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Unlimited Timeline Widget for Elementor

Showcase stories, company history, events or anything you can think of in a responsive timeline layout. Create beautiful interactive timelines with just a few clicks in minutes.

Why Should You Use Timeline Widget?

Capture Visitors' Attention and Boost Engagement

With this widget, you will be able to create captivating timelines that grab visitors' attention. Showcase key events using a compact and easily understandable layout. Add compelling animations to your timelines as visitors scroll through.

Create Stunning Timelines in Chronological Order

Create stylish and informative timelines with our widget, showcasing your company's milestones, stories, and achievements chronologically. Personalize each event by adding content, custom icons, and images for added meaning and visual appeal.

Elevate Visual Storytelling of Your Journey

With the Unlimited Timeline widget, showcase your key milestones in a timeline layout. Anything from historical events, step-by-step guides, roadmaps, and business achievements. This widget allows you to create interactive and engaging timelines quickly.

The History of Apples Logo


In 1977, Rob Janoff, a graphic designer, created the iconic rainbow-striped Apple logo. The rainbow colors symbolized the diversity and creativity of Apple's products.


One of the biggest challenges that Jobs faced was to revamp the company’s image, starting from its logo. Changed the previous rainbow logo into translucent sky blue to fit the first iMac. 


In 2000, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company underwent a rebranding, and the rainbow logo was replaced with a monochromatic version


Apple released Cheetah, a MacOS 10.1, in 2001 with the aqua Apple logo, along with popular products such as the iPod, iTunes, and more. It was a revolutionary year for the brand as many of its products were popular and helped Apple to earn record profits.


Apple veered away from its glass-themed logo and went with a simple and flat design, keeping the design straightforward while complementing its products.


Timeline Settings

The Timeline Widget’s settings in Elementor empower you to craft a seamless narrative flow. Customize your timeline with a variety of layout options, animation effects, and color schemes to match your unique style. Easily control the direction and alignment of your timeline to create a visually engaging and user-friendly experience.

See My Story

Kate Shortman
Roger Federer
Kate Shortman's start of trainings
Kate Shortman started her training when she was 8 years
First stepping onto the podium
First stepping onto the podium with Bristol Central for Team Free gold
Junior European Championship in London
Her Championship debut in 2016 after winning Solo and Duet gold as well
First World Championship final in Budapest
Shortman also competed at her first European Championships in 2016, finishing
Second senior European Championships
At her second senior European Championships in 2018, Shortman finished
First individual FINA World Series medal
The 2019 season brought Shortman her first individual FINA World Series
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Timeline Layout

The Timeline Widget for Elementor provides the ability to easily change the layout of the items in the list. Customize the styling of each item in the list for maximum flexibility with your design. You can effortlessly fine-tune every aspect to create a polished and captivating timeline presentation.

Our Weekly Progress

Product Release 2.1
Conceptualization and Planning

Define the Elementor widget's purpose, features, and target audience. Create a comprehensive plan outlining design, functionality, and potential integration points to ensure a clear roadmap for development.

Product Release 2.2
Widget Development and Testing

Begin coding the Elementor widget based on the planned specifications. Regularly test the widget's functionality, compatibility, and responsiveness across various devices and Elementor versions to ensure a seamless user experience.

Product Release 2.3
Optimization and Release

Refine the widget's performance, addressing any bugs or performance issues identified during testing. Create thorough documentation and support resources. Finally, release the Elementor widget, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards and provides a valuable addition to the WordPress plugin ecosystem.


Timeline Styles

Modify the colors and fonts to match your site’s look and feel through the Elementor live page builder interface. Customize every single detail to perfectly blend with your website design.

Marketing Timeline

Unlimited Charts
Publish new blog post on company website
Send email newsletter to subscriber list
Group of Asia young creative people in smart casual wear discuss
Attend industry trade showcase products
Team of colleagues using building model for inspiration to design construction layout
Release promotional video on YouTube and Facebook

Filters & Tools

Make your Timeline Widget more user friendly by seamlessly adding filters and advanced tools. This is the perfect way to ensure an optimal experience for all of your website visitors. 

