Tile Grid Image Gallery

Slider Gallery Widget for Elementor

Beautifully Designed, Powerful, and easy to Customize Slider Gallery for Elementor.

The Best Video & Image Slider Gallery

Draw attention to your photos, videos and products in a beautiful image or video slider gallery. Choose your slide transition speed and transition style.

Multi Source Image & Video Slider Gallery

A gallery with unlimited possibilities. Populate your gallery items using different source types to suit your website building needs.

Slider Gallery Settings

An easy-to-use Elementor slider gallery widget, with advanced customization settings.

WordPress Posts Slider Gallery

Use the slider gallery to display your WordPress posts with Advanced Post Selection to showcase the exact posts you want to output on your page. Include filters to let users filter the posts directly on the page. 


WooCommerce Products Gallery

Easily present WooCommerce product images in a beautiful slider gallery. Output your WooCommcerce products using the Advanced Product Selection options.

Image & Video Slider Gallery

Create galleries driven by images and videos from multiples sources in one easy to use gallery.

Text Panel and Progress Bar

Set With Bullets

Style With Arrows and Zoom

Customize Gallery Colors & Layout Settings

Modify the styles to match your site’s look and feel.

Instagram Gallery

Post Slider Gallery & Tab Filters

Men 115
Women 99
Widgets used in the section above: Tabs Filter, Slider Gallery

Remote Controls

Connect the Slider Gallery to Remote Control Widgets to create advanced layouts with unlimited possibilities.


Use Remote and Sync Options

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Bullets, Slider Gallery, Remote Counter, Remote Arrows

Slider Gallery Layout

A set of layout options to add the exact functionality you need for your website.

Multi Source Image & Video Slider Gallery

Image Gallery

Use the regular Elementor gallery field to upload and organize media files on your page.

Video & Image

Create mixed content galleries using both images and videos together in one gallery.


Populate your gallery with Woocommerce products from your WordPress website.


Connect to instagrams API and showcase images from your Instagram profile in the gallery.

WordPress Posts

Show WordPress posts, pages or CPT's featured images inside of the gallery widget.

Meta Field

Use a current post meta field to populate your gallery with items. For example: ACF gallery field.

Sync Widgets

Create advanced layouts by syncing two or more item based widgets.

Slider Gallery with Hotspots

Sync two widgets together.

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