Multi-Source Galleries

Dynamic Filterable Media Display

Create advanced galleries driven by multiple source types.

Multi-Source Galleries

Media Display & Layout

Show images and videos in a variety of interactive layouts including grids, carousels, sliders, and more.

Revolutionize Your Website With Multi-Source Galleries

Effortlessly enhance your galleries with fully integrated dynamic source types, supercharging your workflow for a more dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Image Gallery

Effortlessly manage and showcase media files on your page using the versatile Elementor gallery field, offering dynamic sources such as Woo Product Gallery and ACF Gallery Field.

Video & Image Gallery

Create captivating mixed content galleries by seamlessly combining images and videos, supporting YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and local host videos with other popular image files.

Instagram API

Connect to Instagram's API using the quick connect button to showcase images and reels videos from an Instagram profile directly in the gallery for a visually engaging experience.

WordPress Posts Gallery

Enable a seamless display of featured images in your WordPress Posts Gallery, allowing easy linking to posts. Enhance user experience with live filters for a dynamic and filterable gallery.

Woo Products Gallery

Effortlessly populate your gallery with WooCommerce products, linking to products, displaying small product descriptions, and adding live filters for easy navigation.

Meta Field

Dynamically populate your image gallery using a current post meta field, supporting dynamic sources like for example Woo Product Gallery and ACF Gallery Field.

Filterable Galleries​

Live Filters for Seamless Media Exploration

Improve your website search with AJAX filters for galleries! This tool helps visitors quickly find what they want in just a couple of clicks. Simplify their experience and make it easy to explore preferred images.

Sync Galleries

Enhance Your Media Gallery Showcase

Expand your gallery’s content display by effortlessly synchronizing multiple item-based widgets. This feature enables you to showcase more content alongside the selected media, enhancing the viewer’s experience with a seamlessly integrated and dynamic presentation.

Remote Control Widgets

Craft Customized Flexible Layouts

Elevate your website’s visual appeal effortlessly by utilizing remote control widgets, complete with unique arrows, bullets, and more. Create distinctive and attention-grabbing gallery layouts with ease.

Mixed Media

Versatile Multimedia Showcase Display

The gallery supports mixing images and videos, a unique feature not found in other plugins. Video compatibility mp4 as well as external sources such as Vimeo, YouTube, or Wistia.


Crafting Perfect Gallery Layouts

Perfect your Elementor website’s gallery with our Advanced Options & Settings. Experience full-screen viewing, autoplay, zoom, play button, progress indicator, and text panel features, all at your fingertips for an engaging visual showcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Multi-Source Galleries?

Multi-Source Galleries are versatile gallery options that allow you to seamlessly integrate and showcase content from various dynamic sources. These galleries support a wide range of dynamic source types, enhancing your website with diverse and engaging visual displays.

Does the gallery support Vimeo videos?

Yes, the gallery supports Vimeo, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and showcase Vimeo videos within your multimedia displays.

Can I showcase WooCommerce products in the gallery?

Yes, you can effortlessly showcase WooCommerce products in the gallery, allowing seamless integration and display within your multimedia presentations.

Can the gallery be used to display related products on a product page?

Yes, you can use the gallery to showcase related products on a product page, enhancing the visual presentation and providing a dynamic display for your audience.

Can I mix videos and images in the same gallery?

Yes, you can create mixed content galleries that seamlessly combine images and videos. This supports YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos alongside popular image files for captivating displays.

Can I showcase Instagram reels in the gallery?

Yes, you can showcase Instagram reels in the gallery by connecting to Instagram's API using the quick connect button. This feature allows you to display stunning reels videos directly within your gallery for a visually engaging experience.

Can I add links to the items in the carousel gallery?

Yes, you can add links to the items in the carousel gallery, providing a seamless way to direct users to specific content or external sources.

Do you offer a free Elementor gallery?

Yes, some of the gallery widgets from the widget library are free, providing accessible options for your Elementor website.

What kind of gallery layouts do you have to display images and videos?

We offer a variety of gallery layouts to suit your preferences, including Masonry, Tile, Grid, Thumbnail, Compact, Slider, and Carousel. Choose the layout that best complements your content and enhances the visual appeal of your website.