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The Best WooCommerce Widgets for Elementor

Table of Contents

Elementor WooCommerce Widgets

We all know about the WooCommerce Plugin for WordPress, which is used to create e-commerce websites. But the problem is that it has very limited options for customization and very basic options to style it, which results in very basic WooCommerce websites. So it is important to have some customizable widgets to make your web design stand apart and enhance the look of your WooCommerce website.

Unlimited Elements provides you with a number of WooCommerce Widgets that help you cover almost every aspect of customization and styling of your WooCommerce website.

We will now take a brief look at each widget and explain the basic functions and options of each widget.

Elementor WooCommerce Product List

One of the main things in any e-commerce website is how you present your products to the customers. By using this widget, you can display your products with a very unique look and feel through beautiful layouts. 

Product List widget provides you an option to show products as a list. You can display your product in a customized list layout along with product image, title, description, pricing, sales badge, and buttons. It gives you the ability to change the text of the product page button and cart button. 

Along with cool styling options for each part, you have the ability to hide or show options like price, image, sale badge, etc.  

Check out WooCommerce Product List demo page to get an idea about designs you can create using WooCommerce Product List widget.

Features of Product List Widget:

  • Customize Product image size 
  • Show/Hide Title, Category, Description, Regular Price, Sale Price, Image, & Rating
  • Change layout on mobile
  • Custom breakpoint for mobile layout
  • Grid – number of columns and gap between columns 
  • Buttons customization – custom text, position, icon
  • Sale badge – Enable/Disable badge, Custom text and Position
  • Advanced filtering

Visit demo page of  WooCommerce List Widget

Elementor WooCommerce Product Grid

Sometimes we need to display a special category of products in a grid format on our WooCommerce website like products on sale, most popular products, recently viewed products, etc. This can be a challenging task but not with our WooCommerce Product Grid Widget. You can easily achieve this with this widget in no time. 

The WooCommerce Product Grid helps you to display your WooCommerce Products on Elementor Page in a Grid layout with plenty of custom styling options. With the help of this Widget, you can create different product grid layouts by choosing one of the predefined layout options.

Features of Product Grid Widget:

  • Multiple layouts style options
  • Grid – number of columns and gap between columns
  • Custom text option for buttons
  • Enable/disable Cart, Product page button, Quantity Increment Button
  • Sale badge – Enable/Disable badge, Custom text and Position
  • Advanced product queries using custom and manual terms

View demo page of WooCommerce Product Grid

Elementor WooCommerce Product Carousel

The WooCommerce Product Carousel helps you to showcase your WooCommerce products in a carousel format on any Elementor Page. With the help of this widget, you can show a huge number of products in a neat and tidy way into a small section, it makes your website much more professional and clean. 

You can choose any of the given layout options to display your products in an interactive carousel with customized product images alongwith functionality like autoplay and loop display. You can also display sale labels with customized text, positioning, and sale percentage. It is also bundled with advanced options like enabling remote connection and product queries. 

Features of Product Carousel Widget:

  • Multiple layout options with autoplay and loop
  • Buttons with customizable text
  • Sale label with the percentage 
  • Remote connection functionality for other widgets
  • Posts pagination using Pagination Widget

View demo page of WooCommerce Product Carousel

Elementor WooCommerce Category Carousel

In general, we organize our products in categories for easy categorization. But apart from categorizing the products, we also need a means to show them in an interactive way so that visitors can find them readily. This is why we need to use a Category Carousel to display the product categories.

Fortunately, there is a WooCommerce Category Carousel that helps you display product categories in a sliding fashion by filtering them into specific categories, so that customers can easily navigate to the product they are searching for. You can also customize your product category images, name, description, and button to suit your needs.

Features of Category Carousel Widget:

  • Multiple layout options with ordering settings
  • Post selection queries with advanced options
  • Autoplay with transition speed and interval settings
  • Navigation arrows with customizable stylings.
  • Remote connection functionality for other widgets

View Demo Page of WooCommerce Category Carousel

Elementor WooCommerce Product Slider

Your visitor might end up browsing multiple pages to find what they want if you have a large product catalog. There are many ways to handle this problem, and WooCommerce Product Slider is one of the most effective. 

WooCommerce product slider lets you showcase your WooCommerce products on any Elementor page with plenty of styling options. The product query options let you easily filter the products you want to show in your WooCommerce Elementor site.

 Features of Product Slider:

  • Multiple layout options with ordering settings
  • Post selection queries with advanced options
  • Autoplay with transition speed and interval settings
  • Navigation arrows with customizable stylings.
  • Remote connection functionality for other widgets

View Demo Page of WooCommerce Product Slider

Elementor WooCommerce Category Grid

WooCommerce category grid widget allows you to display WooCommerce categories in a responsive grid layout on any Elementor page on your WooCommerce website. This feature makes it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for. You can use this widget to display the product categories in grid format in just a few minutes by choosing from the available layout options.

 Features of Category Grid:

  • Post selection queries with advanced options
  • Order items with various meta options and set order direction
  • Different layout options with the option to set the number of items in a row and grid gap
  • Show/Hide Title, Description, and Button with the customizable button text

 View Demo Page of WooCommerce Category Grid

Product Filters

The product widgets can be used together with several different AJAX filters. Currently, you can connect your product widgets to 3 different types of filters and more are coming soon: 

  1. Post Pagination 
  2. Tabs Filter 
  3. Load More / Infinite Scroll 

This unique approach of separating the widgets and allowing to connect between them gives users ultimate flexibility over layout and design.

Advanced Product Selection

All Unlimited Elements product widgets come with advanced product selection which is the most extensive set of options that will allow you to query and present the exact products you want on every page. To learn more about the different options visit the link in our website.

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