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Post List Widget for Elementor

The Post List widget allows you to display your WordPress posts in an attractive list format with multiple columns. You can enhance your post lists by adding advanced filtering, pagination, a load more button, or even infinite scroll.

Choose Template
Team Member Post List
Team Member Post List
Post List Cocktails
Post List Cocktails
Post List Woo Shop
Post List Woo Shop
Movies Post List
Movies Post List
News Post List
News Post List
Tennis Shop Post List
Tennis Shop Post List
Post List Magazine Layout
Post List Magazine Layout
Post Slider With Tabs Filter
Post Slider With Tabs Filter
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Advanced Post Query

Make it easier for your website visitors to find what they’re looking for. Easily query and display posts with advanced rules anywhere on your website.

Custom Query

Present posts generated from advanced dynamic include and exclude rules.

Current Post Query

Create an archive page or blog page based on the link the user is viewing.

Related Posts

Display a selection of posts that are related or relevant to the currently viewed post.

Manual Posts Selection

Choose the specific posts you want to show on the page by name.

Layout & Settings

Unleashing the Power of the Post List Widget

The Post List widget puts you in charge of how your posts show up on your page. It’s simple to use and allows you to tweak things like layout, columns, sorting, and pagination, so you can create a display that suits your style just right.

Meta Data

Show Extra Info in Post List Items

Boost your website’s performance by highlighting key information right in your post list items. Easily add extra data, such as custom meta fields from popular plugins like ACF, Toolset, POD’s, or any other plugin, to enhance your content presentation.


Endless Post List Styling Possibilities

Enhance your widget’s look effortlessly by adjusting its colors and fonts with the intuitive Elementor live page builder interface. Tailor each element of the Post List widget to blend perfectly with your website’s design, ensuring a unified and visually stunning appearance.


Craft Dynamic Popups for Instant Post Views

Craft a dynamic popup that offers a quick view of the post without leaving the page. Use an Elementor single post template to design the layout of this interactive popup.


Advanced Filters for Ultimate Control

Enhance your post grid with advanced filters and tools. Our versatile post widgets solution allows you to easily create complex layouts while maintaining full control over your website. Enjoy live AJAX filters such as checkboxes, tabs, dropdown filters, and more, improving user interaction and navigation.

Why Should You Use the Post List Widget?

Streamlined Content Discovery for Efficiency

The Post List Widget serves as a navigational aid, enabling visitors to discover relevant content without the need for extensive searching. By presenting a curated list of posts, articles, or products, it simplifies the browsing experience.

Clear Content Hierarchy for Easy Navigation

Organizing your content using the widget helps establish a clear hierarchy, making it evident which articles or products are most important or recent. This aids users in understanding your website's structure and relevance.

Navigating Diverse Topics with Customized Accessibility

Your audience may have varied interests. The widget allows you to segment and present content tailored to different niches or categories, ensuring that each visitor can easily access content that resonates with them.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Post List Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

What Makes The Post List Widget Special?

Infinite Scroll and Load More Button Functionality

We understand the importance of user engagement and seamless browsing. Our Post List Widget offers both infinite scroll and a load more button option, ensuring that your visitors can effortlessly explore more of your content without the need to navigate to different pages. It's all about providing a fluid and continuous reading experience.

Ajax Filters for Effortless Content Navigation

Navigating through extensive content can be overwhelming. With our widget, users can employ Ajax filters such as tabs, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and a search function. This powerful feature allows your audience to refine their searches, making it easier for them to discover the specific content they desire quickly.

Advanced Query Options for Tailored Display

Your content is unique, and so are your visitors' preferences. Our Post List Widget provides advanced query options that allow you to precisely define the criteria for content display. Whether you want to showcase the latest posts, specific categories, or content by custom taxonomies, our widget can handle it all. It ensures that your visitors see the content that matters most to them.

Avoid Duplicates and Create Advanced Layouts:

Redundant content can be frustrating for users. Our widget is designed to avoid displaying duplicate posts, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with other post widgets, enabling you to create advanced and creative layouts that captivate your audience.

