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Pricing table widgets for Elementor

We all know that selling products online is an art, because in the online world customers have more options to choose from compared to real-life customers. If you don’t make things simple for them to understand you may end up losing them.I

In the online world people tend to compare things and when you put you’r offer in a pricing table it makes it easier for them to compare and make a decision.

Why use pricing tables?

If you sell different tiers of your service or products pricing tables make it easier to organize them in a formatted way. They clearly show which features or services the customer will get at what price point. As stated above it makes it easier for your customers to compare not only between your features but also to compare with your competitors.

They can easily find out why they should choose your product or service and this clarity will lead to more sales. There is a physiological aspect of using a pricing table when you show three diffrent tiers of pricing.  Most customers tend to go for the middle tier price, hence increasing you’r revenue.

Using pricing table widgets in Elementor

Well, when you are using WordPress, there are a number of plugins that you can use for creating your pricing tables, but when it comes to using it with Elementor page builder you need to choose them wisely.

Most of them will have their own interface and you have to use some shortcode to show them inside of Elementor. Moreover they also may not be fully compatible with Elementor, so in that case you should consider using Elementor supported widgets.

Why choose Unlimited Elements pricing table widgets

If you are using Elementor pro then you should have a pricing table widget there, while it’s a very flexible widget in terms of editing but you only have one design template to play with.

Now when it comes to unlimited elements you have +20 pre-designed pricing table widgets (free and paid) to choose from. Each pricing table widgets is very flexible in terms of editing and styling.

As with all the widgets in unlimited elements, you can edit the code as well but you should consider this option only if you are familiar with HTML and CSS.

In case you find any pricing table design on Codepen which you like you can also easily turn that into a dynamic pricing table widget 100% compatible with Elementor using unlimited elements widget creator.

Overview of the pricing table widget

Once you install Unlimited Elements plugin go to the Widgets for Elementor section where you will find a massive list of widgets, they are not installed until you decide to install them on your server by hovering over them and clicking install.

Now on the left panel look for pricing table category or search from the top. If you are using the pro plan you can get access to all the designs. To install any widget just hover over, from there you can see the preview or can install as well.

Once you have the pricing table widget installed just head over to your Elementor editor and scroll down to the pricing table section or you can search by the widget name as well. Just drag the widget to your page and start editing it’s that simple.

Now to edit the code of the widget  (for advanced editing), select the widget and click on Edit Widget Html button on the left panel, it will take you to the widget editor panel.


In order to make your pricing table effective, you need to study your competition and what they are doing and offering, only then you can offer something even better to attract new customers. So don’t let this opportunity go by, use your pricing tables wisely.

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