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Select Dropdown Filter Widget for Elementor

The Select Dropdown Filter is a powerful post filtering widget for Elementor. Effortlessly add filters based on category and tag taxonomies. Swiftly locate desired products or posts by selecting options from a user-friendly drop-down list embedded on your Elementor website.

Choose Template
Frame 192
Tennis Rackets Product List
Movies Post List
Movies Post List
Frame 192 (17)
Beverages and Desserts Swipe...
E-commerce Post Blocks
E-commerce Post Blocks
Overlay Carousel for Post with Filters
Overlay Carousel for Posts...
Post Grid for Recipes with Dropdown Search Filter
Post Grid for Recipes with...
Post Grid for Products with Multiple Search Filters
Post Grid for Products with...
Post Carousel Lite with the Olympics Cities and Filters
Post Carousel Lite with the...
Post Carousel with Top Cocktail Recipes
Post Carousel with Top Cocktail...
Overlay Carousel for Product with Filters
Overlay Carousel for Products...
Frame 192 (13)
Movies swipe carousel
Woo Shop With Dropdown Filter
Woo Shop With Dropdown Filter
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Filter Anything

The Select Dropdown Filter widget works with any post widget and any post type.

Post Widgets

Use to filter any post widget: Post Grid, Post List, Post Carousel, Post Tabs, Post Accordion, Post Timeline and more...

Dynamic Loops

With the Tabs Filter, you can filter any of our dynamic loop widgets including Dynamic Grid, Dynamic Carousel and more...


Add filters to your WooCommerce products using the Tabs Filter widget on your Elementor Shop pages.


All our multi-source galleries support the Tabs Filter widget and you can use them together seamlessly. 

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Select Dropdown Filter Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

Packed with features that will make your jaw drop.

Multi-Level Filters

Create advanced multi-level filters with parent and children items.

Reliable & Fast

Our filters were designed for speed and will give you the best performance for your Elementor website. 

Ajax URL Change

Change the URL when a filter is selected to give users the opportunity to navigate back using the browser back function.

Pagination & Load More

The Select Filter works seamlessly with other filter widgets like Pagination, Load More and even Infinite Scroll.

Filter Synced Widgets

Filter two or more synced widgets together to create advanced layouts.

Archive Pages

Use the Select Filter widget inside of your archive templates to add filters to your archive content.