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This post tabs widget is the best way to showcase all the latest post to website visitors. 

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A great way to showcase posts in a tabs layout.
Ravioli with Garlic Tomato Cream

Its tomato, garlicky, creamy, with a pop freshness from the bell peppers
Classic Meatballs

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and shape mixture intro 24 inch


The tangy combination of vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and cranberry juice has surpassed the classic...


A refreshing minty taste is complemented with the Mojito during the summer. The crisp and clean beverage...

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Apple Pie

This was my grandma’s apple pie recipe. I’ve never seen another like it. It will always be...
Vanilla Ice Cream

Put whipping cream, sugar and salt into a pot over medium heat. Stir until all of the sugar is dissolved....

Horizontal / Vertical

Choose the layout that fits like a gloove for your website.

Vacation with Your Significant Other

Ava and Deacon Phillippe recently enjoyed a getaway with their significant others, of which Deacon posted...

Council Orders Two 70ft Trees

Residents in Bristol have expressed their concern after the local council announced two cypress trees...

Redefining Female Ambition

With a mission to expand to an additional 100 campus chapters, The Women’s Network (TWN) recently launched...

Apple Martini

The Apple Martini, often referred to as an “Appletini,” is a novel variation on the traditional dry martini. Vodka is used instead of gin as the basis for the cocktail, and apple schnapps gives it a pleasant yet slightly tart flavor. The drink is usually topped with lemon juice and served with an apple slice, which

Long Island Iced Tea

A cocktail that never goes out of fashion. The complex mix of rum, tequila, vodka, gin, and triple sec topped with a combination of sweet and sour cola and lemon juice. Tea isn’t actually included in the drink; however, the components include mostly cola, giving it more taste.

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Post tabs can even be used to show your WooCommerce products in your Elementor website.
Unicorn Head
Summer Swimsuit
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Advanced Post Selection

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Rings 4
Sunglasses 20
Bags 4
Black Magnum Snowboard
Wayfarer II Classic
Square II
Round Metal