masks and patterns

Mask and Pattern Background Widget for Elementor

Create a  huge variety of new visual effects by combining masks and patterns with background images, videos, gradients, and slideshows.

Limitless Styles

Perfectly blend with your website design.

Easy to Use

The Mask and Pattern Background widget is simple to use and doesn’t require any technical expertise. With just a few quick clicks, you can modify the widget to fit your needs using our straightforward settings.

Mask and Pattern Background

Limitless Styles

Limitless Styling Options

Make all your unique layouts possible.

Customize Within Minutes

Style your background widget just the way you want it to look.

Full Control

Modify the styles to match your site’s look and feel. 

Create Unique Designs Using Patterns

Modify the colors and style to match your site’s look and feel. Customize the layout to suit the user experience you are aiming for.

Flexible Design Options

Perfectly blend with your website design.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Customize Colors & Layout Settings

Create Unique Pattern Backgrounds

Choose any color and shape for your backgrounds.









Romb Zin


Circles Dots

Honey Comb

Greek Key

Jumbo Dots

Create you Unique Masks

Add our mask to sections to make your web designs much more fun!

Mix any Types of Background Layout

Each of the masks and patterns can be combined with other background elements like gradients, slideshow images, and, video to create countless unique combinations in just a few clicks.

Choose from 20 Extraordinarily Masks
to Create Different Variations

Use Masks With Video Backgrounds

Modify the styles to match your site's look and feel.