Interactive Circle Infographic

Interactive Circle Infographic Widget for Elementor

The Interactive Circle Infographic Widget helps you show the content on your website inside an interactive infographic.

Multiple Source Types

Fully integrated with dynamic source types that will supercharge your workflow. Use any of the available source types to populate the content in your widget.

Interactive Circle Infographic Demo

The best infographic widget for Elementor.

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How it works?

Widget Settings

All the settings you need to create unique-looking interactive circle infographic on your Elementor website.

6 types of Self - Care

Widget Style

Modify the colors to match your site’s look and feel. Customize the text, icons, fonts, and layout to make the widget look and work exactly as you want it to.

Design Options

Control any aspect of design in the interactive infographic circle

Healthy life
An apple a day keeps you from the doctor away.

Sync Widgets Together

Synchronize between two or more item-based widgets to create advanced layouts on your Elementor website.

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Process Indification
Assemble a Team
Process Mapping
Manage Process
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Remote Controls

Take absolute control over every aspect of your web design using remote controls to navigate the items in your Interactive Circle Infographic widget.

Benefits of fruits

Infographic Items

Use the repeater field inside Elementor to manage the infographic items in the widget.

4 Elements
The Universe and everything within was formed from the 4 elements.

Infographic Segments

One of the unique features of the circle infographic widget is to presents the action buttons as segments rather than regular buttons. 

Circular Economy

Creating a recycling solution for manufacturing should be efficient, from waste creation to disposal, and include strategies to reduce waste overall.

Use and Consamption
Use and Consamption

With community recycling bins and skips of various sizes, it's easy to recycle even small amounts of valuable materials. Reducing the amount of landfill waste you generate supports a sustainable future.


There are more than just environmental benefits to recycling for businesses – it can also help you save on landfill taxes. 

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