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Dynamic Post Popup Widget for Elementor

Dynamically create a popup to add a quick view of the post without leaving the page. Use an Elementor single post template to create the layout of the dynamic popup.

Why Should You Use the Dynamic Pop Up Widget?

Improve User Experience on Your Elementor Website

By adding dynamic popups to your website you can create a better user experience for your website visitors. This way users can browse a quick view of your posts or products without leaving the page. 

Better Content Organization with Engaging Pop-Ups

Using pop-ups to organize content on your website can be an effective strategy to present information in a more engaging and user-friendly manner.

Reduced Bounce Rates for Your Product Pages

By offering a quick view option, you minimize the risk of users bouncing off your website due to slow loading times or an overwhelming product page.

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Dynamic Post Popup

The Dynamic Post Popup Widget is the perfect way to give your website visitors a better experience by allowing them to get a quick view of the post without having to leave the page.


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The world of wine

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Add a Dynamic Popup in an Easy 2 Step Process

Use an Elementor single post or product template to create the layout of the dynamic popup.


Set Post or Product Link

Choose to open a dynamic popup from the post or product button settings.


Configure Popup

Add the dynamic post popup widget to the page and select the single post or product template you want to open.

The New Product Trends

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Popup Style

Take control of your popup’s overall appearance and feel by customizing its colors to match the look of your website. Modify the overlay, fonts, and layout until it functions exactly as you desire! Make sure that every detail is perfect for a seamless user experience.

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Popup Settings

With the popup settings, you can control any of the popup elements, such as the popup layout, popup close button, popup overlay, and even the popup next and previous arrows to allow navigating between items when the popup is open.

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What Makes the Dynamic Popup Widget Special?

Navigation Arrows

Enhance user convenience and browsing ease with the Dynamic Popup Widget's quick navigation arrows. Seamlessly integrated into your pop-up, these arrows enable users to effortlessly move between posts or products on your website.

Versatile Size Options

The Dynamic Popup Widget provides full control over pop-up dimensions, offering both compact and unobtrusive designs or striking full-screen experiences, tailored to your preferences.

Elegant Overlay

This overlay feature enhances the user experience by subtly dimming the background content when the pop-up appears, drawing the viewer's focus to the message within the pop-up.

Loading Animation

The Dynamic Popup Widget allows you to design the loading animation for your pop-ups, adding another layer of customization and creativity to your user experience.

Seamless Integration

Use the Elementor theme builder to design the layout of your dynamic popup. This way you can create any popup you can imagine.

Auto Adjust Height

The pop-up automatically adjusts its height based on the content within it. Whether your pop-up contains short text snippets, lengthy articles, or image galleries, the Auto Adjust Height feature dynamically resizes the pop-up to fit its contents perfectly.

Tools & Filters

The Dynamic Post Pop works seamlessly with other AJAX filters and tools such as pagination and load more button. By combining many advanced widgets together you can create the best user experience for the visitors on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Dynamic Popup Widget to show custom post types?

Yes, the Dynamic Popup Widget is highly versatile and can be used to showcase any custom post type including WooCommerce products of course.

Can I use the Dynamic Popup Widget to show my WooCommerce products?

Yes, absolutely! The Dynamic Popup Widget is fully compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to showcase your WooCommerce products in engaging pop-ups on your website. 

Do I need Elementor pro to create a dynamic popup?

Yes, you will need Elementor Pro to create a dynamic popup using the Dynamic Popup Widget by Unlimited Elements.

Can I add a custom loading image to my dynamic popup?

Yes, you can upload a custom loading image to your dynamic popup or use any of the predefined loading animations provided.

Can I trigger the dynamic popup from my shop or archive page in WordPress?

Yes, you can absolutely trigger the dynamic popup from your shop or archive page in WordPress using Elementors theme builder to create the page.