UE Snow Background

Snow Background Widget for Elementor

Add stunning Snow background effects to your Elementor pages in a matter of seconds, allowing you to make your section’s background pop in a few clicks.

Customization Options
The Snow Background widget is customizable with many options to create a amazing snow background that suits your Elementor page the best.

Creative Snow Effects

Greet your visitors with a snow effect in the Christmas Season.

Hover and Click Effects

Interactive hover and click effects allows visitors to mouse interact with snow balls.

Highlighted Features

Flexible. Lightweight. Intutive.

Highly Customizable

Wide range of customization options to create amazing snow effects.


 Lightweight code to reduce loading time in both, front-end and back-end.

Easy to Use

Easily achieve advanced snow effects in just a couple of clicks without coding.

Stunning Design

Create a stunning interactive Snow Background effect on your Elementor website.

Grab Visitor's Attentions

Set as Foreground

Use the snow effect as a foreground.

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Full Control for Snow Speed