Live Copy Paste

Copy and paste fully designed sections from the Unlimited Elements website directly to your website.

Introducing Doubly by Unlimited Elements

To enable live copy-paste on your website install our free plugin called “Doubly”. The plugin will allow you to copy fully-designed sections from our demos to your website.

Improve Your Workflow

It’s difficult to try to replicate our demo styles and designs on your personal web projects. That’s why we created Doubly – the ultimate Copy Paste plugin for WordPress. Now you can copy any design from the Unlimited Elements website and paste it on your own website.

Live Copy Paste for Any Section

It’s a simple, time-saving approach for creating websites faster. You can rapidly design your web pages using Live Copy Paste. Simply copy and paste the section demos from our website to your live site in just a couple of clicks.

A Need for Speed

We are continuously increasing the number of ready-made blocks/sections on a regular basis. Use the Live Copy Paste feature to get your desired design and start making better websites faster.

Copy Paste Everything

Live copy paste using Doubly will copy everything from our demo to your website including content, style properties, images, and even Unlimited Elements widgets from the widget library.

More About Doubly

Installing doubly will not only allow you to copy paste sections from our website but you will also have the ability for cross domain copy paste between any of your websites.

Doubly Pro

Doubly free allows only to copy-paste pages.

Doubly Pro is packed with even more features:

Copy Paste WordPress Posts
Move any WordPress posts and even CPT's with custom fields between your WordPress websites.
Copy Paste Media Files

Easily move media files like images, audio, video, and other files between your WordPress websites. 

Copy Paste WooCommerce Products

Copy and paste WooCommerce products with all attributes, variations, categories, and media.

Front End Copy Button

Now you can add a copy button for website visitors to copy sections from your website.