All Your Favorite Tools, Just One Click Away

Unlimited Elements empowers you to connect with popular integrations, streamlining your website building process. Use the tools you love by effortlessly incorporating data directly into Elementor widgets.

Dynamic Widgets

Build Flexible Dynamic Content Driven Pages

Populate item-based widgets on the fly with multiple dynamic source types directly inside of Elementor. 

WordPress Posts

Utilize WordPress Posts for widget item population. Leverage any post type, including custom post fields, for optimal flexibility.

Woo Products

Display Woo products effortlessly within your widgets. Seamlessly integrate with AJAX filters directly in the Elementor Page builder.

ACF Repeater Field

Incorporate an ACF repeater field. Populate your widget with the repeater data effortlessly using a single post template.


Integrate your Instagram account through the API to effortlessly showcase your Instagram images within item-based widgets.

CSV Files

Easily insert content into your Elementor Widgets by uploading data from a CSV file (Comma-Separated Values).

JSON Files

Effortlessly integrate content into your Elementor Widgets by uploading data from a JSON file (JavaScript Object Notation).

Google Sheets

Seamlessly integrate Google Sheets data to fill your Elementor Widgets effortlessly.

Google Events

Efficiently create a list of events in Elementor Widgets using data sourced from Google Calendar.

Google Reviews

Feature Google Reviews in Elementor Widgets to highlight user opinions effectively.

Youtube Playlist

Integrate your YouTube playlist effortlessly into Elementor Widgets for dynamic video showcases.

ExchangeRate API

Incorporate live exchange rates into your widgets to seamlessly display currency conversion for 161 currencies.

OpenWeather API

Integrate real-time weather updates into your dynamic widgets, providing users with current forecasts effortlessly.

WordPress Menu

Showcase your WordPress Menu in diverse layouts by utilizing the menu source type to populate your widgets.

WordPress Users

Present a list of your WordPress users and include links to their post archives page using any dynamic widget from the library.

WordPress Terms

Feature your WordPress tags and categories in various styles by employing the terms source to inject data into your widgets.

Dynamic Gallery Widgets

Craft Dynamic Image & Video Galleries for a Versatile Display

Effortlessly populate dynamic gallery widgets with diverse media sources in real-time, directly within Elementor.

Vimeo Video Gallery

Enrich your dynamic galleries with Vimeo videos, creating a captivating multimedia experience.

Youtube Video Gallery

Display YouTube videos within your dynamic gallery for a captivating viewing experience.

Wistia Video Gallery

Integrate Wistia videos seamlessly into your dynamic gallery for a interactive presentation.

WordPress Posts

Feature your WordPress posts easily in a dynamic gallery with live filters for easy content management.

Woo Product Gallery

Utilize within a single product template to showcase the product gallery or display a list of products seamlessly.

ACF Gallery Field

Populate images in a dynamic gallery effortlessly using the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) Gallery field.

Instagram Gallery

Create an Instagram gallery by pulling images from an Instagram user account using the API.

Form Integrations

Effortlessly Manage Form Data with Seamless Integrations

Utilize form submission data in various use cases for enhanced functionality.

Google Spreadsheets

Effortlessly save your form data directly to Google Spreadsheets for convenient data management.


Efficiently manage form submissions with webhooks for streamlined data integration.

Save Entries

Store form submissions in the WordPress backend, enabling easy viewing and CSV export.