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How To Get Your Elementor Website Ready for The Christmas Holiday Season

Sprucing up your website for the Holidays can do wonders for your website engagement. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to bring the Christmas spirit to your website in a few easy steps!  In this year’s Christmas Pack we’ve combined the most innovative and engaging ways to upgrade your website and spread some of that Holiday cheer online. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest holiday web design trends and upgrades, keep on reading.

Festive Snow Background for Elementor

Upgrading your background to something more festive is always a safe choice. This year the selection of animated, Holiday-themed backgrounds is wide enough to fit every taste. If you want to go for something a bit understated, you can choose either “Bokeh”, or “Lights” backgrounds. On the other hand, if you’re excited to embrace the Christmas spirit fully, we’ve got you covered too. You can count on our animated “Snow Ball Background” background, or the “Snow Flakes Background” one –  whichever you like better. If you want to do something unique for the holidays – “Confetti” will be your best choice

Holiday Christmas dividers

Besides the obvious cheerful background, you can also use our gorgeous Christmas dividers to break up texts, images and make the information on your page easier to digest. You can use them in combination with our other Christmas Pack features, or if you want to stay as minimalistic as possible with your Christmas upgrades, just using the dividers could be the way to go. They also serve as great add-ons to animated Christmas backgrounds and bring the whole page together. You can choose a colorful Christmas light divider, or a Candy Cane one, which is a bit more understated. Feel free to choose depending on your overall brand and brand colors. 

Elementor Christmas Icons

Another fun and easy way to decorate your website for the upcoming holidays is to use our festive Icons. You can pick from our candy canes, presents, mittens, a mistletoe, and even gingerbread cookies. There are three kinds of Christmas icons for you to choose from: Colored Christmas icons, Line Christmas icons, or Background Christmas icons. All three types of icons can work on various web designs, you can easily match one of them to your existing theme or use all three to mix and match.

Christmas Text Widget for Elementor

What’s a Christmas website update without a cheerful message! With our Christmas Pack, you can bring the Christmas cheer to your text as well. If you have an important message to deliver, we bet that it will reach way more people if it’s written in candy cane stripes. 

Christmas Button Widget for Elementor

As a part of the Christmas Pack, you can also get Christmas buttons! Add this red snow-covered button to your Christmas arsenal so that the Holiday spirit can be a part of every aspect of your website. 


As you can see, our Christmas Pack covers everything you might want to update during the Holidays, so make sure to take advantage of the offer before all the festivities are in full swing. 

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