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February Updates

Introducing Remote Control Widgets: The New Way To Design Elementor Websites

Today we are excited to introduce Remote Control Widgets, the new design system that will change the way you design Elementor websites forever. When you create sections with sliders or carousels you can now create unique flexible layouts. The remote control widgets can connect to several types of interactive widgets across your entire website.  Remote Control Widgets are one of the most important  features we have released in the past 2 years.

What is a remote control widget?

Each slider or carousel comes with built in navigation options like arrows or dots. In many cases users want to achieve unique layout and design their navigation in a unique way that does not exist in the settings. Thats why we created the remote control widgets to give user ultimate control over every pixel of their web design. Now you can take a standard UE widget and connect it to remote control widgets to make unique layouts that you never could achieve before. 

Connecting Remote Control Widgets

Connecting remote control widgets is easier than you can imagine. All you need to do is add the remote control widget to the same section the widget you want to control is in and it magically connects. This feature is called auto detect. We wanted to make it easy to use the remote control widgets so we coded them in a way that they will auto detect the widget they need to connect to and control.

Create Unique Layouts

The whole idea behind the remote control widgets is to give users the ability to create the layouts they have always dreamt off. These are the remote control widget types that are available in Unlimited Elements widget library as of today:

  • Remote Arrows
  • Remote Bullets
  • Remote Counter
  • Remote Play
  • Remote Item Navigation
We do intend on adding more types in the near future. 

Supported Widgets

Here you can find a full list of widgets that the remote control widgets can connect to.

  • Content Carousel
  • Image Card Carousel
  • Flip Box Carousel
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Background Slider
  • Team Member Carousel

Sync Widgets

In some cases you may have a carousel and a slider on the page that you want to control together with the same remote control widget. For cases like this we added another new feature which is called sync widgets. It allows you to connect between diffrent widgets that are item based and sync the items together while navigating.

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