Advanced Post Query

Query and Display Posts Easily

Intuitive, straightforward, and advanced post selection.

Advanced Post Layout & Display

Make it easier for your website visitors to find what they’re looking for. Easily query and display posts with advanced rules anywhere on your website.

Custom Query

Present posts generated from advanced dynamic include and exclude rules.

Current Post Query

Create an archive page or blog page based on the link the user is viewing.

Related Posts

Display a selection of posts that are related or relevant to the currently viewed post.

Manual Posts Selection

Choose the specific posts you want to show on the page by name.

Showcase Different Post Types with a Range of Post Widgets

Select from a variety of post types, whether it’s regular posts, pages, products, or custom post types. You can even select multiple post types in one display.

WordPress Posts

Utilize WordPress Posts to showcase a wide range of content for an engaging and dynamic display experience.

WordPress Pages

Showcase a curated list of pages from your WordPress website using any post widget from the library.

Woo Products

Display products seamlessly with Woo Products, ensuring a user-friendly shopping experience.

Custom Post Types

Easily show a collection of posts from various plugins, seamlessly integrating with any post type.

Order By

Fine-Tune Your Post Arrangement

Customize the order display of your posts by choosing from a variety of options personalized to your preferences. Additionally, easily determine the direction, whether in a descending or ascending manner. 

Post ID
Last Modified
Number Of Comments
Menu Order
Parent Post
Preserve Posts In Order
Preserve Posts In Order
Meta Field Value
Meta Field Value (numeric)

Max Posts

Post Quantity Output

Set the maximum number of posts to be displayed in the widget. This is crucial for achieving a visually pleasing layout, based on the widget settings. It also determines the posts per page for pagination or a load more button.

Query ID

Advanced Query Control

Empower your query control by assigning a distinctive ID to your queries. With this unique identifier, you gain the ability to seamlessly filter and refine your data on the server side, leveraging the potent add_filter() function.

Query Debug

Optimize Debugging

Activate Advanced Mode to gain visibility into post query selections, providing valuable insights for effective troubleshooting and optimization purposes.

Custom Query

Include By Settings

A versatile range of options to determine which posts will be included in your query.

Include Sticky Posts

Posts configured as sticky will be included in the post query.

Get Only Sticky Posts

Display only posts that are configured as sticky posts.


Show posts related to a specific author or multiple authors.


Include posts within a predefined date range or a custom date range.

Post Parent

Show the child posts of any given post parent.

Post Meta

Use meta keys to display posts assigned only to those keys.

Most Viewed

Display the most viewed posts using the "popular posts" plugin.

ID's from PHP function

Obtain an array of post IDs from a PHP function.

ID's from Post Meta

Obtain an array of post IDs from post meta.

ID's from Dynamic Field

Obtain an array of post IDs from a dynamic field.

Current Page Terms

Show posts with the same terms as the current page.

Custom Query

Exclude By Settings

Select specific posts to exclude from your query by adding advanced rules.


Exclude posts assigned to a specific term, such as a category.

Current Post

Exclude the current post you are viewing from the selection.


Exclude posts assigned to a specific author or multiple authors.

Post Without Featured Image

Exclude posts that do not have a featured image assigned to them.

Posts with current category

Exclude posts from the currently viewed category in your selection.

Posts with current tags

Exclude posts from the currently viewed tag in your selection.


Display posts from a certain number that you determine.

Avoid Duplicates

Exclude duplicate posts that appear in multiple post widgets.

ID's from Dynamic Field

Exclude posts using an array of ID's from a dynamic field.