Our Bands Story


South Korean boy band formed in 2013 by Big Hit Entertainment . The group consists of seven members: RM (leader), Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

Popularity in Korea

BTS continued to release albums and gained popularity in South Korea, but it was their focus on social media and direct engagement with fans that played a significant role in their global rise. T

International successes

The turning point for BTS's international success came in 2017 with their release of "Love Yourself: Her" and the lead single "DNA."

Win a Billboard Music Award

in this year they became the first Korean group to perform at the Grammys. Here are more selected highlights from BTS’ momentous year in 2020.

Last Album
Their last album Proof was released on 10 June 2022, after which BTS decided to take a hiatus from working together.

Source Types

Fully integrated with dynamic source types that will supercharge your workflow. Use any of the available source types to populate the content in your widget.

Wedding Schedule

Get Ready

Get hear and makeup, dress & suits


Group photos with the bride and groom, take place in "New House"


The Winsdor Ballroms, 1170 Rue Peel , Monreal , Canada

Reception & Dance

Dinner will be in the Richmond Bistro 

Widget Sync

Synchronize between two or more item-based widgets to create advanced layouts on your Elementor website. Expand your design possibilities and captivate your audience with interactive timelines that showcase your story in an interesting way.

Conference Event Schedule

11:00 am

Check-in and pick up you welcome packet.

13:00 pm

Welcome to the main conference room were we meet all the participants.

Guest Speaker
13:30 pm

Learn about trends from three innovative leaders.

15:30 pm

Make your way to outside for some light refreshment.

Main Speakers
16:00 pm

Learn about the future of the industry from our SEO experts.

18:00 pm

Dine with the rest of the company after the final speakers.

Entrance Sequence Animation

Add an animated entrance effect to the list of items to make them gradually animate in a sequence onto the page. 

After stealing $40,000 from a client of her Phoenix employer, the secretary runs away and checks into...
The Godfather
Michael Corleone, the youngest son of mafia boss Don Vito Corleone, is being trained to take over the...
The Exorcist
A woman goes to two priests for help when her daughter, a teenager, becomes possessed by an invisible...
A local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old sailor band together to track down and kill a killer...
Taxi Driver
New York City’s extravagance and depravity inspire a mentally ill soldier who works as a nocturnal...
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Discover Our Timeline Widget Uses

Project Milestones

Display the progression of your project's key milestones over time, helping visitors understand your achievements and project's evolution.

Company History

Showcase your company's journey from inception to present day, engaging users with a visually appealing timeline of major events and achievements.

Event Schedule

Provide attendees with a clear schedule of upcoming events, sessions, and activities in a user-friendly format, enhancing their event experience.

Biography Timeline

Create a captivating timeline of a person's life or career, allowing users to explore key moments and accomplishments chronologically.

Product Evolution

Illustrate the evolution of your product line, highlighting version releases, feature additions, and improvements to demonstrate its growth.

Educational Progression

Guide students through a structured learning path or course curriculum, helping them track their progress and navigate their educational journey effectively.

Meet Our Team

Our team workers are the heart and soul of our organization.

Libby Hawkins

She likes to play tennis and knows 2 languages.

Ameera Moody

She likes to play smart games and run 5 km every morning.

Duncan Tanner

He loves to play basketball and goes twice a week to the gym.

Saira Hubbard

She likes to listen to rock music and goes to music festivals.

Remi Oneal

He likes to play football and goes twice a week to the gym.

Oliwia Harding

She likes to go to the library and plays songs with the piano.

Ben Ford

He likes to go to the swimming pool and twice a week go to gym

Liyana Boyer

She likes to play computer games and listen to pop music.

Kara Sparks

She likes to dance to ballet music and go to gym.

Dawid Matthews

He likes to visit exotic countries and study new languages.

1 2
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Instagram Popularity


Mike and Kevin lauching the app


Instagram secured 1 million active users


Instagram hit 50 million active monthly users


In this year join more than 150 million users


Instagram apliccation crossed 300 million active users


400 mililon people were on Instagram


Instagram had 600 million users until year end


Instagram active users reached to 700 milion


What Makes The Timeline Widget Special?

Build Flexible Timelines

Unleash your creative vision with a wide range of options to construct captivating timelines. With features like “Alternating” and “Direction” control, you have full control over the layout of your timeline. Additionally, you can customize the content with images, headings, text, and buttons.

