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Woo Product Carousel Widget for Elementor

The Woo Product Carousel helps showcase your Woo products on any Elementor page in an interactive carousel format.

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WooCommerce Product Carousel with Search Filter
WooCommerce Product Carousel...
WooCommerce Product Carousel with Product Content Boxes
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WooCommerce Product Carousel with Images as Tabs Filter
WooCommerce Product Carousel...
WooCommerce Product Carousel with Sorting Filters
WooCommerce Product Carousel...
WooCommerce Product Carousel with Remote Controls
WooCommerce Product Carousel...
WooCommerce Product Carousel with Tabs Filter
WooCommerce Product Carousel...
WooCommerce Product Carousel with Checkboxes Filter
WooCommerce Product Carousel...
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Why Should You Use Woo Product Carousel Widget?

Level up Your Product Showcase

First impressions matter when it comes to showcasing your products. With this WooCommerce Product Carousel widget, you will be able to build beautiful and unique carousels to make your products stand out. Display any WooCommerce product type in interactive carousels.

Increase Engagement and Drive Sales

Take control of the carousels and add interactive buttons, arrows, navigation, CTAs, labels, and more to grab your audience’s attention. Add products and customize the information you want to make carousels more appealing. Increase conversion rates through improved visibility and interactions.

Display More Products in Less Space

Make the most of the space on your WooCommerce store and display more information about the products, like, sales prices, sale labels, ratings, original prices, and more. Capture your customers' attention by showcasing more of what you offer within a limited space. And help them make buying decisions quickly.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Woo Product Carousel Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

What Makes The Woo Product Carousel Widget Special?

Stunning Pre-Built Layouts

Easily create a layout of your choice by using the pre-built layouts available within the WooCommerce Product Carousel widget. Choose from over 6 layouts such as side by side, partial overlay, reveal from the bottom, and more to quickly change the design of the layout the way you like.

Autoplay and Loop Settings

Control the behavior of your carousel by customizing the autoplay and loop settings. Change the interval times, control the number of items to display, and set the transition speed. Each option can be individually tweaked for different devices like desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Mouse and Touch Gestures

Tailor the user experience by customizing mouse and touch settings for your product carousels. Configure options such as mouse drag, scroll wheel, change on click, and touch drag to enhance interactivity. Empower your visitors to navigate the product carousels with ease.

Product Filtering Options

Display any product type with advanced filtering options in our WooCommerce Product Carousel widget. Select the source from where you want to display your products. Leverage filtering options like "Include" and "Exclude" to create custom rules that determine which products are showcased.

Sale Prices, Labels & Ratings

Maximize the impact of your product carousels with eye-catching sale prices and customizable labels like "Out of Stock." Provide essential information to customers by integrating product ratings directly into the carousel. Empower buyers to make informed decisions based on product ratings.

Quantity Increment Buttons

Streamline the buying process for your customers by adding convenient quantity control buttons directly within the product carousel. Alongside the Add to Cart button, these controls enable buyers to easily add multiple products and define the quantity of each product from within the carousel,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WooCommerce Product Carousel widget?

The WooCommerce Product Carousel widget is a powerful widget designed specifically for the Elementor page builder plugin. It allows you to create stunning and interactive carousels to showcase your WooCommerce products on your store website. With customizable layouts, buttons, labels, and advanced filtering options, this widget enables you to enhance the visibility and appeal of your products, boosting engagement and driving sales.

Can I create carousels to display any type of WooCommerce product?

Yes, absolutely! The WooCommerce Product Carousel widget supports displaying any type of WooCommerce product. You can display products from any source along with “include” and “exclude” rules. The widget allows you to customize the information displayed for each product, providing flexibility and control over how your products are presented in the carousel.

Can I add an add-to-cart button and quantity control to the carousel?

Yes, you can enhance the functionality of your product carousel by adding an add-to-cart button and quantity control options. This allows your customers to quickly add products to their cart and adjust the quantity without navigating away from the carousel, improving their overall shopping experience.

Can I add the most viewed products, products on sale, or recently viewed products using the WooComerce Product Carousel widget?

You can use the “Include” rules under the “Products Query” option while editing the WooCommerce Product Carousel widget. You have rules to display “Most viewed, recently viewed, products on sale” and more to dynamically display the products in the carousel.

Can I filter the products displayed in the carousel?
Can I customize the appearance of the product carousel?

Absolutely! The WooCommerce Product Carousel widget offers a wide range of customization options. You can change the carousel's layout, design, and style, including button designs, labels, ratings, and more. Personalize it to match your brand's aesthetics and create a visually appealing showcase.

How do I display product sliders in WooCommerce?

You can display products in slider format using the WooCommerce Product Carousel widget and add the widget to any post or page while editing your website through Elementor. The widget works out of the box; you can customize the settings to fit your needs.

How do I create a WooCommerce product carousel?

The WooCommperce Product Carousel widget can be used with the Unlimited Elements Pro version. First, you will need to install the Unlimited Elements plugin; then, get a license and activate the pro version of the Unlimited Elements plugin. Lastly, activate the WooCommerce Product Carousel widgets by navigating to Unlimited Elements > Widgets in your WordPress dashboard.