Essential Yoga Poses

Master Four Essential Asanas

young-woman-utthan-pristhasana-pose-grey-studio-background (1)

Utthan pristhasana is a great way to practice steady and full breathing and being present in the body, allowing the pose to slowly do its work.

young-woman-padmasana-pose-grey-studio-background (1)

This great yoga pose reates an essential foundation for meditation practice, while stretching the front of the thighs and ankles.

young-woman-ardha-matsyendrasana-pose-grey-studio-background (1)

The matsyendrasana perfect yoga pose will energizes the spine and stimulates proper digestion while improving posture and body awareness.

young-woman-utthita-parsvakonasana-pose-grey-studio-background (1)

Extended Side Angle Pose improves balance, boosts energy and fights fatigue; it may help build confidence and empowerment.