Post Card Carousel

Post Carousel Widget for Elementor

The post carousel widget can be used to feature your posts next to each other in an interactive carousel.

Post Carousel Demo

Unlimited Possibilities

Widget Settings

Customize your post carousel widget to your Elementor websites specific needs.


Choose the layout that best suits your needs to create awesome blog teasers on your homepage.

Make it Unique

All the settings you need to make unique post carousels

Layout Options

You can turn on or off any part of the post slider to make it look exactly the way you want and suit your website needs.

Styling Options

Modify the colors to match your site’s look and feel.

Offset Post Carousel

Using stage padding and loop is off

Advanced Post Selection

Advanced Post Selection

Our advanced post query options will give you full control to filter your posts exactly the way you want.

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Counter, Post Carousel, Remote Arrows
Widgets used in the section above: Remote Arrows, Post Carousel

Show your Post Carousel with Filters

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Coats 6
Jeans 5
Shirts 5
Shoes 5
Widgets used in the section above: Remote Arrows, Post Carousel, Tabs Filter

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