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Expanding Content Cards Widget for Elementor

Display multiple content cards in an interactive vertical accordion. Just click on the card and it will automatically expand to show the content inside of it.

Widget Settings

Enhance Content with Expanding Card Presentations

Choose between click or hover as the trigger for card expansion, set the default active item, control transition smoothness with the Transition Duration, adapt to various screens using Responsive Breakpoint, and achieve a seamless layout with Columns on Breakpoint.

Dynamic Content

The Power of Multiple Dynamic Source Types

Easily populate card items with dynamic data types. Whether it’s WordPress posts, Woo products, CSV files, JSON files, ACF repeater fields, API integrations, or more. Our solution adapts to your dynamic content needs.

Sync Widgets Together

Craft Customized Flexible Layouts

Take your web designs one step further by synchronizing two or more item-based widgets, allowing you to craft sophisticated and personalized layouts with ease.

Remote Controls

Total Design Freedom with Connected Widgets

Craft unique layouts effortlessly with Remote Control Widgets. Enjoy full design control, making your web design stand out with absolute precision.

Filters & Tools

Intuitive Filters and Tools for Seamless Browsing

When you utilize posts or products as sources, effortlessly enhance your website browsing experience by incorporating a diverse range of filter types and tools for easy navigation.

Widget Style

Intuitive Design Settings for a Unique Online Presence

Unleash your creative potential with extensive widget style options. Effortlessly customize colors, images, background text color, and shadows. Take control of user interaction by designing unique active and hover states.

Discover More Features the Expanding Content Cards Widget Has to Offer

Here is a list of some more awesome features this widget has to offer your web creations.

Templates as Content

Use Elementor templates as content to populate your items when creating complex layouts.

Sequence Entrance Animation

Load items sequentially with slight delays for jaw-dropping visual effects on your website.

Widget Editor

Make adjustments and access the widget code, easily edit (HTML/CSS/JS) for your needs.

Responisve Behaviour

With responsive settings, effortlessly adapt to any screen size, optimizing your site for diverse devices.

Easy To Use

Easy to use with no coding knowledge required, it works effortlessly out of the box.

SEO Optimized

It's lightweight, fast, and optimized for search engine indexing, ensuring swift performance and visibility.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Expanding Content Cards  Widgets with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Expanding Content Cards Widget Demo

A spin through the cards of style.

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