Live Filters

Advanced Filters for Any Post Type

Build flexible post layouts with real-time filters.

Seamlessly Integrate With a Variety of Widget Types

Improve your website browsing experience effortlessly by incorporating a diverse range of filter types for easy navigation.

Post Widgets

Effortlessly streamline content filtering across a variety of dynamic layouts, ensuring a seamless and tailored user experience.

Loop Widgets

Broaden content filtering with versatile dynamic layouts, ensuring enhanced flexibility and captivating user interactions.

Woo Widgets

Enhance your Woo shop experience by applying filters to your products through the versatile variety of widgets.

Gallery Widgets

Experience seamless integration with all multi-source galleries, allowing you to effortlessly filter content across diverse gallery types.

Functionality & Layout

Fast and Flexible Dynamic Filtering

Unlock the potential of the AJAX-based faceted filter system, seamlessly empowering you to craft diverse layouts with ease. Take control by applying multiple filters, ensuring a super-fast and dynamic filtering experience tailored to your website needs.

Friendly SEO URL's

Create Clear and Simple Page Links

Displaying filtered results in an SEO-friendly link format, creating clear and simple page URLs. Additionally, ensure support for using the browser back button, even after a filter is applied and the URL is changed.

Multi-Level Filters

Organize Filters Using Hierarchy for Navigation

Simplify navigation for a better user experience by connecting and displaying relevant subcategories conditionally. This means that when a user selects a category, only the related subcategories will be shown, streamlining the filtering process.

Look & Feel

Craft Trendy Filters Using Unique Styling

Easily customize the appearance of your filtering widgets to seamlessly integrate with your website’s design, offering a unique and personalized look for each widget with extensive styling options.

Time-Saving Filter Toolkit

Effortlessly Create Complex Filtering Structures with a Toolkit Engineered for Time and Cost Effectiveness.


Create or edit product filters out of the box with no coding knowledge.


All filters can be applied to any product or post widget with easy integration.

Blazing Fast

Enhance the user experience with live filter queries that are super fast.


Filters reload based on the current to make multi-level filtering possible.

Powerful Post Filters

Incorporate dynamic filters to elevate the presentation of posts or products and provide instant, real-time results.

Search Filter

Transform the search experience with a live search that gives instant results.

Tabs Filter

User-friendly tabs filter, ensuring easy categorization, quick selection, and live display.

Checkboxes Filter

Optimize filtering with multi-select Checkboxes Filter for flexible, personalized searches.

Select Dropdown Filter

Streamline content choices using the Dropdown Filter for effortless selection and display.

Sorting Filter

Ease content exploration on your website as users filter and sort with minimal effort.


Enhance the browsing experience with smooth navigation between post results.

Load More / Infinite Scroll

Improve user interaction in your product widgets using a Load More Button or Infinite Scroll.

Active Filter

Display the selected product filters and reset them easily for user convenience.

Clear Filters

Lets users easily clear all the selected product filters with one quick and easy click.

Post Query Summary

Provides quick feedback by displaying the number of posts or pages found.

Price Range Filter

Allow users to easily narrow down their search with the Price Range Filter.

Supported Widgets

Several widgets available in the widget library can connect with live filters. Here is the comprehensive list.