The JLX 2WD AUTO is a versatile and user-friendly SUV that combines the convenience of automatic transmission with the practicality of a 2-wheel drive system. This variant caters to drivers seeking a seamless and effortless driving experience. With its automatic gearbox, the JLX 2WD AUTO ensures smooth gear shifts and a relaxed driving experience, making […]


The JX MANUAL is a dynamic and engaging vehicle that offers the thrill of manual transmission combined with the versatility of the JX model. This variant caters to drivers who appreciate the hands-on control and immersive driving experience that manual transmission provides. With its manual gearbox, gear shifts can be executed with precision, allowing the […]


The GL MANUAL is a driver-centric car that offers the thrill and engagement of manual transmission combined with the practicality and features of the GL model. This variant is designed for driving enthusiasts who enjoy the hands-on control and precise gear shifts that a manual gearbox provides. With the GL MANUAL, drivers have the freedom […]