Step 4.

Choose a demo post to build you’r carousel item.

Click on the settings icon on the bottom -> Click “Preview Settings” -> Choose a content type and post

Don’t forget to click the “APPLY & PREVIEW” button when you’r done.

Step 5.

Drag & drop widgets to design your carousel item using the Elementor editor.  
Once you are done click the “PUBLISH” or “UPDATE” button & exit to the WP dashboard.

Step 6.

Navigate to the “Unlimited Elements” plugin using the WordPress side menu.

Go to the Dynamic Loops category in the Widget Library.

Hover over the Dynamic Carousel widget and click install. 

Step 7.

Create a new Elementor page or edit and existing page.

Drag the “Dynamic Template Carousel” widget into the page from the widgets pane.

Step 8.

In general settings choose the template that you have created previously to use as a loop item.

Step 9.

Navigate to the “Item Posts Query” section in the editor sidebar.
You can now choose diffrent settings to output the posts you want to show on the page inside of your custom post carousel.
Customize the post carousel in the content tab and style tab to create the design you want to achieve.

Step 10.

There is no step 10. You’r done – go take a break.

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