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Unlimited Table Widget for Elementor

Unlimited Table Widget gives you the easiest way to create table layouts using Elementor. Easily create beautiful tables with sorting and filters.

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Unlimited Table with Statistics
Unlimited Table with Statistics
Unlimited Table with Service Packages
Unlimited Table with Service...
Unlimited Table with Search Filters
Unlimited Table with Search...
Unlimited Table with Product Comparisons
Unlimited Table with Product...
Unlimited Table with WooCommerce Products
Unlimited Table with WooCommerce...
Unlimited Table as a Nutritional Table
Unlimited Table as a Nutritional...
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Table Data

Build Impactful Tables with Varied Source Types

Enhance your table presentation with our variety of data source types, including icons, text areas, editors, images, buttons, and templates. Choose the perfect element to populate your cells, creating a visually appealing and dynamic display.

Column Sorting

Empower Tables with Precision Sorting

Enhance your table’s functionality by enabling sorting on individual columns through the dedicated settings in each table header item. This allows you to selectively make specific columns sortable, providing a tailored and efficient user experience.

Table Toolbar

Advanced Table Features, Simplified User Control

Empower your Elemenetor website users with an enriched data table experience through integrated toolbar features. Enhance functionality seamlessly within your data table, offering users the ability to duplicate, print, and download tables with ease.

Live Filters

Swift Data Discovery with Live Search

Make it easy for users to find things in the table by adding a search box. Just type in what you’re looking for, and the table will instantly show the results.

Responsive Tables

Mobile-Ready Tables for Any Device

The Unlimited Table widget features a special layout that condenses table columns into an interactive accordion, ensuring a responsive and mobile-optimized experience. This unique design enhances usability across any device, enabling website visitors to efficiently read table data on various screens.

Table Style

Craft Pixel Perfect Tables in Style

Customize the colors, backgrounds, and fonts to match your site’s aesthetics using the Elementor live page builder interface, specifically tailored for the table widget. Edit the rows and cell backgrounds to ensure every detail harmonizes with your website’s design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the table widget include alternating colors in the rows?

Absolutely! The table widget comes with a feature that allows you to easily implement alternating colors in the rows. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your tables but also improves readability, making it a breeze for your website visitors to absorb information at a glance. Simply access the customization options in the widget settings to tailor the alternating row colors to seamlessly align with your website's design aesthetic.

Can I create a comparison table using the table widget?

Certainly! The table widget is specifically designed to empower you in creating dynamic and visually appealing comparison tables. With this widget, you can effortlessly structure and customize columns, input data, and style the table to suit your needs. Whether you're comparing features, prices, or any other data points, the table widget provides the flexibility and control to craft a professional-looking comparison table that seamlessly integrates with your website's design. Simply drag and drop the widget onto your page, customize the columns, and start populating your content for a clear and engaging comparison.

Does the table widget support row grouping?

Yes, indeed! The table widget offers a convenient grouping feature. By enabling this option, you can group a number of rows into an interactive accordion. This allows users to expand or collapse specific groups based on their preferences. It's a fantastic way to organize and present information in a structured manner while providing users with the flexibility to focus on the details that matter most to them. Simply toggle the group feature in the widget settings, and you'll have an organized and user-friendly table with expandable/collapsible sections at your fingertips.

Is the table widget responsive?

Absolutely! The table widget is designed with responsiveness in mind. You have the flexibility to decide whether to hide or collapse data based on your specific use case, ensuring that the table adapts seamlessly to various screen sizes, including mobile devices. This responsive design feature empowers you to create tables that maintain their functionality and visual appeal across different devices, providing an optimal user experience for your audience. Simply customize the responsive settings in the widget to tailor the display of data according to your preferences and the needs of your users.

Can the user resize the columns of the table widget?

Certainly! The table widget offers a user-friendly feature that allows for column resizing. By enabling this option, users can effortlessly adjust the column sizes to their liking through a simple drag-and-drop interface. This intuitive functionality enhances the user experience, providing the flexibility for individuals to customize the table display based on their preferences. To enable column resizing, just turn on the corresponding option in the widget settings, and your users will have the ability to fine-tune the column sizes for a personalized viewing experience.

Can you override a row background or cell background in the table widget?

Absolutely! The table widget provides the flexibility to override both row and cell backgrounds, giving you precise control over the visual presentation. You can easily customize the background of individual rows or cells to match your specific design requirements. Whether you want to highlight specific information, create a color-coded system, or simply enhance the aesthetics of your table, the override feature allows you to achieve the desired look. Simply navigate to the widget settings, and with a few clicks, you can tailor the background colors of rows and cells to seamlessly integrate with your overall website design.

Can I download the Table widget data?

es, you can easily download the table. The table widget provides a convenient option to export your table in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. This allows you to save the table data locally and use it in various applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Can I copy the Table widget data?

Absolutely! The table widget supports copying the table to the clipboard in CSV format. This means you can effortlessly copy the table data and paste it directly into applications like Excel. It's a quick and efficient way to transfer your table information for further analysis or sharing.

Can I print the Table data?

Yes, you can easily print the table directly from the table toolbar for quick access. The table widget is designed to offer a seamless printing experience, allowing you to generate hard copies of your table for presentations, reports, or any other purpose you may have.