vCard Widget for Elementor

The vCard enables you to send contact information in a format that can be easily read in other e-mail programs and phones for users to download contact information quickly and easily.

vCard Settings

With the vCard widget for elementor, you can easily create an attractive and fully customizable vCard to share your contact information with your website visitors. This widget also allows you to include a vCard button or QR Code that links directly to your personalized vCard.

vCard Widget Demo

Clicking the button will allow you to save all their details – on your phone.

Naomi Joe Caspith
Alexandra Mondelovich
Renee Nackaia
Product manager

vCard Details

The people behind the scenes

vCard Button

With just a single click, your website visitors can now conveniently save vital contact info from your site with the vCard button. This remarkable tool simplifies their journey and makes it easier for them to remember all the important details about you!

Meet Our Winning Team

Clicking the button and all the details are on your phone

jimmy-fermin-bqe0J0b26RQ-unsplash (1)
Michael Pirest
- Graphic designer-
Dana Weiss
- producer -
Dana Weiss
- producer -
Dana Weiss
- producer -

vCard QR Code

To make sure your visitors get the most comfortable experience, our vCard widget gives them a QR code to scan with their mobile phones. This way, viewing and saving your contact details is fast and effortless for everyone no matter what device they’re using.

vCard Widget for Elementor

Download contact information quickly and easily.


Jenis Frois

Come and get to know romantic Paris. Every day we will go on a 4-hour tour around Paris. We will visit the Eiffel Tower, go to museums, sail on the Seine and eat in the best restaurants.

Sylvia Aptol

Come and get to know beautiful London.Every day we will go on a 4-hour long tour around London. We will visit the Queen’s Palace and hear interesting stories. We will reach the beautiful parks and finally we will also go up on the giant wheel for a beautiful view of the whole city.
Pretty smiling joyfully female with fair hair, dressed casually, looking with satisfaction at camera, being happy. Studio shot of good-looking beautiful woman isolated against blank studio wall.

Megan Batias

Come and get to know New York, the non-stop city. Every day we will go on a 4-hour long tour around New York. We will hear all the interesting stories about the city. We will visit the cool alleys, we will reach the streets with the best shopping and we will see where you should eat the best burger in town.

Contact Buttons

The vCard widget makes creating a digital business card effortless with its contact buttons. You can easily link these to your contact information or even create custom links to your social media accounts.

vCard Widget Demo

Michael Pirest

Gloria Fox

Widget Styling

With the Elementor live page builder interface, you can effortlessly adjust the colors and fonts of your vCard widget to complement your website’s aesthetic. Tweak each component until it is seamlessly integrated with your webpage design project.