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Version Update 1.4.66

Here is the list of features and updates we have cooked up for you in our last release.

Feature: added “box shadow” attribute type
Now you can add a box shadow setting to your custom made widgets. We will also go over all our predefined widgets and add a box shadow setting wherever it is needed.

Feature: added url_posts and num_posts to users output
In the author list attribute you have now the option to show the number of posts or link to the author page.

Feature: added option for selector 2 and selector 3 in several attributes
Now you can add two seperate selectors for certain attributes like the color attributes and that way you can target two seperate elements inside of the html.

Feature: added copy / paste attributes sections in widget editor
Now you can copy and paste full attribute sections from one widget to another to save you time creating widgets.

Feature: added option for get default object to getListingItemData function

Feature: added support for wpml site language inside a widget
We added the functions to let you translate strings inside of the widget creator framework. That way you can set a string per language.

Feature: added acf image and thumbnails widths and heights to placeholders list
Added some of the missing attributes that came with acf image fields.

Feature: updated codemirror to latest version, added code search feature
Now you can search inside of the widget creator code parts for strings, this is super helpful when developing instead of using the browser search functions.

Fix: load js include file in editor even if no js code
Fix: fixed some php notice with exclude terms posts selection
Fix: fixed small bug in getListingItemData function with no object returned
Fix: fixed post selection manual select no posts shown at init
Fix: fixed bug when private posts not fetched on manual posts selection
Change: updated freemius sdk to 2.4.2 

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