Particles Background Widget for Elementor

Add stunning particles background effects to your Elementor pages in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make your section’s background pop in a few clicks.

Customization Options
The Particles Background widget is highly customizable with a wide range of options to create a striking particles background that suits your Elementor page the best.
Particles Background Settings
Particles Background Settings

Creative Particle Effects

Using the Particles background, add unique sections to your website and make it stand out.
Particles Background Image Setting
Image as Particles
You can use a custom image as particles. This option opens up unlimited possibilities to create amazing particle effects.

Highlighted Features

Flexible. Lightweight. Intutive.

Highly Customizable

Wide range of customization options to create amazing particles effects.


 Lightweight code to reduce loading time in both, front-end and back-end.

Easy to Use

Easily achieve advanced particle effects in just a couple of clicks without coding.

Image as Particle

Use custom images as particles to achieve personalized background effects.

Star Particles
Use star shapes for your particles background.
Interactive Hover and Click Effects
Set awesome hover and click effects to make your Elementor sections interactive.
Particles Background Particle Shape Setting
Polygon Particles
Set awesome hover and click effects to make the sections interactive. with polygon particles, you can achieve triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, and so on.
Use Particles JSON config
You can use the Particle JSON config to achieve more advanced effects.

Set as Foreground

Use the particles effect as a foreground.

Add your Image Particles
Choose any image for your particles background.