card carousel

Card Carousel Widget for Elementor

Use the card carousel widget to display two or more pieces of content in a carousel format.

Highlighted Features

Flexible. Lightweight. Intutive.


Infinity loop. Duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion.

Remote Controls

Connect remote control widgets to create unique layouts.


Plays the slides automatically without using navigation.

Sync Widgets

Sync two or more item based widgets for advanced layouts.


Padding left and right on stage . Creates an offset carousel.


Control the timing settings of interval and transitions.

Card Carousel Demo

Display images, texts and buttons with a card carousel using Unlimited Elements

Full Control

Turn on or off diffrent parts of the carousel to make it suitable exactly for your needs.


With navigation arrows and dots, speed control and other features you can use it to create any carousel you want.

Offset Carousel

Using stage padding and loop off

Easy to Use

The Card Carousel widget  is simple to use and doesn’t require any technical expertise. With just a few quick clicks, you can modify the widget to fit your needs using our straightforward settings.


Find everything you need to create a customized, unique user experience for you Elementor website visitors.


Mix Diffrent Background Colors

Customize your carousel slides with different background colors. Connect your carousel too remote widgets to achieve advanced layouts.

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Counter, Remote Arrows, Card Carousel

Fully Customizable

Modify the colors to match your site’s look and feel.  Customize the text, icons, fonts and layout to make the widget look and work exactly like you want it too.

Sync Widgets

Create advanced layouts by syncing two or more item based widgets.

The current building dates mostly from 1753 and replaced an earlier church on the site. It is constructed of stone with a slate roof.

This building, now a shop, was originally Poulton Savings Bank, built in 1839.  It is symmetrical, constructed of brick with stone.

Widgets used in the section above: Remote Bullets, Content Tabs, Card Carousel

Remote Control Widgets

Add color swatches using remote navigation buttons and sync with a background slider.

Widgets used in the section above: Card Carousel, Remote Item Navigation, Remote Counter, Remote Arrows