Remote Control Widgets

Absolute Control Over Your Web Design

Create advanced flexible layouts with full design control.

Complete Design Freedom

Mastering Your Elementor Canvas

Take absolute control over every aspect of your web design, ensuring a tailored and distinctive appearance. Craft a compelling look for your online presence that captivates visitors.

Distinctive Layouts

Create Awesome Web Creations Beyond Limits

Craft unique and standout designs by seamlessly incorporating interactive remote control elements into your website, ensuring an engaging and memorable user experience.

Enhanced Navigation

Improve User Experience with Remote Widgets

Connect remote controls to your widgets for a more interactive user experience and improved navigation options, providing efficient and seamless website exploration.

Powerful Remote Widgets

Explore the versatility of the remote-control widgets.

Remote Tabs

Use tabs to easily switch between items. Build vertical or horizontal tab layouts, incorporating text or images for full control.

Remote Arrows

Enable effortless slide navigation, allowing flexibility to place arrows anywhere within your layout for complete design freedom.

Remote Bullets

Visual cues allow quick navigation between items, offering a snapshot of your current position for efficient browsing.

Remote Dropdown

Optimize space, simplify choices, and enhance user experience with a convenient dropdown menu for efficient navigation.

Remote Counter

Visually indicate the current position among total items, providing a clear reference for seamless navigation.

Remote Link

A simple link or button that, when clicked, triggers a specific item by index for straightforward navigation.

Remote Item Navigation

Similar to tabs but with expanded design options and the ability to connect items seamlessly using specific item IDs.

Remote Play / Pause Button

Control widgets utilizing autoplay, allowing users to start or stop items from autoplaying with precision and ease.

Remote Scroll

Trigger item-based widgets as users scroll down the page, delivering a dynamic and user-driven browsing experience.

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Crafting an Enhanced User Journey with Interactive Widgets


Pepsi. Diet Pepsi. Pepsi Zero Sugar. The gang’s all here. Compare flavors, get nutritional facts and check out ingredients for all our Pepsi products.

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Counter, Icon Carousel, Remote Arrows, Content Slider
Widgets used in the section above: Remote Item Navigation, Team Member Carousel, Remote Arrows

Places Of The World

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Counter, Icon Carousel, Unlimited Carousel, Remote Arrows

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Widgets used in the section above: Remote Item Navigation, Testimonial Carousel