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Mega Menu Widget for Elementor

Quickly build and design menus with our Mega Menu widget for Elementor. Create dynamic menus for WordPress with images, icons, buttons, and customizable design options.

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Why Should You Use Mega Menu Widget?

Limitless Possibilities of Displaying Any Content

Our Mega Menu widget for Elementor allows you to showcase various types of content in your menus. Combine images, icons, links, and text and customize the design to build unique menus and increase website engagement.

Improve User Experience with Easy To Navigate Menus

Our Mega Menu Plugin can help you streamline your website's navigation. You can create visually appealing menus with multiple columns, dropdowns, and interactive elements. This will enhance the user experience and make navigation easier for your visitors.

Seamless Integration with Elementor

Turn Elementor into a powerful mega menu builder. Leverage all the benefits of Elementor's intuitive interface and extensive design options while creating beautiful mega menus on your WordPress websites.

Create Any Mega Menu

Mega Menus, Endless Design Possibilities!

Create any Mega Menu layout directly within the Elementor page builder. Use sections as menu items and unleash your creativity with no constraints! Happy designing!

Mega Menu Inner Links

Intuitive Menu Building Interface

Streamline your Mega Menu creation process by utilizing the Mega Menu Inner Links widget. This powerful tool allows you to design and manage all your links within a single widget, ensuring that any modification you make seamlessly applies to the entire link grid.

Dropdown Design

Endless Mega Menu Layout Possibilities

Easily create custom Mega Menu item dropdowns – drag and drop widgets into your container, and connect to a menu item using an ID. Imagine and build any menu effortlessly with this versatile technique. 

Easy to Use

User-Friendly Mega Menu Builder

The Mega Menu widget is user-friendly and doesn’t demand any technical expertise. With just a few easy clicks, you can customize the widget to suit your requirements using our intuitive settings.


Flexible Menu Design Options

Design your Mega Menu’s dropdowns and menu items effortlessly. Tailor colors for a seamless match with your site, personalize text, icons, fonts, and layout—all ensuring a responsive design that looks great on any device.

What Makes The Mega Menu Widget Special?

Improved Website SEO

Properly structured mega menus can improve your website's SEO. Using our mega menu widget for Elementor, you'll be able to include relevant keywords and internal links within your menu to improve search engine visibility and enhance your site's rankings.

Transition & Overlay Effects

Enhance your menus by easily adding fade-in and slide-from transitions. Enjoy easy control for overlay effects, adjusting opacity and background colors to create visually appealing menus.

Off-Canvas Mobile Menus

Enhance your website’s navigation on all mobile devices through the Mega Menu widget with built-in off-canvas menus. The menus elegantly slide in from the side on mobile devices, maximizing usable screen space.

Limitless Possibilities

Our Mega Menu widget for Elementor allows you to showcase various types of content in your menus. Combine images, icons, links, and text and customize the design to build unique menus and increase website engagement.

Add Sections in Mega Menus

Organize your content in any structure you want by creating sections with the Mega Menu widget. Tailor the styles of each section individually, making every part of your menu unique and visually appealing.

Compact Hamburger Menus

Organize your entire mega menu structure within a sleek, compact panel that retains the design and is responsive on all devices. Customize the icons for open/close states with a personalized icon for seamless navigation.

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Mega Menu Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mega Menu widget?

The Mega Menu widget by Unlimited Elements is a feature-rich widget for Elementor. It enhances your website's navigation by creating visually appealing mega menus. It provides advanced customization options and seamless integration with Elementor.

How can I install and use the Mega Menu widget?

You must install the “Unlimited Elements Pro” plugin on your WordPress website to use the Mega Menu widget. After activating the Unlimited Elements plugin, navigate to Unlimited Elements > Widgets and install the “Mega Menu” widget.

While editing any post or page with Elementor, you will see a widget called Mega Menu that you can simply drag and drop onto a WordPress page or post and start building your mega menu.

Is the Mega Menu widget mobile-responsive?

Yes, our Mega Menu widget for Elementor ensures that your menus are fully responsive to different screen sizes. You can create great menus for desktops, tablets, and smartphones, providing an optimal user experience across all devices.

With the Mega Menu widget, you also have the ability to hide or display any menu item for any device.

Can I create multi-level menus with the Mega Menu widget?

Absolutely! The Mega Menu widget allows you to create multi-level menus with dropdowns and submenus called “Sections”. Creating sections lets you organize your content hierarchically and improves navigation, making it easier for visitors to find what they need.

Can I preview and test my mega menu before publishing it?

Yes, you can preview your mega menu in real-time while editing your page with Elementor. This lets you see your menu's appearance and function before publishing it. You can also utilize built-in debug features for identifying and resolving any issues before taking your menu live.

Is the Mega menu free?

The Mega Menu widget is part of the Unlimited Elements Pro plugin. You will need a license to use it.

How To Create Mega Menu With Elementor?

To create a responsive mega menu using Elementor, you can leverage the Mega Menu widget provided by Unlimited Elements, it is one of the best mega menu extensions for Elementor. This widget enhances Elementor's functionality by offering additional options to design and customize your mega menu.

How do I add Elementor widgets to the mega menu?

You can create new sections in the Mega Menu widget, and to use Elementor widgets inside your Mega Menu as menu links, you will need to add “CSS ID” to the Elementor section and then reference the same ID under “Section ID” in the Menu Items options.