image shapes

Image Shapes Widget for Elementor

The Image Shapes Widget crops your images into interesting shapes that help you create unique layouts. Stop boring your users and start being creative. 

Use Any Image

The image shapes widget is auto adaptive and can work with any image size you upload. Fully responsive and smart auto cropping for your images. 

Choose any image you want and select a shape from the list. It’s that easy.

Unique Layouts

This is a great tool if you are a none designer and do not know how to crop images using graphic designer tools. Take your designs to the next level and start creating.

Any Image, Any Shape

You don’t need Photshop anymore to crop your images. 

Blend Modes

Image shapes support all the popular css blend modes. Blend modes take you one step further to not needing any graphic design software to achieve amazing effects.

Solid Shapes

You can even use the image shapes widget without a image and use it as just solid color shapes.