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Post Tiles Widget for Elementor

The post tiles widget lets you display posts in a cool and unique way inside of your Elementor page.

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Advanced Post Selection
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Infinite Scroll
Ajax Pagination
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Post Tiles With Pagination

A great way to showcase posts in an tile format.

Rice Pudding
Rice pudding is a rice dish with water or milk added to it, as well as...
Pina Colada
A mythical mix of rum and cream, pineapple juice, coconut milk, and guava...
The national beverage of Brazil, originally created as a treatment for...
Vanilla Ice Cream
Put whipping cream, sugar and salt into a pot over medium heat. Stir until...
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Post Tiles With Load More Button

Tesla on autopilot slams into Florida police car
The report said the 27-year-old man in the Tesla and the driver of the...
Apple Car Could Be Introduced Later This Year
Amidst all the rumors that have surfaced, there are some that believe that...
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Advanced Post Selection

Advanced Post Selection

Our advanced post query options will give you full control to filter your posts exactly the way you want.

Post Tiles With Infinite Scroll

Three Women Go on Girls' Roadtrip
The three friends had been planning the girls’ roadtrip for months, and...
Why Mother Nature Doesn’t Love You
It may seem like Mother Nature loves you back with her beauty and bounty,...
Forest Service Removes Sun Valley Trees
Bald Mountain is the economic driver for the Wood River Valley, drawing...
What To Shop From Tanya Compas
From stylists and photographers to dancers and creatives, Compas worked...
Designer Sami Miro Is Challenging Fashion
From Gucci to Burberry, heritage fashion houses have made a conscious effort...
Big Light On Ocean Nutrients
As the world warms, sweeping changes in marine nutrients seem like an expected...
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