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Image Accordion Widget for Elementor

An Image Accordion widget allows you to display a series of images compactly, interactively, and also you can reveal more details or a larger view of each image.

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Layout & Settings

An Attractive Accordion to Show Beautiful Images

The Image Accordion widget offers adaptable layouts for different devices through breakpoints. Easily customize the arrangement, choosing between vertical and horizontal orientations for an optimized viewing experience.

Dynamic Content

The Power of Multiple Dynamic Source Types

Effortlessly incorporate dynamic data into accordion items, supporting various types such as WordPress posts, Woo products, CSV and JSON files, ACF repeater fields, API integrations, and more. Our solution is designed to flexibly adapt to your specific dynamic content needs.

Remote Controls

Total Design Freedom with Connected Widgets

Easily design unique layouts with Remote Control Widgets. Take full control of your design, making your website stand out with precision.

Sync Widgets Together

Craft Customized Flexible Layouts

Elevate your web designs by seamlessly synchronizing two or more item-based widgets. This enables you to effortlessly create sophisticated and personalized layouts, taking your design capabilities to the next level. 

Filters & Tools

Intuitive Filters and Tools for Seamless Browsing

When you utilize posts or products as sources, effortlessly enhance your website browsing experience by incorporating a diverse range of filter types and tools for easy navigation.

Widget Style

Intuitive Design Settings for a Unique Online Presence

Unleash your creative potential with extensive widget style options. Effortlessly customize colors, images, background text color, and shadows. Take control of user interaction by designing unique active and hover states.

Discover More Features the Image Accordion Has to Offer

Here is a list of some more awesome features this widget has to offer your web creations.

SEO Optimized

It's lightweight, fast, and optimized for search engine indexing, ensuring swift performance and visibility.

Sequence Entrance Animation

Load items sequentially with slight delays for jaw-dropping visual effects on your website.

Widget Editor

Make adjustments and access the widget code, easily edit (HTML/CSS/JS) for your needs.

Responisve Behaviour

With responsive settings, effortlessly adapt to any screen size, optimizing your site for diverse devices.

Easy To Use

Easy to use with no coding knowledge required, it works effortlessly out of the box.

Skew Effect

The skew effect gives a unique look to your image accordion by giving it a slight angle. 

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Image Accordion Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Image Accordion widget for Elementor?

The Image Accordion widget for Elementor is a creative tool that organizes your images into an interactive accordion on your Elementor website. It allows you to display a series of images compactly and interactively, providing an attractive way to showcase your visuals.

Can I choose between horizontal and vertical layouts for the Image Accordion?

Absolutely! The Image Accordion provides the flexibility to choose between horizontal and vertical layouts. You can easily configure the accordion to align with your design preferences, allowing for a seamless integration into your Elementor website.

Can I incorporate dynamic content into the Image Accordion?

Absolutely! The Image Accordion supports various dynamic content sources, including WordPress posts, WooCommerce products, CSV and JSON files, ACF repeater fields, API integrations, and more. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate dynamic data into your accordion items.

Can I add hover or click interactions to the Image Accordion items?

Yes, you can! The Image Accordion allows you to effortlessly add hover or click interactions to its items. This feature enables you to customize the behavior of each accordion item, providing a dynamic and engaging user experience.

What does the Skew Effect in the Image Accordion do?

The Skew Effect in the Image Accordion adds a unique visual dimension by introducing a slight angle to your accordion items. This effect creates an eye-catching and distinctive look, enhancing the overall design aesthetics of your website.

Does the Image Accordion support live filters with AJAX functionality?

Yes, it does! The Image Accordion supports live filters with AJAX functionality. This feature allows you to incorporate dynamic and real-time filtering, providing a seamless browsing experience for users as they interact with the accordion items on your Elementor website.

Can I display WordPress posts in the Image Accordion?

Absolutely! The Image Accordion supports displaying WordPress posts as a content source. You can seamlessly integrate your posts into the accordion, allowing you to showcase dynamic and engaging content in a visually appealing accordion format on your Elementor website.

Is the Image Accordion responsive, and can I configure breakpoints for layout changes?

Yes, the Image Accordion is fully responsive. You have the flexibility to configure breakpoints, and decide when the layout transitions from horizontal to vertical. Additionally, you can customize sizes for various devices, ensuring optimal display and user experience across a range of screen sizes.

Is the Image Accordion a free widget?

No, the Image Accordion is not a free widget. It requires the purchase of the Unlimited Elements Pro plugin version for full access to its features and functionalities.

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