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Present Data Elegantly and Effectively with Charts & Graphs Widget for Elementor

Using data to back-up your articles is one of the greatest way to bring more legitimacy and trustworthiness to your content. But no one wants to consume plain boring data: it’s hard to follow, almost impossible to remember and most importantly, it’s whatever information you present through charts or graphs is more likely to stay with your readers for a long time. Charts and graphs are great for making the data easy to digest and they leave a lasting impact on the reader. With Unlimited Elements Charts & Graphs Widget you can use multiple types of charts to get the point across. There are 6 types of charts and graphs you can choose from :


  1. Line Chart use linear scales and can track changes in data using two variables. You can use them to track changes over a period of time or track changes over the same period of time with more than one group.
  2. Bar Chart presents numerical values of variables with rectangular bars that can be lengthened and heightened according to data. They can be presented horizontally and vertically.
  3. Radar Chart is two dimensional and can include three or more quantitative variables that are represented on the axes from the same starting point.
  4. Doughnut Chart represents “part-to-whole” relationships and taken together, the donut represents 100%. These charts are best used to display small number of categories
  5. Pie Chart displays data in a circular graphs where the entire “pie” represents 100% and pieces within represent the portions of the whole.
  6. Polar Chart displays informations as polar coordinates on a circular charts. On a Polar Chart  values and angles are presented as polar coordinates. 

Improve and Accelerate the Decision-Making Process

Using Unlimited Element Charts and Graphs Widget makes the decision-making process for your readers much easier. Since complex information is best digested when you can provide a visual representation and make it as simple as possible, using graphs can help you get the point across much faster and your readers will be able to see the benefits of using your product, or whatever point you might be trying to make by using data much easier. 

Summarize a Large Quantity of Data

Having a big dataset to back up your claims is a great advantage. It gives you and your website more legitimacy and makes your website look more appealing to your users. Sadly, most users don’t care about going into too much detail or learning more than they need to to make the decision. Unlimited Elements Graphs and Charts can hep you present the core findings of your data in a concise, visually pleasing way that the readers will actually be interested in learning about. 

Visualize Your Data With A Beautiful Visual Presentation

Let’s not forget about the obvious visual advantage of using charts and graphs on your website. You can increase the chances of having a real impact on your readers with your data by using beautiful visuals that are easy to look at instead of trying to give them direct numbers. Using just numbers without visual representation is difficult to follow. On the other hand, visualising the findings of your data through beautiful visuals is both easier to understand and looks more appealing to the readers. This is why using the beautiful visuals provided by Unlimited Elements Graphs and Charts is a great way to increase the impact and readability of your data. 

Make your designs more attractive and easier to understand

Besides the fact that charts do a better job of presenting your data in a more engaging format, there is also an obvious visual advantage to using graphs and charts on your website instead of hard numbers.  They can be customised to fit your specific web design and create a more cohesive look to your page overall. With our Elementor Charts and Graphs Widget your webpage will look more professional and put-together while also highlighting the important data in the most effective way.

Learn more by visiting our full documentation.

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