Unlimited Table Widget for Elementor

Unlimited Table Widget gives you the easiest way to create table layouts using Elementor. Easily create beautiful tables with sorting and filters.

Table Toolbar & Sorting

Responsive & Optimized

The Unlimited Table widget uses a unique layout solution that collapses the columns in the table into an interactive accordion. This unique solution gives your website visitors an optimized user experience allowing them to read the data from the table in the most sufficient way.

Comparison Table

Add icons with different colors to each table cell

Table Data Source Types

Choose from numerous table data source types to populate your table cells.

Table With Icons

Column Sorting

Add sorting to your table columns by enabling the setting per table header item. This way you can make just specific columns sortable. 

Comparison Table With Icons

Table Tool Bar

Enhance your data table with different toolbar features giving more functionality to the tables on your website.

Comparison Table With Images

Table Filter

Add an inline table filter to help users filter the content inside the table on the fly. By entering a string in the search box the results in the table will filter in real-time.

Table With Different Header Colors

Table Style

Modify the colors and fonts to match your site’s look and feel through the Elementor live page builder interface.


Customize every single detail to perfectly blend with your website design.