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Coupon & Discount Code Reveal Button Widget for Elementor

You can generate a reveal coupon button for your pages with a simple Elementor widget called “Copy Coupon Code”. Simply input the phrase of your button, the text you want to reveal, and the URL – and our easy to use widget will produce a reveal button for you to use on your Elementor website. 

Create coupons that fit your business model

The Copy Coupon Code Widget for Elementor widget makes it easy for users to save and use their promotional coupon codes.

With this Elementor widget, you can effortlessly convert more visitors into purchasers. Generate more leads, sales, or email subscribers by creating Elementor Coupons.


The Copy Coupon Code Widget allows to generate attractive, engaging, and highly-targeting discount code pop-ups. Via this widget, you can easily customize your discount pop-us.

What is amazing about the Copy Code Widget is that you can create coupon popups for various occasions. For example, use the coupon popups for website giveaways, promotions, and more. Boost sales with a coupon code. While using this widget you can find many styling options, that will help you always fit your business model. 

Styling Options

  • Height
  • Box Shadow
  • Border Radius
  • Alignment
  • Border

Use the Copy Coupon Code widget in an Elementor Popup

Popups are one of the most effective digital marketing tools. With a properly generated popup, you can attract more users and engage your customers for further actions. 



Generate Coupon Popups just using the Elementor Copy Coupon Code widget. The widget allows you to fully customize the coupon widget to fit your brand design and website’s interface. Add as many coupons as you need with this widget there are no limits. Use the layout options and make your experience with this widget more unchallenging. 


Coupons are a proven strategy to drive sales. And popups are one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. Now, combine both advantageous tools, and imagine the advantage they will bring to your business. That is why the Coupon Code widget is a must-have for your former marketing strategies. Hence bring more user traffic, boost more purchasers, and encourage your website visitors to become your customers. Activate this widget, generate popup coupons, sit back and count your sales. 


Copy Coupon Code for Affiliate Websites

Most affiliate websites utilize coupon codes and discount codes to generate revenue. Offer to your loyal customers referral affiliate program links. The Copy Coupon Code includes the best coupon code for deals. Provide your users with the best customer experience. The Coupon Affiliates program is a very popular market strategy. This widget is a perfect fit for the people, who run coupon sites, where they are posting coupon codes or promo codes for different products. 


The Copy Coupon Code widget will help the users to build more organized affiliate programs. Make the whole process more unchallenging, help your affiliates to save all their coupon codes, and get more audience to purchase. Build Coupon CTA buttons with Affiliate Website URLs and that’s it your reveal coupon code is ready to bring more sales and advanced client experience. Make loyal customers. The Copy Coupon Code for Affiliate Websites will make your already existing clients come back for further purchases. 



Create Urgency Using the Copy Coupon Code widget together with a Countdown widget

Looking for an effective way of creating pressure to purchase? This widget provides a great way to grow your purchases. It is time to advance your website and bring it to a higher level. Create Copy Coupon Codes with an Urgent Use CTA to make the website visitors hurry in their further actions, and not miss the chance. 

What is amazing about the Copy Coupon WIdget is, that you can combine it with other Elementor widgets and create more and more powerful tools. This Elementor widget allows its users to additionally use the Countdown Widget. By mixing both the Timer Countdown widget and the Copy Coupon Code widget, as a result, you will have a powerful trade tool. 

The Timer Countdown Widget for Elementor widget allows its users to easily add attractive timer countdowns with various shape backgrounds to your website.

To Conclude...

It is time to make your audience more engaged, win their trust, and make customer loyalty. You can achieve all of these above-mentioned with the help of the Copy Coupon Code Widget for the Elementor widget.


Go ahead and Give It a Try!

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