Add Life With Animations

Add stunning animations to timelines with our easy-to-customize built-in options. Choose from over seven animation styles to easily add motion effects. Adjust the animation duration and step, and determine the order in which items animate on the timeline as visitors scroll.

Display Posts & Filters

With the Unlimited Timeline Widget, you can use any content source, like custom post types, for displaying content,, and you can use post queries to filter and order the content. This flexibility empowers you to showcase exactly what you want, precisely where you want it.

Style Every Element to Perfection

Gain unlimited control over the styling of each item in your timelines. Customize the appearance of icons, images, pointers, text, headings, and more to craft a timeline that truly reflects your brand story. Moreover, you can personalize the “Active Item” by customizing its style.

Combine With Other Widgets

The Unlimited Timeline Widget is free; you can unlock even more advanced options by combining them with widgets available in the Pro version. Integrate with the Tabs Filter widget, enabling you to build interactive timelines with parallel tabs. This widget also works great with Search Filter and Post Carousel.

Dynamic Content Sources

You get complete control over what you choose to display. Enjoy maximum flexibility by selecting any content source to showcase in the timeline. Whether it's WordPress Posts, Custom Post Types, uploading via a JSON or CSV file, or adding content manually, the choice is yours.

Olimpic Games

North America
spencer-davis-ilQmlVIMN4c-unsplash (1)
Population 167,479
The Athens Olympic Games of 1896, officially known as the Games of the I Olympiad, were the first modern...
alexander-kagan-t9Td0zfDTwI-unsplash (1)
Population 2,714,068
The 1900 Paris Olympics were unique in several ways. Firstly, they were not organized as a standalone...
Population 575,000
St. Louis
The 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis, Missouri, marked the third edition of the modern Olympic Games....
Population 7.2 million
The 1908 Olympic Games in London marked the fourth edition of the modern Olympics. Originally scheduled...
Population 618,000
The 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm marked the fifth edition of the modern Olympics. Stockholm became...
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Mother's Day Activities

Join us as we celebrate the nurturing love that knows no bounds.

Homemade Breakfast

Let the moms sleep in a while and then make for them pancakes or some other delicious.

They provide a fantastic opportunity to kickstart your day with wholesome and flavorsome dishes.

Relaxing Spa

Relaxing at a spa is a wonderful way to unwind, de-stress, and take care of your well-being. Embrace the tranquility of the spa by turning off your phone or putting it on silent mode.

Movie Nigth Out

Have a great time and enjoy the shared experience of watching a movie together on the big screenAfter the movie, take some time to discuss your thoughts and opinions with your companions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Unlimited Timeline Widget?

The Unlimited Timeline Widget is a free widget available to use with the Unlimited Elements plugin. It adds a new timeline widget that you can use on any WordPress website using Elementor. It allows you to create and customize timelines on your website. It provides a user-friendly interface and a range of features to help you build attractive timelines to showcase various types of information, including your journey, product roadmap, key milestones, history, and more.

Can I customize the appearance of the Timelines created with the widget?

Yes, the Unlimited Timeline Widget offers extensive customization options. You can personalize the colors, fonts, icons, backgrounds, text, and more to match your brand or website design.

Are there pre-designed templates available for the Timelines?

Yes, the widget offers a pre-designed template. This template serves as a starting point, allowing you to quickly create professional-looking timelines that can be further customized.

Can I add interactive elements or animations to the Timelines?

Yes, the widget supports interactive elements and animations. You have the ability to style the “Active Item” and add icons and CTAs. Animations can be applied on Timelines that come into effect as the user scrolls through.

Is there a limit to the number of events or milestones that I can include in a Timeline?

No, there is no limit on the number of events or milestones you can include in a timeline created using the Unlimited Timeline Widget. You can add as many events or milestones as you need.

Can I import data from external sources to populate the Timeline?

Yes, the widget enables you to import data from external sources such as CSV or JSON files. This saves time by automatically populating the timeline with your desired content.

How do I embed a Timeline in WordPress using the Unlimited Timeline Widget?

To embed a timeline created with the Unlimited Timeline Widget into WordPress, make sure you have the Unlimited Elements plugin installed and the Unlimited Timeline widget activated. Next, you can edit any page or post with Elementor and add the “Unlimited Timeline” widget to start building your timeline.