Sync with Other Widgets for Enhanced Navigation

Building an intuitive navigation system for your website is essential, especially if you have sliders or carousels. Our Post List Widget can be synchronized with other widgets to serve as a navigation tool for these elements. This synchronization ensures that your users can smoothly transition between different sections of your website, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

Flexible AJAX Pagination Control Options

When it comes to content navigation, the Post List Widget offers a range of flexible pagination control options, allowing your users to personalize their journey through your website's content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Post List Widget, and how does it work?

The Post List Widget is a versatile tool designed to help you display and organize content on your WordPress website effectively. It allows you to showcase your posts, articles, or products in a user-friendly manner, with options for customization, content filtering, and various navigation styles.

Can I use the Post List Widget for Elementor to display custom post types?

Yes, you can easily configure the Post List Widget to display custom post types, allowing you to showcase specific content types or create tailored content lists to match your website's niche or focus.

How can I set up tabs filters with custom taxonomies using the Post List Widget for Elementor?

The widget supports the creation of tabs filters that can be customized to filter content based on custom taxonomies. This feature allows you to organize and present your content in a structured and user-friendly manner, catering to diverse user preferences.

How can the Post List Widget for Elementor improve user engagement on my website?

This widget enhances user engagement by simplifying content discovery and allowing users to quickly find relevant information. It also offers customization options, interactive elements like excerpts and read more buttons, and seamless integration within your Elementor design.

How does pagination work with the Post List Widget for Elementor?

The Post List Widget for Elementor offers a flexible pagination system that allows you to control how users navigate through your content. You can choose between different pagination styles, including numbered pages, "Next" and "Previous" buttons, and the "Load More" functionality. This feature empowers you to create a user-friendly browsing experience tailored to your website's needs, ensuring that visitors can access and explore your content with ease.

Is there an option for infinite scroll in the Post List Widget for Elementor?

Yes, the Post List Widget for Elementor does offer an infinite scroll option. Infinite scroll allows users to keep scrolling through your content without the need to click on pagination links or a "Load More" button. It provides a seamless and continuous browsing experience, automatically loading additional content as users scroll down the page, making it a convenient way for users to explore your content.

How does the "Load More" button function in the Post List Widget for Elementor?

The "Load More" button in the Post List Widget for Elementor is a user-friendly feature that enhances content navigation. When this option is enabled, users can view a set number of posts initially, and when they click the "Load More" button, additional posts are dynamically loaded onto the page without the need to refresh it. This allows users to explore your content at their own pace, providing a seamless and uninterrupted browsing experience. The "Load More" button is a great way to balance content presentation and user engagement, ensuring that visitors can access more content when they want to, without overwhelming them with a lengthy list of posts upfront.

Does the Post List Widget for Elementor offer live search with Ajax functionality?

Yes, the Post List Widget for Elementor does offer live search with Ajax functionality. This means that as users type their search queries into the search bar, the widget dynamically displays search results in real-time, without requiring a full page refresh. It provides a more interactive and efficient search experience for your website visitors.

Does the Post List Widget for Elementor support dynamic popups?

Yes, the Post List Widget for Elementor supports dynamic popups, which enable you to create a quick view of the post, providing users with more detailed information about the post without having to navigate to a separate page. This feature enhances user engagement by allowing visitors to access additional content and details conveniently.

Popular Use Cases for the Post List Widget

Blogs and News Websites

Showcase your latest blog posts or news articles in an organized and engaging manner on your homepage or dedicated blog page.

E-commerce Stores

Display featured products, new arrivals, or best-selling items to entice visitors and drive sales.

Portfolio Websites

Create a dynamic portfolio by showcasing your work or projects with images, titles, and descriptions in a grid or list format.

Magazine-Style Layouts

Design magazine-style layouts with multiple categories or topics, allowing users to explore diverse content easily.

Event Calendars

Present upcoming events, conferences, or webinars in a visually appealing way, complete with event details and dates.

Recipe Websites

Share your culinary creations with mouthwatering images, ingredients, and cooking instructions for each recipe.

Directory Listings

Build directory-style listings for businesses, services, or any other categorized content, making it easy for users to find what they need.

Educational Websites

Organize courses, lectures, or study materials, allowing students to find relevant content conveniently.

Real Estate Listings

Display property listings with property details, images, and descriptions to help prospective buyers or renters find their ideal property.