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Tabs Filter Widget for Elementor

User-friendly Tabs Filter widget, ensuring easy categorization, quick selection, and live display. It allows you to display relevant posts, pages, products, or custom post types based on their assigned tags and categories.

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Woo Car Shop With Filters
Woo Car Shop With Filters
Woo Shop Multi Level Filters
Woo Shop Multi Level Filters
Expanding Content Cards Tabs Filter
Expanding Content Cards Tabs...
Tennis Rackets Store With...
Woo Shop With Multi-Level Filters
Woo Shop With Multi-Level...
Image Accordion Showing WordPress...
Post Grid With Tabs Filter and Sorting
Post Grid With Tabs Filter...
Post Slider With Tabs Filter
Post Slider With Tabs Filter
Movies Website With Tabs Filters
Movies Website With Tabs...
Tabs Filter With Images in Woo Shop
Tabs Filter With Images in...
Post Magazine Grid With Tabs Filter
Post Magazine Grid With Tabs...
Self Care Woo Shop
Self Care Woo Shop
Winery Woo Shop
Winery Woo Shop
Woo Snowboards Gear Shop
Woo Snowboards Gear Shop
Image Accordion Showing Woo...
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Why Should You Use the Tabs Filter Widget?

Robust Integration with Other Post & Product Widgets

Unlock the full potential of our Tabs Filter widget by easily integrating it with other dynamic widgets such as Post Tabs, Carousel, Gallery, and more. Elevate your filtering capabilities to new heights and increase the effectiveness of the Unlimited Elements widgets.

AJAX-Powered Super Fast Live Quick Search

Experience lightning-fast search and filtering with our AJAX-supported Tabs Filter widget. Say goodbye to manual page refreshing as the widget dynamically populates real-time results. Apply filters and get instant results as you explore the desired content without interruptions.

Maximize Engagement of Your Website Visitors

Give your visitors the power of easy-to-use filters to find exactly what they want. Transform your product listings, timelines, and post layouts with advanced filtering options that make navigation a breeze. Boost visitors' engagement with our user-friendly Tabs Filter widget.

Filter Settings

Effortless Filter Customization

The widget settings offer essential customization features, including options to add an “All” tab, synchronize with post widgets, preselect a tab on page load, dynamically adjust queries, and implement advanced multi-level filters for various use cases.

Filter Query

Advanced Query Options Unleashed!

Unlock advanced query options to select the taxonomies you wish to display. Include or exclude taxonomies based on specific terms or set up advanced rules like children of, current post terms, term meta, and more. Support for any post type or taxonomy, including custom ones, is provided.

Tabs Filter Layout

Versatile Filter Layouts Options

The Tabs Filter widget offers various layout options to enhance user experience on your website. Easily create tabs with icons, images, text, or colors.

Responsive Filter

Create a Tailored Mobile Experience

Optimize the responsiveness of the Tabs Filter for mobile devices to enhance user experience on your website. Select between swipe-to-scroll or toggle mode based on your specific needs.

Filter Syle

Tailor Your Tabs Filter to Perfection!

Personalize the Tabs Filter widget to match your website’s style. Customize every element for a unique design. Easily style each tab state separately for maximum flexibility.

URL Change

Dynamic URL Updates for Filters

Enhance user navigation by dynamically updating the URL when a filter is selected. This allows users to conveniently utilize the browser’s back function to navigate back to previous filter selections.

Multi Level Filters

Dynamic URL Updates for Filters

Control content filtering with Tabs Filter widget’s multi-level capabilities. Filter by parent categories or delve into subcategories effortlessly. Craft powerful filters based on taxonomies for presenting preferred content.

Filter Anything

The Tabs Filter widget works with any post widget and any post type.

Post Widgets

Use to filter any post widget: Post Grid, Post List, Post Carousel, Post Tabs, Post Accordion, Post Timeline and more...

Dynamic Loops

With the Tabs Filter, you can filter any of our dynamic loop widgets including Dynamic Grid, Dynamic Carousel and more...


Add filters to your WooCommerce products using the Tabs Filter widget on your Elementor Shop pages.


All our multi-source galleries support the Tabs Filter widget and you can use them together seamlessly. 

Step by Step Tutorial

Learn How It Works?

Learn how to use the Tabs Filter Widget with this video tutorial. Master each step at your own pace effortlessly.

Highlighted Features

Packed with features that will make your jaw drop.

Reliable & Fast

Our filters were designed for speed and will give you the best performance for your Elementor website. 

Image Filter

Use a meta field to populate your filters with images and make them look more attractive. 

Archive Pages

Use the Tabs Filter widget inside of your archive templates to add filters to your archive content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tabs Filter Widget?

The Tabs Filter widget by Unlimited Elements is designed to enhance content filtering on your Elementor website. It allows you to add a set of tabs that users can interact with to filter content based on specific criteria or categories. You can use it to organize and filter your posts, products, or other custom post types.

How can I install and use the Tabs Filter Widget?

To use the Tabs Filter widget, ensure the Unlimited Elements plugin is installed on your WordPress website. Once you install and activate the Unlimited Elements plugin, navigate to Unlimited Elements > Widget, find the “Tabs Filter” widget and activate it. To use the Tabs Filter widget, edit a page or post with Elementor, and then you can easily add the Tabs Filter widget on any Post widgets provided by Unlimited Elements.

Which Post Widgets does the Tabs Filter Widget work with?

The Tabs Filter widget integrates with various Post Widgets, including but not limited to Post Blocks, Post Lists, Post Timelines, Post Carousel, and Post Grid. You can drag and drop the Tabs Filter widget on a Post Widget to start using it.

Can I use the Tabs Filter widget with any post type?

Yes, the Tabs Filter widget lets you use any post type as a source to build a filter. You can also use any custom post types and use them to build your filters.

Are there any limitations to the number of filters I can add using the Tabs Filter Widget?

No, you have the freedom to add as many filters as needed to cater to your specific requirements. This flexibility allows you to create highly customized and comprehensive filtering options for your content without any limitations on the number of filters you can incorporate.

Are there any performance impacts when using the Tabs Filter widget?

No, the Tabs Filter widget is designed with performance optimization in mind. It utilizes AJAX search technology, which ensures efficient and speedy search functionality. The widget's AJAX search feature minimizes the performance impact, allowing for real-time search results without compromising the overall performance of your website.

Is the Tabs Filter widget compatible with WooCommerce Products?

Yes, the Tabs Filter widget is fully compatible with WooCommerce products. When using the Tabs Filter widget, you have the ability to create filters specifically for the "Products" post type. This allows you to build custom filters tailored to your WooCommerce store's needs. To enable the filtering functionality, simply apply the Tabs Filter widget on the WooCommerce Product Grid widget. You can filter your products based on various attributes such as product type, category, shipping options, and more.

What Makes the Tabs Filter Widget Special?

Filter Synced Widgets

The Tabs Filter widget works simultaneously with multiple Post Widgets that are synced together. You can build a layout using a Posts Lists and Post Carousel widget and apply filters using the Tabs Filter widget. The filters will affect both Post widgets, letting you build any section you wish to.

Loads in Real-time

Experience lightning-fast search capabilities with our Tabs Filter widget. Enjoy rapid results with the search feature, leveraging AJAX for real-time updates that provide a seamless user experience. Showcase your posts, products, and galleries with quick results without reloading the page.

Supports Dynamic Data

Unlock the full potential of the Tabs Filter widget by connecting it to any content source. Our widget supports all post types, WooCommerce products, and any other custom post types you desire to include in your filters. Experience the versatility of the Tabs Filter widget as it applies filters within each post type.