Post Tabs

Post Tabs Widget for Elementor

This post tabs widget is the best way to showcase all the latest post to website visitors. 

Why Should You Use the Post Tabs Widget?

Allows Visitors to Quickly Find Relevant Information

Your visitors will be able to quickly find relevant information that is organized and presented clearly and concisely without having to look through unnecessary content, thanks to our Post Tabs for Elementor widget.

Saves Space and Improves Visual Appeal

The Post Tabs widget allows you to display more information in less space, enhancing page layouts for a better user experience. Organize related content, reduce scrolling, and create a cleaner, more appealing page.

Enhances User Experience by Organizing Content Better

The Post Tabs widget for Elementor empowers you to organize content better, enhancing user experience with easy navigation, improved readability, and a more satisfying browsing journey.


The Tasty Stuff

Choose your recipe.

Apple Martini
The Apple Martini, often referred to as an “Appletini,” is a novel variation on the traditional...
Long Island Iced Tea
A cocktail that never goes out of fashion. The complex mix of rum, tequila, vodka, gin, and triple sec...
The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication refers to the blending of many cultures. The cocktail...
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Layout Options

You can turn on or off any part of the post tabs to make them look exactly how you want and suit your website needs.

Select Your Favourite Genre

A Marine who is paralyzed from the waist down is sent to Pandora, a moon, for a special mission. He struggles to choose between following his orders and defending the planet he has come to consider his home. He is forced to put his own safety and the lives of the Na’vi, an alien race living on Pandora, in danger in order to complete his mission. With...
Batman faces a challenging test of his ability to fight injustice when the Joker creates chaos and terror in Gotham. The Joker is a master criminal and murderer, who uses his twisted sense of humor to wreak havoc in the city. With Batman’s help, Gotham slowly begins to recover from the terror the Joker unleashed. However, as Batman battles his...
Neo is led by a beautiful stranger into a mysterious underworld where he learns that his entire life is a deceitful creation of a malevolent system of artificial intelligence. He quickly discovers that the only way to save humanity is by breaking out of this virtual prison. Armed with newfound knowledge and a powerful group of allies, Neo takes on the...
The story is about a former Roman General seeking revenge on the corrupt emperor who killed his family and forced him into slavery. He embarks on a dangerous journey to take his revenge, encountering many obstacles along the way. Along the way he meets allies who help him in his quest, while also uncovering secrets about the emperor’s dark past. As...
A compassionate orphan living on the streets and an ambitious Grand Vizier are competing for ownership of a magical lamp that has the ability to grant their most profound desires. However, when the lamp is rubbed, a powerful genie appears who offers them three wishes. In order to get all three wishes, they must make a deal with the Genie and agree to...

Most Beautiful Cities
to Visit This Year

Cheyenne - Wyoming
Madison - Wisconsin
Charleston - West Virginia
Olympia - Washington
Richmond - Virginia
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She likes to play tennis and knows 2 languages.

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She likes to play smart games and run 5 km every morning.

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He loves to play basketball and goes twice a week to the gym.

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Michael Jeans
Martin Jeans
Philip Jeans
Dwayne Jeans
Melvin Jeans
Lance Shirt
Derrick Shirt
Kent Shirt
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Advanced Post Selection

Advanced Post Selection

Our advanced post query options will give you full control to output your posts exactly the way you want.

Find Best Cars

The TURBO 2WD AUTO is an exhilarating and high-performance vehicle that combines the power and excitement...
The RS TWO TONE is a visually captivating and stylish car that combines the high-performance attributes...
The RS AUTO is a performance-oriented car that combines the exhilaration of speed and sportiness with...
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What Makes The Post Tabs Widget Special?

Horizontal and Vertical Design

Our Post Tabs widget offers horizontal and vertical design layouts, allowing you to customize how your content is displayed. This creates a personalized and visually appealing experience for your visitors, meeting their preferences and needs.

Any Type of Content

The Post Tabs widget for Elementor lets you easily showcase products, posts, pages, or any custom post type in a tabbed layout, allowing you to build any layout imaginable.

Show or Hide Elements

With the Post Tabs widget in Elementor, you gain the power to show or hide elements such as image, title, date, content, button, etc., within each tab item, granting more significant control over the content display.

Post Pagination & Tools

The Post Pagination and AJAX Setting feature in our Post Tabs widget offers multiple options for displaying content, including Pagination, "Load More", and "Infinite Scroll" to browse through extensive content in a single place.

Advanced Filtering

With the Post Tabs widget for Elementor, you easily filter data by products, pages, categories, and posts and even set character limit for content to display, making it a seamless experience for your visitors to find what they need.

Showcase Your Products

Our Post Tabs widget lets you showcase related or best-selling WooCommerce products in a tabular layout, making it easier for visitors to explore and increasing the chances of purchasing. It's a powerful widget for engaging visitors and boosting sales.

Swift Street Motion

Effortlessly navigate city streets with our products.

Venom 20'' Pro Complete BMX - Matt Raw
Using their expertise and years in the business, Venom Bikes have created a high-quality...
Venom 20'' Complete BMX - Matte Black
The 20" Venom's frame geometry was improved over a year by Venom's team.
Venom 20'' Complete BMX - Blue
Venom's mission as a company has always been to make durable, high-quality bicycles...
United Recruit JR 20'' Complete BMX - Aqua
Top Tube Length: 20": 1020 Hi-Ten, Welded Brake Mounts, 1 1/8" Head Tube, Mid Bb,...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Post Tabs in Elementor?

Post Tabs in Elementor is a helpful widget that allows you to display various content types on a single page in a tabbed layout. This allows visitors to easily navigate different types of information by simply clicking on the tabs without leaving the current page.

Can I create vertical tabs in Elementor?

Yes, our Post Tabs widget allows you to create vertical tabs for displaying different types of content to your visitors, enhancing the overall browsing experience.

How can I create a list of Posts with a tab layout in Elementor?

With our Post Tabs for Elementor widget, you can create a filtered list of posts based on title, date, author, post id, etc. You also have the flexibility to sort them in ascending or descending order, making it simple to organize and present your content as you see fit for your visitors.

What layout options are available in the Post Tabs widget?

The available layout options for our Post Tabs widget include Horizontal Tabs, displayed horizontally at the top of the content area, and Vertical Tabs, displayed vertically on the left side of the content area.

Can I show or hide Meta Data in the Post Tabs widget?

Yes, using our Post Tabs widget for Elementor, you have the flexibility to customize the content display by showing or hiding elements like images, titles, dates, content, buttons, and more within each tab item.