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Top 5 Trending Elementor Widgets – August 2019

Welcome to Augusts trending top 5 widgets for Elementor page builder. Every month we take statistics from our widget library from all of our users and share with you what are the 5 most popular widgets in the current month.

Number 5: Gradient Button

Every one knows that gradient web designs are super trendy, so we guess thats the reason why our gradient button is one of the most popular widgets this month. It very easy and straight forward to use and it might look simple at first but small changes like this one and attention to detail are what make the difference from a copycat design to a unique one. 

Number 4: Dark Playlists

I was kind of surprised to see a playlist widget in our top 5. I guess the reason for that might be because we Unlimited Elements is the only solution for adding playlists as a native Elementor widget to to music pages. The playlists has these functions: Play, Stop, Skip, Random, Loop, Volume and Track Navigator.

Number 3: Clean Testimonial Carousel

Almost every website uses reviews and testimonials to add social proof for visitors. Number 3 in our trending widgets is this carousel which is very easy to customize and use. What is nice about carousels is that they can hold any amount of items without cluttering the page and they are easy to navigate on desktop and mobile devices.

Number 2: Alternating Post Grid

This widget can be found in the post grid category. Post grids can be used to show latest news or posts on a home page or any other page and can also be used to create archive templates using Elementors theme builder.

Number 1: Icon Image Content Box

Our most popular widget category is content boxes. Everyone wants to make there content look unique by adding custom hover effects and layouts to there content. With our content boxes you can achieve unique professional layouts in seconds. So what are you waiting for? Start Creating!

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