Widget Creator

Create Amazing Widgets in Seconds

Creator Studio

In less than five minutes you can create custom Elementor widgets. Only basic coding knowledge is required!

Edit Existing Widgets

Edit anyone of our growing list of existing widgets from the interface and adjust them to your specific needs. 

Create Custom Attribute

Create custom Elementor widget attributes and decide which attribute to show your users.

Dynamic Content

Use widgets in archive and post pages and use dynamic content from the post data like (post title, image, date)

ACF Integration

Full integration with any of the advanced custom fields including complex fields like post list and repeater.

Twig Engine

Powered by Twig scripting engine you can use all twig functions to take advantage of the power of Twig.

Widget Creator Crash Course

Learn everything you need to create amazing Elementor Widgets

1. The Basics

How to create your first Elementor widget

2. Widget with Javascript

How to include JS and Jquery

3. Items (repeater)

Using items to make advanced widgets

4. Post Lists

Create a post grid using post list attribute

5. Import & Export

How to import and export widgets

6. Dynamic Posts & ACF

How to use advanced custom fields


Create advanced Widgets that are fully integrated

Post Lists / Grids

Create auto generated post lists. Use any one of the existing post fields or add your own using custom fields using ACF or Pods.

Instagram Feed

Auto generate Instagram feeds using our unique Instagram API and create custom widgets for your projects.

Widget Creator Overview

All the tools you need to create amazing Elementor Wdigets

Elementor Attributes

Add any attribute to your widgets with just with one click. Show your users only the attributes they need and what you want them to see.

Item Attributes

Create widgets with repeaters. Repeaters give you the flexibility and power to make advanced widgets like: galleries, sliders and carousels.


User our inline code editor to paste and write your scripts without needing to use a 3rd party software. Everything happens right in front of your eyes.


Select which files you want to load when your widget is added to the page. Use any of our predefined libraries or add your own using the file uploader or CDN.